The most complete of louis vuitton introduced


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The most complete of louis vuitton introduced

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The most complete of louis vuitton introduced

  1. 1. The most complete of Louis Vuitton introduced Louis Vuitton Handbags Vuitton (Louis Vuitton), he is historys most prominent French designers of leather goods, in1854 in Paris, opened his own name the first suitcase shop. A century later, Louis Vuitton luggageand leather goods to become one of the best areas of the brand, and become a symbol of highsociety.
  2. 2. Louis Vuitton Outlet Vuitton (Louis Vuitton), he is historys most prominent French designers of leather goods, in1854 in Paris, opened his own name the first suitcase shop. A century later, Louis Vuitton luggageand leather goods to become one of the best areas of the brand, and become a symbol of highsociety. Today, the Louis Vuitton brand has not only limited to the design and sale of high-endleather goods and luggage, but to become involved in fashion, accessories, shoes, bags, jewelry,watches, media, wine and other areas of the giant trend indicators. LV suitcase from the early Tstage in Paris a year now constantly changing LV fashion show, LV (Louis Vuitton) is able to standin the international fashion industry has been the top position, proud home of luxury brands out,in its own unique brand DNA.Founder Louis VuittonFrench post-production high luxury items Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton Group founderLouis Vuitton (LouisVuitton) character image Louis Vuitton (August 4, 1821 -1892 2 27),French history the most outstanding fashion design master one. LouLouis Vuitton Pictures (20) isVuitton1821 was born in eastern France, Franche-Comteprovince. 1837, 16-year-old LouisVuitton exile, to Paris for the elite packing. He was inParis in 1854 opened his own name the first suitcase shop. A century later, "Louis Vuitton"into the field of luggage and leather goods brand the world, but also become a symbol ofhigh society. The value of its brand as the hearts of our people as Maotai.In 1852, Napoleon III ascended the throne, LouisVuitton was elected Queen of theQueens manual labor, from high society involved.
  3. 3. Louis Vuitton Sale http://www.louisvuittonsalewe.comIn 1852, Louis Vuitton has created a revolutionary flat-top leather case, and in Paris,opened the first shop. Like today, his design will soon be copied, flat square suitcasebecome the trend. Louis Vuitton luggage gray canvas cladding is the first, in 1896, LouisVuittons son George, the father of the abbreviated name of L and V with the flower patterndesign today is still renowned monogram printed on canvas (MonogramCanvas) style.From initial design to the present, printed with "Louis Vuitton" logo of this unique patternmonogram canvas bag, along with a wealth of legendary and elegant design and becomea fashion classic. 100 years, the world has experienced many changes in peoplespursuits and aesthetic concepts also will be changed, but not only the reputation of LouisVuitton, Zoran, and now maintains an unparalleled charm.In February 1998, Louis Vuitton, the worlds first flagship store opened in Paris, thenLondons Bond Street is also the second opening. In the same year in August andSeptember, the third and fourth flagship store in Osaka, Japan and the United Statesopened in New York. Each stores business scope includes the traditional Louis Vuittonluggage series, the latest Louis Vuitton clothing line for men and women come andwomen shoes.In 1999, Louis Vuitton in Hong Kong, The Landmark, Central, opened a flagship store,covering two floors, a total of 6600 square meters, equipped with the Louis Vuitton storefull line of quality leather goods, including luggage, travel bags, leather handbags, smallleather goods, pens, and new men and women fashion and shoes series, also offersprivate leather customized services. Louis Vuitton brand over the past century has been toadvocate refined, quality, and comfortable "travel philosophy", starting as a designbasis ... ... Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) The name has now spread throughout EuropeTravel Goods symbol of the finest.About Louis Vuitton designerIt has been the "bad guys" called the American fashion designer, said he wasundisciplined style, strange behavior, but like him but think that is called authentic"yuppies" do school, just as his personal brand design, Some people like to be regarded Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Canvas
