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  • 2. Name of the Component: arduino unoUnits: 2Dimensions:Supplier: www.arduino.ccApproximate Cost: 23,60 eurosDescription: to comunicate motors with softwares and control LCD.If we use Fabduino, we’ ll substitute this component.
  • 3. Name of the Component: shaft Units: 1 Dimensions: Supplier: Approximate Cost: 150 euros Description: the main axes of rotation. M16x1 D17 D12 D24 D17 D12 Y Z X10.0 7.0 20.0 162.0 20.0 23.0 242.0 Digital Lathe Axis v.02 05:05.2012
  • 4. Name of the Component: bearingUnits: 2Dimensions: 35mm diameter (exterior) - 17mm diameter (interior)Supplier: www.macmaster.comApproximate Cost:Description:
  • 5. Name of the Component: chuckUnits: 1Dimensions:Supplier: Cost: 28,70 eurosDescription: With individually adjustable jaws. Used to clampasymmetrical pieces such as rectangles. The reversible jawsclamp from 1.5 - 35mm (inside) and from 14 - 67mm (outside).The Db250 headstock spindle of thread M16 x 1 screws directlyinto the chuck.
  • 6. Name of the Component: control board DC motorUnits: 1Dimensions: 120x120x80 mmSupplier: KBApproximate Cost: 100eurosDescription:facilitates the control of DC motor
  • 7. Name of the Component: DC motor + encoderUnits: 1Dimensions:Supplier: www.macmotor.comApproximate Cost: 200 eurosDescription:They can be used in either clockwise orcounterclockwise rotation; instructions are included. Youcan also use a speed controller (not included) to change the motor speed. Torque remains constant over the entirespeed range. Housing is aluminum and steel.
  • 8. Name of the Component: FabduinoUnits: 1Dimensions:Supplier:FabLabApproximate Cost:Description:
  • 9. Name of the Component: GRBL ShldUnits: 1Dimensions:Supplier: FablabApproximate Cost:Description:facilitates the control of 2 stepper motors with cursor keys,as well as with G code files.
  • 10. Name of the Component: magnetic closureUnits: 2Dimensions:Supplier: www.ehl.comApproximate Cost: 2,30 eurosDescription:
  • 11. Name of the Component: plastic sheetsUnits: 3Dimensions: 100 x 100mmSupplier: www.serveisestacio.comApproximate Cost: 3,24 (three pieces)Description: Fab Lab logo
  • 12. Name of the Component: power supplyUnits: 1Dimensions: 200x100x50 mmSupplier: Mean WellApproximate Cost:Description:
  • 13. Name of the Component: mecanical hingeUnits: 6-8Dimensions:Supplier:Approximate Cost: 1,5 euros/pieceDescription:
  • 14. Name of the Component: steal barUnits: 2Dimensions:Supplier: www.macmaster.comApproximate Cost: 7,36 euros / unitDescription: Made of 1566 steel, these shafts are stronger thanstainless steel shafts but are less corrosion resistant. They areunhardened for easier machining. Rockwell hardness is C25.
  • 15. Name of the Component: step motorsUnits: 2Dimensions:Supplier: www.jameco.comApproximate Cost: 36 eurosDescription:
  • 16. Name of the Component: feet piecesUnits: 4Dimensions:Supplier:Approximate Cost: 1,94 euros (total price)Description: base of the machine
  • 17. Name of the Component: Threaded RodUnits: 2Dimensions:400mm/200mm/100mmSupplier: www.macmaster.comApproximate Cost 90 euros:Description: these rods and nuts (also known as trapezoidalthread form) offer the advantages of precision Acme threadedrods and nuts but in metric sizes. All are standardtravel (single start)and have right-hand threads. Speed ratiois 1:1.
  • 18. Name of the Component: WoodUnits:Dimensions:Supplier:Approximate Cost:Description: to make the case.
  • 19. Name of the Component: Tools 2Units: 11 piecesDimensions: 8mm square shanksSupplier: Cost: 25 eurosDescription:Quality tungsten tipped turning tools
  • 20. Name of the Component: Ventilation GridUnits: 1Dimensions: 100x100mmSupplier: Air Force SystemsApproximate Cost: 1,76 eurosDescription:
  • 21. Name of the Component: CuplingUnits: 2Dimensions: 20mmSupplier:Approximate Cost:Description:
  • 22. Name of the Component: Bronze Flanged Sleeve BearingsUnits: 4Dimensions: 10mmSupplier: www.macmaster.comApproximate Cost:Description: Alloy 932-Also known as SAE 660, this nonporous,cast material makes hard, strong, and abrasion-resistant bearingswith excellent resistance to shock loads (suddenly applied loads) and wear.