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HISTORY OF SELENA.....LUV U!!!!!!!!!11

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Selena biography

  2. 2. •Selenawas born on April 16,1917. •She was born in Lake Jackson, Texas, but grew up in Corpus, Texas. •Her first language was English, not Spanish. •She was an English- American singer, but her side job was being a designer, and dabbled in acting.
  3. 3.  Started to sing at 3 years old  At 6 years old, she started to sing in English and Spanish, but she sang Spanish in phonetically  When she was 9 years old her father joined Selena and her sibling in a musical group, with two other people.  Abraham, Selena’s father named the group after his old music group “Los Dinos,” which mean “The Guys”, but for the new group he changed the name to “Selena y Los Dinos.”
  4. 4.  Selena was the singer.  Her sister, Suzette was the drummer.  Her brother, A.B. was the bass, and produce and wrote a lot of Selena songs.  Ricky Vela played the keyboard  Roger Garcia played the guitar.  Her father, Abraham was the manager.
  5. 5.  Her first appearance was at her father’s restaurant “Papa Gayos” at Lake Jackson Texas, and she perform at eight and made her first record at nine.  The restaurant went bankrupt.  Selena and her family moved to Corpus Christi, Texas.  In 1984, made her first album was Selena Y Los Dinos on the Freddie Label.  Abraham moves band from Freddie Label to Cara Records to Manny Label.
  6. 6.  Abraham bought the rights to Selena album Selena y Los Dinos, which was released in 1995 as Mis Primeras Grabaciones.  Some albums selena released - The New Girl in Town - Winner - Dulce Armor - Preciosa  Discovered by two big name in the Tejano Music Inustries: Rick Tervi Johny Canales.  1989, Selena won the Best Female vocalist award at the Tejano Music Award, but she kept winning this award every year including 1996
  7. 7.  EMI President, Jose Behar signed Selena to EMI Latin  Her first album with EMI was called Selena  Her first album with EMI listed the artist as Selena not Selena y Los Dinos  Spokesperson for Coca Coal
  8. 8.  Selena released Mis Primeros Exitos which was her first hit  Selena married Chris  She won a Grammy for best Mexican-American performance for her album Selena Live  Back ground singer in Don Juan Demarco  Lots of tour  First female Latin artist to be signed to SBK  On February 1995 when Selena performed at Houston Live Stock Show, and Rodeo, she made the record of holding the biggest concert crowd in Houston Astrodome.
  9. 9.  Early 1995, found out that their president of the fan’s club and manager of their boutique was embezzling money from the fan club.  FIRED YOLANDA  Met Yolanda at a Corpus Christi Day Inn on the morning of March 31,1995 in order to receive paperwork for tax purpose  Yolanda told Selena she had gotten raped the night before, so Selena drove her to the hospital but it was no evidence of rape  Because of this incident she found she couldn't trust Yolanda, so Selena argued with Yolanda at the motel  When Selena was leaving the motel Yolanda pulled out a hand gun and shot Selena in the back
  10. 10.  Selena ran to the lobby and told them who shot her before she collapsed.  She was pronounced died at 1:05 at the local hospital.
  11. 11.  In October of 1995, Yolanda was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to life in prison – with no eligibility of parole for 30 years.
  12. 12.  60,000 ppl came to her funeral  People magazine published a commemorative issue in tribute to Selena called Selena - Her Life in Pictures  In the summer of 1995, the album Dreaming Of You was released. Dreaming Of You was a combination of Spanish songs and the four English songs that Selena hard recorded for her planned English album  1997 Selena the movie was made  The movie Selena made Jennifer Lopez into a superstardom  April 7th 2005, at tribute concert to Selena was held in Houston’s Reliant Stadium, the event was called Selena Vive  They made a website in memory of Selena which is called,
  13. 13.  Selenafelt it was important to find time to encourage children and young adults to stay in school. She spoke many times in schools about the importance of getting a High School diploma and achieving your goals. Selena loved to go to public middle schools and high schools to talk to the kids about the importance of staying in school, avoiding drugs and alcohol, remaining chaste and pursuing goals.
  14. 14. EARLY MEMORIAL OTHER LIFE 100 100 100 200 200 200 300 300 300 400 400 400
  15. 15. When was she born? April 16,1917.
  16. 16. What age was she when started to sing? 3 years old
  17. 17. What age did her dad joined the Selena and her sibling in a band? 9 years old
  18. 18. What website did the make for Selena’s death?
  19. 19. How much people attend Selena’s funeral? 60,000 ppl
  20. 20. What movies was made for Selena after she died? Selena
  21. 21. What was the tribute concert called tat was held for Selena? Selena Vive
  22. 22. Where did Selena go to school? She didn’t go to school, she was home school
  23. 23. What was her only English song? Dreaming of you
  24. 24. What was Selena first language? English
  25. 25. Where was Selena’s first appearance? Father’s restaurant