  4. 4. Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Canvas a genius, but some think that this is nothing but fits. In 1986, only 23-year-old Marc getbig companies to support the introduction of the personal name of "MarcJacobs" clothingline, after twenty years of development, MarcJacobs has developed into the fashionindustry in a very important name. Many people think that "MarcJacobs" the essence ofthe designer is the best carrier with the concept, such as its mens line, has alwaysstressed the romantic, elegant, mature and sophisticated, but also inadvertently mixedwith lazy decadence means, in fact, with Marcs personal philosophy and beliefs about,both on his believe in a downtown city street artists, yuppies and the smell of dust, whileclothing also reflect attitude to life, this is a person who loved him the mostrespected. Womens side, MarcJacobs design would imagine he was familiar with women,such as the great director Coppolas daughter SofiaCopolla (his close friend, and now hasbecome a film director), Marc is more to Sofia as their muse. Caring for his outstandingcontemporary women and female beauty, clothing and more with silk, cotton, etc., to makethe clothes softer; In addition, he will be to strengthen the soft colors and charming senseand keep a city atmosphere. "New Yorks golden boy" MarcJacobs the cards as adesigner clothes, MarcbyMarcJacobs incredible speed in a rapid growth and has alreadybecome indispensable to diehard fans of the fashion line of the first in Japan and Taiwanto accumulate a lot of popularity, as many girls dream brand. Design Womens strengthshas always been MarcJacobs, and he made the topic of magic, has been once againconfirmed that "fashion from the girl grabbed" This motto also used unconsciously in theirbodies. In fact, for the 2005 winter series, outside of the council is mixed, to talk aboutthings that favor its innovative design and an active and varied style, while those that didnot cast aside creative, chaotic take a pass. In fact, MarcJacobs already used to thesekinds of attacks, his response has always been simple, Marc led rather more concernedabout their own wave of excitement in the streets to long period of time.Louis Vuitton creation processAs a well-known luxury brands (Louis Vuitton), Louis Vuitton, founded in 1854, now part ofFrench post-production high luxury goods group Moet Hennessy LouisVuitton.Napoleon III ascended the throne, the French territory sparked the expansion of Wu Jie NiQueen traveled to Europes interest.However, the fun of travel is often compromisedbecause of some minor problems - those beautiful clothes not always timely and stay inthe trunk.Louis Vuitton Damier Graphite Canvas
  5. 5. Louis Vuitton Damier Purses Vuitton rags with their craft, the Queens clothes neatly tied in a suitcase. Becauseof this, young people from the country soon to be Louis Wu Jie Ni Queens attention andtrust.Process for the Queens service, travelers of joy caused the attention of LouisVuitton. Transport revolution was ascendant, train travelers become the most fashionablechoice, but it also gives them a lot of trouble: It is not confused suitcase wrinkled clothes,luggage in the train is in a time bumps fall. Louis Vuitton that he can travel for more peopleto remove the fear, the end of 1854 to facilitate the work for the court service, founded inParis in the first leather shop, the main product is the flat trunk lid. Founder of LouisVuittons first job is to pack when traveling elite aristocracy. He witnessed the invention ofthe steam train, also witnessed the development of steamship transportation, but alsodeeply appreciate the dome was closed stacked luggage difficulties.So, Louis Vuitton has created a revolutionary flat-top leather case, and in Paris, openedthe first shop. The use of "Trianongrey" canvas boxes made of high society in Paris soonbe traveling nobles like the first choice for travel items. His design will soon be copied, flatsquare suitcase become the trend. Four years later, Louis Vuitton leather goods store toexpand the scale of the Paris suburb Asnières set up the first factory. During this period,the design, production and process travelers more focused on solving practical problems,to design practical, based on Louis Vuitton in the fashion and the deepening ofspecialization.In 1871, Louis Vuitton Scribe opened a new store on the Avenue; store opened in 1875 toLondon. Development of the companys innovative products provide a more solidfoundation: the brands classic hard luggage was born in 1889, it was adapted tolong-distance travel bumps, most travelers need to bring peace of mind and comfort - sofar, it are the pride of Louis Vuitton.Louis Vuitton luggage gray canvas cladding is the first, in 1896, Louis Vuittons sonGeorge, the father of the abbreviated name of L and V with the flower pattern design in the21st century is still renowned monogram printed on canvas (Mon ogram Canvas) style.Louis Vuittons son Georges Vuitton (Georges L. Vuitton), inherited the family tradition ofingenuity, showing talent in a small inventions.In 1890, he invented a special lockLouis Vuitton Damier Wallets
