Outcome process1.0


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Outcome process1.0

  1. 1. Important Note:• No self-coaching• Team up with another Helping Crowd member• FREE Voice-Over-Internet (VOIP)• Live Chat• 12 Group Coaching session each – Every two hours: 2am, 4am, 6am, 8am, etc.• Interactive Friend to Friend Connections• Avoid negative feedback rating.
  2. 2. • User Interface : – Easy point and click navigation• Now, you know more about HelpingCrowd. Please complete the following process by using the context: “What do you want to achieve by using HelpingCrowd?”
  3. 3. Outcome ProcessFirst Step To Making Thoughts Reality
  4. 4. Q1. What do you want?What do you want? – Ask this question about the context you are considering. State what you want in positive terms, ie what do you want, and what do you want it to do? – In other words, “What do you want to achieve by using HelpingCrowd?”, or – “What would you like to have happen by using HelpingCrowd?”
  5. 5. Q1. Continued… (1 of 1)- Where do you want it?- When do you want it?- Eg I want to be, do or have X.- If the answer forms as;- I do not want... then ask, What do I want instead of ....- Eg. Instead of saying, “I don’t want to be sad”;- You could say, “I want to be happy”
  6. 6. Q2. Is it achievable?Is it achievable? – Is it possible for a human being to achieve the outcome? – If it has been done by someone, then in theory it can be done by you, too. – If you are the first, find out if it is possible.
  7. 7. Q3. What will you accept as evidence…?What will you accept as evidence that you have achieved your outcome? – What evidence will you accept that lets you know when you have the outcome?
  8. 8. Q3. Continued (1 of 1)- Ensure that your evidence criteria are described insensory based terms ie:That which you can see, hear and/or touch thatproves to you and/or third parties that you havedone what you set out to do. What can you see? What can you hear? What can you touch or sensations you can feel?When you’ve achieved your outcome.
  9. 9. Q4. Is achieving this outcome…control?Is achieving this outcome within my control? – Is it under your control, ie can you, personally do, authorise or arrange it? Anything outside your control is not well formed. – Instructing your broker is within your control. So is buying in expertise. – Asking your employer for time off is not. The time off will only become well formed if it is granted.
  10. 10. Q5. Are the costs and consequences...?Are the costs and consequences of obtaining this outcome acceptable? – Ensure that the outcome is worth the time, outlay and effort involved in achieving it, and that impact on third parties or the environment is accounted for. – You can breakdown your answer by covering each of the following points individually.
  11. 11. Q5. Continued... (1 of 1)– Is the outcome is worth the;– Time– Outlay– effort involved?– How will it impact third parties?– How will affect everything else (in environment)?
  12. 12. Q6. Do You Have All the Resources…?Do I have all the resources I need to achieve my outcome? – Do you have or can you obtain all the resources, both tangible and intangible that you need to achieve your outcome? – You can breakdown your answer by covering each of the following points individually.
  13. 13. Q6. Continued (1 of 1)– Resources include;– Knowledge (what do you need to know)– Beliefs (what should you believe?; what attitudes)– Objects (what stuff do you need, e.g. Tools, etc)– Premises– People– Money– Time.
  14. 14. Q7. If You Could Have It Now…?If I could have it now, would I take it? – Are all costs and consequences of achieving your outcome, including; – the time involved, acceptable to you and anyone else affected by it? – This is known as ecology. Consider the costs, consequences, environmental and third party impact of having the outcome.
  15. 15. Get STEP TWO PasswordWell done! You’ve completed your first HelpingCrowd process.• Now, it’s time to book your Introductory Coaching session, where a HelpingCrowd facilitator will show you how to use the ‘Genie Inside Process’ to provide ultra-effective help and support to your friends.• NOTE: Make sure that you tick ‘Send a copy to yourself’ before submitting the form. Your ‘STEP TWO’ password will be in the subject line of the email message sent to you.