Starting From the Ground Up: How Innovative Hospital Designs Are Profoundly Affecting Health Outcomes

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An article by Judy Wang adapted into a slideshow by Natsuko Suzuki.

An article by Judy Wang adapted into a slideshow by Natsuko Suzuki.

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  • 1. UP Starting from the Ground How Innovative Hospital Designs are Profoundly Affecting Health Outcomes By Judy Wang
  • 2. EveryNovember, Top medical faculties, policymakers, and healthcare analysts gather at the US. News Hospital of Tomorrow Conference
  • 3. The means to improve hospital facility designs was emphasized in the 2013 panel “Designing Hospitals for 21st Century Care”.
  • 4. FACILITY DESIGN HEALTH OUTCOMES One point discussed....
  • 5. More than 1500 studies have demonstrated that improved hospital designs mean medical errors, infections, & patients’ stress.
  • 6. For example, Natural light can have healing benefits in reducing depression
  • 7. For example, Scenes from nature can have a psychological effect of relieving pain
  • 8. Upon considering this evidence, Princeton University Hospital re-engineered rooms with larger window panels to emphasize outdoor views of woods and rivers.
  • 9. Another point during the 2013 Hospitals of Tomorrow Conference: hospital rooms that can integrate family and children interaction.
  • 10. For example, creating a space where children can use colored lights to decorate their rooms
  • 11. For example, creating a space where children can play with shades on window panels
  • 12. Efficient hospital designs also drive up performance of medical staff.
  • 13. An associate professor from Rush University reported studies demonstrating a in time nurses spend in a patient’s room after re-engineering the nursing station and room spaces. 50% BOOST
  • 14. healthcare facility design, health outcomes, & patient satisfaction The dynamic interaction between is incredibly important to consider.
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