  6. 6. Louis Vuitton Epi Leather"5-tumbler" - a key feature is that it used, you can open the client I all Louis Vuittonluggage, to avoid tying a lot of travelers in the pants key trouble.Gradually in the Louis Vuitton brand image, when those who were greedy imitationstealing their success. However, this further inspired George Vuitton creativity - in 1896,he published in the Monogram canvas the famous "LV" mark, which made Louis Vuittonbegan as a symbol of the brand into the mindset of the people.The brand is always full of good inspiration for the future, Louis Vuittons developmentprocess is the proper interpretation of this sentence - lightweight flexible Steamer bag in1901, later became a pioneer in handbags; Eight years later, Wei Deng family of silk andwool Kashmir travel blankets, scarves and later became a pioneer quilt cover.In 1904, George served as Chairman St. Louis Worlds Fair. In the same year, LouisVuitton has introduced a new set of luggage designed to increase the luggage inside thestorage unit, for placing perfume, clothing and other items.In 1906, Georges son Justin pass - Louis married Renee Vail tournament. In the sameyear, Louis Vuitton luggage launch vehicle.In 1914, Louis Vuitton store last year became the dream of Paris, Champs Elysees 70 thatwas the worlds largest travel leather goods shop. 2008 I wish Louis Vuitton 150thanniversary, two special large suitcase on the rack on both sides in this building,stunning. World War I, Louis Vuitton, to meet the needs of the time, luggage can be foldedto create military stretcher. After the war, he has to concentrate on making suitcases, andget the attention of many celebrities, endless orders. Home to the grandson of LouisVuitton Sternberg (Gaston) era, the product has been pushed to the pinnacle of luxury,created out of a special purpose sections of the box, some with tortoiseshell and ivorycomb coupled with brush and mirror, a The decorated with silver crystal perfumebottles.Louis Vuitton will be individual customer requirements, tailor-made for their widerange of products.In February 1998, Louis Vuitton, the worlds first flagship store opened in Paris, thenLondons Bond Street is also the second opening. In the same year in August andLouis Vuitton Fashion Bags
  7. 7. Louis Vuitton Fashion Purses, the third and fourth flagship store in Osaka, Japan and the United Statesopened in New York. Each LV store business scope includes the traditional Louis Vuittonluggage series, the latest Louis Vuitton clothing line for men and women come andwomen shoes.In 1999, Louis Vuitton in Hong Kong, The Landmark, Central, opened a flagship store,covering two floors, a total of 6600 square meters, equipped with the Louis Vuitton storefull line of quality leather goods, including luggage, travel bags, leather handbags,smallleather goods, pens, and new men and women fashion and shoes series, also offersprivate leather customized services.A century later, India has "LV" symbol of this unique pattern monogram canvas bag, alongwith a wealth of legendary and Athens become a fashion classic. 100 years, the world hasexperienced many changes in peoples pursuits and aesthetic concepts also will bechanged, but not only the reputation of Louis Vuitton, Zoran, and now maintains anunparalleled charm. Perhaps it is this charm has attracted many world-class designers. Tocelebrate the 100th anniversary logo monogram, Louis Vuittons president Shengkasili(Yves Carcelle) After three years of consideration, decided to invite seven well-knownavant-garde designer to design the logo monogram new style bags . 7 designer is: Lea(Azzedine Alaia), Morrow Blahnik (Manolo Blahnik), Romeo Geely (Romeo Gigli), (HelmutLang) , Isaac Mizrahi (lsaac Mizrahi), Sybilla (Sybilla) and Westwood (VivienneWestwood).Louis Vuitton brand over the past century has been to advocate refined, quality, andcomfortable "travel philosophy", starting as a design basis ... ... Louis Vuitton (LouisVuitton)The name has now spread throughout Europe as the most travel goods fine symbol.
