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‘Gamification’ the trend that keeps on powering up, it’s been around for a while now but we thought it was about time we scoured the web again and updated our quick overview of gamification with some latest case studies that we really like.

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Skive on Gamification (update)

  1. on Gamification Version 2 April © Skive Group 2012
  2. “By 2014…more than 70% ofGlobal 2000 organizations willhave at least one gamifiedapplication”Gartner Gartner Newsroom © Skive Group 2012
  3. Gamification isThe use of game playmechanics and thinking toentice participation in realworld situations © Skive Group 2012
  4. “Gamification was born fromthe notion that gamingbehaviours like achievinggoals, collecting &cooperating appeal toeveryone – not just gamers.” E-Consultancy. Gamification: is everything a game? June 2011 © Skive Group 2012
  5. After all we’ve allbeen gatheringpoints and rewardsfor years... © Skive Group 2012
  6. “Gamification helps extendthe longevity of marketingengagement strategies bymaking them much moreaddictive and more fun.”E-Consultancy. Gamification: is everything a game? June 2011 © Skive Group 2012
  7. It’s different topure gaming... © Skive Group 2012
  8. “Pure gaming was aboutescaping reality it was aboutfantasy worlds and puttingyourself into fantasysituations.”E-Consultancy. Gamification: is everything a game? June 2011 © Skive Group 2012
  9. But games are blurring the real and fantasy world...Zombie’s, Run! encourages you to run byimmersing you in a fantasy world whereyou are incentivised to run by the zombiesliterally breathing down your neckThe more you run the more you can helpother ‘survivors’ by collecting ammo,medicine etc. and discover more about themysteries in that world Zombie’s, Run! Is soon planning tointegrate with Run Keeper when weimagine it will really take off © Skive Group 2012
  10. Real world actions = virtual rewardsMy Town 2 is a location basedgame. By checking into localplaces, you can ‘own’ them inyour town.However, as demand grows foryour favourite cafe the pricier itwill be...Checking into places you don’town or being the first to do socan also earns you points © Skive Group 2012
  11. “Marketing loves gamingbecause we are aboutchanging and enforcingbehaviours.”E-Consultancy. Gamification: is everything a game? June 2011 © Skive Group 2012
  12. Such as: Trial/ Adoption Engagement Loyalty Interaction/Sharing Purchase © Skive Group 2012
  13. Here are some of the tools of Gamification... © Skive Group 2012
  14. Experience / Levels © Skive Group 2012
  15. Skill Points / Ratings © Skive Group 2012
  16. Leaderboards © Skive Group 2012
  17. Achievements © Skive Group 2012
  18. Progression Progression © Skive Group 2012
  19. Narrative © Skive Group 2012
  20. Those are the mechanics but we have to apply them with thought and care or Gamification becomes a bolt on © Skive Group 2012
  21. Using Gamification to createengagement & loyalty Trial/ Adoptionproblems Solve real life Engagement Make it meaningful Loyalty interesting Keep it Interaction/Sharing Make it fun! Purase behaviour Reward © Skive Group 2012
  22. 1Solve Real Life Problems © Skive Group 2012
  23. Fitness - Fitocracy Takes something mundane like fitness, but beneficial and makes it fun byallowing you to track your progress, schedule activities, frame you against your friends and rewards you for your progress © Skive Group 2012
  24. Finance - The Gamification of debt reduction © Skive Group 2012
  25. GPS - Waze Waze is a navigation app that uses crowdsourcing, gamification and location based technology to give a real time picture of our roads. Drivers are encouraged to cover roads that need mapping, report on conditions through points and leaderboard mechanics © Skive Group 2012
  26. Politics - MTV Power of 12Part of MTV’s Power of 12 campaign - Fantasy Election launches in the summer. It’s designed to help engage 18-29 year olds with the Presidential election by allowing them to pick their candidates and similarly to fantasy football be awarded points forthose that exhibit ‘good’ behaviours and penalized for ‘bad/undemocratic’ behaviour.Points can also be earned for registering to vote, checking in to debates and events and engaging friends with issues. © Skive Group 2012
  27. The environment - Recyclebank Earn points for adopting earth friendly behaviour such as using fewer resources or making greener purchases. Users can spend their reward points on deals and discounts with Recyclebank partners © Skive Group 2012
  28. Work - DuePropsGamification is even creepinginto the office environmentturning motivation of workersinto a fun and engaginggame.DueProps users take turns“giving each other props” foreverything from a job welldone to recognition ofleadership and having eachother’s backs. The gamerhythm encourages positivefeedback loops to emergeorganically © Skive Group 2012
  29. 2 2.Make it meaningful Make it meaningful © Skive Group 2012
  30. The GuardianThe expenses scandal experiment shows unpaid work can be fun andmeaningful – The Guardian crowd-sourced readers to help them with the MP’sexpenses scandal report © Skive Group 2012
  31. Making something personally relevant helps make itmeaningfulUsing the Framing effect allows users to draw their own conclusions based onhow data is presented © Skive Group 2012
  32. OpowerOpower aims to make energy use meaningful by making it personally relevant -allowing you to compare how you fare against others © Skive Group 2012
  33. 3 3.Keep it interesting Keep it interesting © Skive Group 2012
  34. You need to be challenged in relation to your skill,otherwise tasks could become boring High Anxiety Motivation/ Challenge Boredom Low Low High Ability Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi,, © Skive Group 2012 "Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience’
  35. 4 4.Make it fun Make it fun © Skive Group 2012
  36. It shouldn’t feel like hard work - Socialising and gamifying music © Skive Group 2012
  37. 5 5.Reward behaviour Reward Behaviour © Skive Group 2012
  38. Its not just about points but tangible rewards RedCritter Tracker is the only project management service with badges, rewards,leaderboards and real-time Twitter-style feeds. However, you don’t just earn kudos for a job well done you can spend your reward points in your company store © Skive Group 2012
  39. Honda Ketai Traveler Young people in Japan don’t drive cars, the prefer to buy new technology and stay at home. Honda developed a game that rewards people the further that they get from home © Skive Group 2012
  40. In summary Trial/ Adoptionproblems Solve real life Make it meaningful Engagement Keep it interesting Loyalty Make it fun! Interaction/Sharing Reward behaviour Purase © Skive Group 2012
  41. Thank you Liz Faber – Head of Planning Hobhouse – New Business 26/04/2012 © 2012 SKIVE Group 41