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International Entrepreneurship can be defined as a process where by the business process adopts innovative, proactive and exhibits risk-taking behavior.

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International entrepreneurship assignment help

  1. 1.
  2. 2.  Entrepreneurship can be defined as a process where in opportunities that were not explored earlier are explored are identified and exploited as part of a business process. Entrepreneurship has a great role to play in the development of business organizations.
  3. 3.  Most of the successful business organizations today were established because the visionaries could observe a potential which other were not able to perceive. Those visions have given rise to what is called as great business opportunities that they have been exploiting.
  4. 4.  International Entrepreneurship can be defined as a process where by the business process adopts innovative, proactive and exhibits risk-taking behavior. The risk-taking behavior is one of the most important and featured characteristics in an International Entrepreneurship.
  5. 5.  Higher risks are taken where there is a great uncertainty in the happening of an event. But when the event does happen, the returns will be very high. So, for earning great returns, entrepreneurs are ready to take great risks.
  6. 6.  An entrepreneur starts his/her life as an SME or Small or Medium Enterprise. Small or medium enterprises are characterized by the number of employees working in the organization. Usually, a concern is considered to a small or a medium enterprise when the total number of employees are less than 500.
  7. 7.  The significance of small and medium enterprises cannot be ignored in today’s global business. In fact, every year many number of SMEs are entering into many fields promoting their business globally.
  8. 8.  Some of the industries include import and export of goods and services, education, research, business process outsourcing, knowledge process outsourcing, market research, etc.
  9. 9.  Today, small and medium-scale enterprises are generating more employment than large corporate organizations. People are willing to work in small and medium-sized enterprises. Some people are even trying establish their own enterprises.
  10. 10.  In many countries, the socio-political and economic environment plays a major role in encouraging or discouraging a small or a medium-scale business. The framework in a country such as the formalities, hindrances on funds allocation, the tax laws and the bottlenecks in the particular industry play a major role in the development or destruction of small business.
  11. 11.  In some countries the traditional and conservative attitudes, prejudices and misconceptions of the people also play a major role in the discouragement of small businesses. These conservative attitudes, misconceptions and prejudices narrow down the observation of a person resulting in not grabbing a huge potential or an opportunity in hand.
  12. 12.  Apart from cultural aspects, economic aspects such as total lack of or under- availability of resources and lack of capabilities determine to a great extent of the success of the business. But, some entrepreneurs survive and triumph even in the negative scenarios. Some of the determinants for their success include:
  13. 13.  Innovation is the biggest factors for any entrepreneur. There are so many businesses coming up. But, the most innovative among them will survive. Innovation acts like a shield in the cut-throat competition. Businesses which do not innovate quickly will not be able to survive in the cut-throat competition.
  14. 14.  Finance today, is another, big handicaps for any business. Availability of cheap finance is a promise for the business to bring in more resources, more minds and hands in action.
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