  8. 8. Louis Vuitton Leather Purses Vuitton - the legendary characteristicsWater resistant with TimeLouis Vuittons waterproof, fireproof legend, the true extent is difficult to pursue, but it isnot leather or other ordinary leather, instead of using a painting with, called Canvas,canvas materials, plus a layer of waterproof PVC, its really bag timeless, easy to wear. Inaddition to "durable", the one hundred and fifty years of history of Louis Vuitton, beginningon the market specializing in the royal family and nobility, but also for the brand survivethis reason.In 1888, Louis Vuitton to design instead of the original square meters, brown stripes, andwith registered trademarks, but still full of counterfeit goods known to the world; so in 1896Youyi Louis Vuitton letters, four flower , plus or minus a new diamond pattern design,which is the origin of the famous Monogram. Monogram this pattern, in fact, by thenineteenth century the popular oriental art, and both decorative and practical effect of theinfluence of Nabis school of painting. Four flower-shaped and diamond are both positiveand negative essence of integration between the two.This classic pattern followed over ahundred years, almost all Louis Vuitton lovers first entry of goods pattern series.Fusion of classical & fashionTalk about the trend of the past talk about the classic Louis Vuitton, and finally a change inthe style of recent years. In 1996, Monogram series to celebrate the centenary, invitedseven limited edition fashion designer in the world set off frenzied collection boom,Jean-Louis Vuitton also appreciate the greatness of the trend. In 1998, the first time everto find a Louis Vuitton designer MarcJacobs to join the United States, design Vernis series,and even then never developed past the clothing line, in addition to luggage, leathergoods and fashion, the innovative ideas of the century-old Louis Vuitton shop will alsostep into other areas of fashion. Marc from the United States, but he has a deep history ofclothing, culture, roots and fascination with the classic spirit. Marcs design skills-oriented,Louis Vuitton Leather Wallets
  9. 9. Louis Vuitton Luggage Accessories thought fashion people to be able to wear out the most practical, focusing on designdetails, a unique blend of personal insight, derived from the superior style offemininity.Classic trunk, bright and innovative bag, Louis Vuittons noble spirit and qualityof the same, but Marc is the clever costume for Louis Vuitton put a new face, closer topeoples lives.Japanese artist Takashi Murakami (Takashi Myrakami) to subvert his cartoon world, LouisVuitton, but also to subvert the whole world, Louis Vuitton monogram pattern encountereda great variety of fantastic colors reversed the peoples visual impression.Leighton time,Takashi Murakamis flowers and laughing eyes, turned into a variety of signs in the form ofLouis Vuitton goods.East of Western classical brand encounter abstract artists, thismarriage of fashion and art was an unprecedented success.Takashi Murakamis quitefascinating for Marc Jacobs said he enjoyed the works of Takashi Murakami joy beneaththe dark side, both light and darkness is real life, but also the Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs tolead the way forward.Century craftsmanshipLouis Vuitton is not just a fad fashion brand, has become a classic of years, the keyreason is to allow consumers to enjoy the aristocratic quality. Founder Louis Vuitton, in the19th century, Napoleon IIIs wife, Wu Jieni full-time manual labor and the Queens leatherdivision, he invented a waterproof cover rigid flat trunk, robust quality assurance, suddenlypassed over high society, but also to birth of Louis Vuitton, is to brand attitude, affect thefashion industry at the time, a gentleman went away, celebrities essential equipment.Louis Vuittons son Georges Vuitton to create the famous Monogram series, the main lightcanvas, making the process very complicated, must be added a layer of waterproof vinylchloride (PVC), the print on the standard pattern, and then through the embossing,it completed, this section of the canvas has excellent toughness, pressure and wear toensure long-term no distortion, no fading, but the pattern intact, almost all of the basicmodels are based on this section of the canvas material, to be designed to play a differentskin pieces of uses.MH Group Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton and Moet Hennesy merger) in the production of aLouis Vuitton wallet, it is necessary to go through 1000 procedures; their briefcase in thedesign, will be in the laboratory, to continue for two weeks deformation of the test switchwill not be tested, stringent quality test, is to allow consumers to buy withLouis Vuitton Mahina Leather
