Brochure for College Student Workers


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This is a brochure I designed specifically to target student workers who might be interested in volunteering or working at Literacy Volunteers of Upshur County.

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Brochure for College Student Workers

  1. 1. Quick Facts aboutLiteracy Volunteers Founded as an all-volunteer or- ganization to provide tutoring to adults who tested too low to be ac- cepted by the Adult Basic Educa- tion Center. We have served over 450 adults since we opened our doors in 1985. All of our services are free, one-on- one, and confidential. 19%, or approximately 1 out of every 5 adults in Upshur County Literacy Volunteers of read below a 4th grade level. Upshur County We hold several annual fundrais- ers including our famous biannual 34 Franklin Street book sale, a Christmas tree raffle, Buckhannon, WV 26201 a Santa Letters fundraiser, and (304) 472-2343 Magical Evening to Give. We participate in several commu- ◊ Why Choose nity events including the Stockert Youth Center Children’s Festival, Twitter: @LVAUPCO Literacy the Upshur County Christmas Like us on Facebook! Store, the Rotary Bloodscreening, and the Community Baby Shower. Volunteers of We have written several successful Upshur County? grants to keep our program going.
  2. 2. Literacy Volunteers serves work with our remarkable students, as a tutor or as an office assistant. the community. Their triumphs are your triumphs, What can Literacy As a student worker at Literacy Volun- and their failures your heartbreak. Volunteers do for teers, you will most likely meet and Whatever your ideas you? work with many of our tutors, stu- about illiteracy are will dents, volunteers, and board members, undoubtedly be as well as community donors. The changed by our stu- friends you make dents, who come fromLiteracy Volunteers is a here will last a life- a variety of backgrounds and who time, and the connec- each has a unique and compellingnon-profit organization. tions you make here story to tell. If you are interested in We are an organi- may lead you to un- tutoring, please let us know so we zation that is run expected places. For- can set you up with our tutor entirely on gener- mer Literacy student workers and VIS- trainer. ous donations and TAs have gone on to obtain employ- In addition to reading and math in- the fundraisers ment in prominent businesses, in col- struction, we are alsothat we hold. As a student worker, leges and universities, in government able to offer our stu-you will be expected to aid us with positions, and in other non-profits. dent instruction in so-our annual fundraisers, assist the Literacy Volunteers teaches cial studies, geogra-director or VISTA with specialized phy, and computers.duties such as grant reading and life skills. Please come share your knowledgewriting, and help us Working at Literacy Volunteers is a with our students!perform general of- very rewarding experi- Literacy Volunteers is an affiliate office tasks. The work ence. Our mission at LV- the Americorps*VISTA program, ayou do with us will UC is to foster and pro- national service program that placesprepare you for mote literacy and life applicants at a poverty-fighting or-work in the non-profit sector, office skills among adults in Up- ganization for one year, or up toenvironment, education, and even shur County, WV who have low level three years. If you are interested inpolitical campaigning. We offer a reading and math skills. As a student hearing more, contact the center.chance to get hands-on experience worker, you are offered the chance toin a real world setting.