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Balkans Balkans Presentation Transcript

    • The Balkans is a geographical term, which designates the large peninsula in the southeastern part of the European continent, connecting Europe to Asia Minor (Anatolia).
  • The Balkans Nationalities mixed together. Ruled by Turkey. New Governments in dispute with each other. Russia and Austria bordered the countries in this region. Unstable area. The first Balkan crisis came in 1908. From 1912 to 1913 there was a series of local wars. Austria declared war on 28 July 1914.
  • When I first heard of the assassination (murder)…I felt it was a grave matter… but my fears were soon calmed.. The Kaiser left on his yachting holiday and… still more reassuring, the head of the German army left for his cure in a foreign spa (health resort)… I remember that an influential Hungarian lady called on me and told me that we were taking the murder of the Grand Duke too quickly… it had provoked a storm in Austria… and might lead to war with Serbia… However, the official reports we had did not seem to justify the alarmist view. David Lloyd George, Memoirs, 1938. David Lloyd George was a government minister in 1914 and became Prime Minister in 1916. His memories have a reputation for inconsistency.
  • Include: Greece, Albania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, rump Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro), and Bosnia. 550,000 km 2 and a population of 55 million people. Surrounded by water on three sides: the Adriatic Sea to the west, the Mediterranean Sea (including the Ionian and Aegean seas) to the south and the Black Sea to the east. This region was home to Greeks, Illyrians, Paeonians, Thracians, Dacians and other ancient groups. Roman Empire conquered most of the region and spread Roman culture and the Latin language .
  • Area of Europe to experience the arrival of farming cultures in the Neolithic era. During the Middle Ages, the Balkans became the stage for a series of wars between the Byzantine, Bulgarian and Serbian Empires. 1912–1913 the First Balkan War broke out. Two months after the end of the common war, a Second Balkan War broke out. Gained independence in the 19th century Slavs arrived in the 6th century.
    • GCSE modern world history, second edition by Ben Walsh
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