  10. 10. Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Louis Vuitton leather goods used almost all consumers know, the LouisVuitton leather goods with a dozen years, all can still intact, but also because of thelong-term skin color and skin touch, over time, become natural andelegant color. Thereare even rumors, "Titanic" (Titanic) submarine sank a few years later, one salvaged fromthe seabed hard type of Louis Vuitton luggage, there is not even half drop infiltrated water;there are rumors, some people in the fire , most of burned clothing, except a MonogramGlace bags, smoke blackened appearance was deformed, but items insideintact. Although these rumors are a bit exaggerated, incredible, but it also proves theworld trust the quality of Louis Vuitton, with unshakable position.Edit this paragraph Louis Vuitton designLV louis vuitton bags LV louis vuitton shoes, 1901, Louis Vuitton introduced alightweight flexible Steamer bag, a pioneer in later handbags. In 1909, theVuitton family with silk and wool Kashmir travel blankets, scarves and laterbecame a pioneer quilt cover. A good brand always has unlimited inspirationfor the future force, while a good brand is always classic in the years tocomplete the process of constantly.In 1914, Louis Vuitton finally the world famous Champs Elysees in Paris, No.70 opened the worlds largest travel leather goods shop.Amazing 7-storybuilding.Adhering to the original concept, based on the Louis Vuitton also insisted onthe continuous innovation, Keepall handbag, overturn the concept of peopleshandbags, while soft canvas addictive.Louis Vuittons first perfume was alsoborn in surprise, "Heuresdabsence" is a romantic name, represents a newexploration of Louis Vuitton.Louis Vuitton brand over the past century has been to advocate refined, quality,and comfortable "travel philosophy", as the starting basis for the design ... ...Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) the name spread throughout Europe as a symbolLouis Vuitton Monogram Denim
  11. 11. Louis Vuitton Monogram Idylle the finest travel products. Up until today, regardless of later extending out ofleather, silk, or watches, pens, and even clothing, are based on Louis Vuitton(Louis Vuitton) over the past century advocate refined, quality, andcomfortable "travel philosophy", as starting basis for the design.Then in 1997 joined LV Group Design Director for the Arts New York designerMarc Jacobs (Marc Jacobs), the Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) the symbol ofParis boutique brand to inject new vitality. In March 1998 he had neverproduced clothing LV, made "from scratch" minimalist philosophy, positiverecognition for global fashion industry. The American-born young designers infact powerful backing, last year he once again meet the modern womens lives,simple and elegant design, re-"Americas Best Womens Designer Award." InMarch 1998, he was from the production garments LV, made a "scratch"minimalist philosophy, turned out to be the worlds fashion industry is verypositive affirmation.
  12. 12. Louis Vuitton Monogram Multicolore logo"Monogram canvas" - the eternal mirror LV exclaimed one day you lookat magazines, Faye Wongs this LV Louis Vuitton carry justlike a canvas bag, AngelinaJolie is a small holding this is notcheckered canvas bags, look down, donot guess Cecilia Kua ofthis canvas LV Louis Vuitton must be no doubt that the ... ...Canvas, Plaid, LV Louis Vuitton logo - 100 years ago, LouisVuitton has such a face, ahundred years of Louis Vuitton still has such a face. "Monogram canvas" is thefirst LV Louis Vuitton face,is it the eternal mirror.LV Louis Vuitton since 1896, launched a branding function"Monogram canvas"design day "Monogram canvas" has becomethe ultimate symbol of the Kingdom of thebrand. From the firstgeneration of LV Louis Vuitton MONOGRAM canvas patterns, tohisson George Vuitton, the father of the abbreviated name of Land V with the flowerpattern design today is still renownedmonogram printed on canvas (MonogramCanvas) style"monogram canvas" is the continuation of 100 years of LV LouisVuitton brand identifier.In 1996, to celebrate the 100th anniversary logo monogram, LVLouis Vuitton, thenpresident Shengkasili (Yves Carcelle) After three years of deliberation, invited from allover the world to sevenwell-known avant-garde designers to design monogram logo newstyle bags, which seven out of every design, later to become Louis Vuitton LV conquerthe global fashion Mibao.LV Louis Vuitton continues 100 years of brand recognition symbolMonogramz in the dictionary means a combination of letters, one ofthe mostfamous representatives Lv invented by a combination ofletters and patterns,many brands have their own unique monogram pattern, such as:Chanel double-C,Its popularity in Asia, far beyond Europe, Japan is crazy, but the arton amatter of opinion, there are many people dismissed that this phenomenon is an extrememanifestation of materialism, however,is the luxury brand after the tragic resultof brainwashing .Louis Vuitton Monogram Purses
