ELA Common Core Standards: The Take-Aways
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ELA Common Core Standards: The Take-Aways

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This is a short overview of the shifts and thinking behind the Common Core Standards for ELA. This presentation was the first introduction to the staff, it's short and sweet and only the major......

This is a short overview of the shifts and thinking behind the Common Core Standards for ELA. This presentation was the first introduction to the staff, it's short and sweet and only the major points, as to not overwhelm with details of each major point. This powerpoint is licenced under Creative Commons. Feel free to use with your staff.

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  • 1. Common Core State Standards For English Language Arts Jennifer Jones Staff Development for Lake Myra Elementary Spring 2012
  • 2. Math VS. ELA
  • 3. Reading AND Writing
  • 4. Content, Technology &Schedule Integration
  • 5. Increase in Text Types LiteracyInstruction Text in all Complexity Content Areas Six Shifts Writing Academic from Vocabulary Sources Text-based Answers
  • 6. Teaching theCommon Core Way Goal vs. PathLiteracy Cornerstones
  • 7. • A Spiral, Cross-Curricular K-5 WritingWorkshop Curriculum (WCPSS & SIP)•Focus on higher order comprehension learning, in all formats (not recycled strategies)•Increase cross-curricular, analytical non-fiction reading. •Actual “eyes on print” time
  • 8. Standards VS. Curriculum
  • 9. Wake County Pacing GuidesWCPSS Reading & Writing Curriculum Genre Integration
  • 10. ReferencesCalkins, L. (2012). Pathways to the Common Core: AcceleratingAchievement. Heinemann, Portsmouth, ME.National Governors Association Center for Best Practices, Councilof Chief State School Officers. (2010). Common Core StateStandards: English Language Arts. National Governors AssociationCenter for Best Practices, Council of Chief State SchoolOfficers, Washington D.C.
  • 11. Thank You!Jennifer Jones, MAEd.-Reading Education NC Licensure: K-12 Reading Specialist I blog. www.helloliteracy.blogspot.com I pin. www.pinterest.com/hellojenjones I create. www.hellojenjones.com helloliteracy@gmail.com