  13. 13. Louis Vuitton Monogram Wallets Vuitton brand conceptLV Louis Vuittons approach is to insist on doing their own brand, stick to the brand spirit,to do different things, to provide a true cultural things, and it is hoped to have more tounderstand Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton Teng people to pay attention Louis Vuittonproducts, welcome those who have not yet spending power, but the culture of consumerawareness or concern for the people higher than the product, may one day have theability to choose, will be the first time to choose Louis Vuitton.Louis Vuitton clothing style is easy to distinguish, from the clothes on the peoples bloodbold uninhibited use of color is characteristic of Louis Vuitton, the most impressive is thathe designed the beautiful and moving floral patterns, are popular hailed as a classicfashion. Louis Vuitton, and in no particular form of clothing, but his clothes, but Man will be"wearing" Oh! Slightest mistake, it may become a village girl from the lady, the princebecomes a beggar risk characteristics.1821: Founder LouisVuitton was born in eastern France, Franche-Comte province.1837: 16-year-old LouisVuitton exile, to Paris for the elite packing.1852: Napoleon III ascended the throne, LouisVuitton was elected Queen of the Queensmanual labor, from high society involved.1853: Queens won the trust of Nepalese black eyelashes.1854: The first leather goods stores (Paris).1885: The first overseas branch (London).1859: creation of their own factory in Asniёres ...1885: expansion into overseas, from Paris to London.1890: invention of an exclusive lock, still in use.1900: LouisVuitton GeorgesVuitton son inherited his fathers will boot diversification,including introduction of hanging clothes, luggage, shoes, hat boxes and a box. |1914: Li Champs Elysees Avenue in Paris, opened the worlds largest leather store, thestore became the LV distribution network to expand the core of the world.Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis
  14. 14. Louis Vuitton Naxos Leather the disintegration of the feudal tradition, the world off tourism boom, LVs customerbase includes many elite aristocracy, such as Chanels wife, Empress of India and theFrench President and so on. Every time they travel, pieces of luggage can be as many asthirty to fifty. 1924: GeorgesVuitton Keepall designed multi-purpose bag, a pillow-shapedstrip the originator of modern luggage. | 1931: GeorgesVuitton son Gaston, a variety ofwell-designed cabin luggage and tableware box, easy to fly passengers, lightweightdesign can be freely extended suitcase.1932: LV Shui Tongbao official debut, named Noe (derived from the name of the Bible). Itwas reported that five bottles of champagne because I wanted to send to a friend, theycan not find a suitable bag dress, so the design of the narrow width of the leather, the bagthen tied with a leather cord.1936: for the well-known conductor LeopoldStokoski designed and named after hisluggage in, like a mini "activities office."1954: the centenary, will store the tourists dense Li Champs Elysees Avenue, themigration to the sale of advanced products of the Arc de Triomphe, which is world-famousLV shop.1984: in Paris and New York stock markets also listed. First introduced by the agent inTaiwan, in Taipeis Dunhua South Road intersection and love famous area set up shop.1985: to become a holding company, and travel goods and leather goods and otherservices, go to its subsidiary company LouisVuittonMalletter. In addition, even with theSpanish leather goods family LOEWE, the development of all its overseas business.1986: first Epi leather line pressure, release and by the worlds attention.1987: March acquisition VeuveClicquot Group, which owns VeuveClicquot champagneand Givenchy perfume. In September, LV and Hennessy (Hennessy) merged to becomethe worlds largest boutique group LVMH (LouisVuittonMoetHennessy).1989: in Paris, opened AvenueMontaigue54 global image of the store, replacing the oldshop in the same district.
  15. 15. Louis Vuitton Rolling Luggage began to move round the brand, in addition to leather goods, but also expand thekinds of fine, blankets, clothing and pens and other merchandise.1996: To celebrate the centenary of creating Monogram series, invited seven designersdesign a limited edition.1998: joined the ranks of clothing boutique. World Soccer Cup held in France, LV order tomeet the "home" important events, especially football refined three thousand Monogramlimited, resulting in panic buying.1999: Founded in Zhongshan North Road, Taiwans global image of the store openingseries for the first time to introduce men and women.Distinguish genuine Louis VuittonLeather textureReal packet pattern is rather deep, small blisters if the gap between the particles moreclearly, like LV is the width of the groove between the particles is very average. Wholefeels soft and hard moderate, more flexible. Itself has a texture like leather flat, thenirregular bubble pattern secondary capsules up feeling, but the gap between each pieceblister pattern is uniform and there is a certain depth. And each one covered with smallblisters are highly uniform depth, looking more texture.Imitation of the pressure out of the bag is also very similar pattern, but the oil will be usedfor a long time, often feel stiffer. Although there are irregular patterns, but the main patternthat capsules of the gap between the small, dense particles feel blisters appear crowdedtogether, not three-dimensional. Total of comparison, the details can still be seen.Four-leaf flower color and compositionFrom the old four-leaf flower flower skin color and composition point of view. TypicalMonogram pattern look from a distance, each a distance appears to be a realyellow-green, but careful review, you will find the above print is small dots oblique lines,from the close look, you will find printed on The color is actually formed by the parallellines. Flower color is yellow-green. Overall color is very clear. A more ultra-fake goods,flowers marked by the oblique stripes are composed, but the color is often wrong.Most side brown. Even if the color close to, the overall relationship between the lines,Louis Vuitton Softsided Luggage
  16. 16. Louis Vuitton Suhali Leather in the past, always feel ambiguous. But pay attention to this second point can beused as one of the bases, but not completely so points, because imitation was more true,with flowers above the color is really close.HardwareFrom the hardware on the identification, usually genuine LV counter hardware, such asthe zipper head, usually not very bright golden yellow, but green gold copper, feeling notparticularly bright, and some will be darker, a little similar to frosted texture, but powerlessto scrub the extent, in short, great textured feel. Oh, of course, can not be generalized,and now a lot of new hardware items, there are many very bright colors. Here only to talkabout the most common of the old flower old in terms of conventional packages. A zipperhead below the ultra-for example, what the difference is shown. No surprise, especiallythe flash, especially in light of the left of the imitation, though the color is quite good, veryclose to the ultra A genuine seller advertised a blue gold copper, but still a bit toobright. The little black is really right. Possible relationship between the photo light, thephysical is not so heavy matte feel, or have a certain brightness, but not the kind of left itlike a thief bright. The greatest difference is above the LV words, true three-dimensional,and the neat, more angular edges, respectively, while the imitation goods in addition tolight more than a thief, LV relief out of the feeling is too smooth, not clear.With skinFrom with the skin, some people say the security line and darken drip test. This is actuallysuper A-level have done. They still want the details view. Let me talk about the old bag ofwhite flowers around the convergence of the original fine leather piping, authentic LV isusually very thin, straight, round and three-dimensional, a whole does not break downvery uniform neat and do not see the seams, there is no distortion or twisted slightlyawkward and other issues, and some will even look good imitation goods thicker.Followedby the leather strap, LV backpack strap even oblique, is a no seams down the whole, thisis demanding on the cortex, the loss of a great skin. Imitation is generally difficult toachieve, then there is the hand-handle bag with handle. Handle the real thing donerounded and smooth, no wrinkles. Somewhat less often imitate the turning point of awrinkle. A more general super-majority but can already do not wrinkle. Some people saythat from the color point of view. This is most misleading. Monopoly with the moneybecause the LV bag in different periods can not be exactly the same skin color. Thedifferent degree of oxidation for a long time, the color is different. To know that the cortex,Louis Vuitton Taiga Leather
  17. 17. Louis Vuitton Utah Leather without a single place for a long time, the color will change. Such as the classicpillow pack, it seems that out before, many bought at hand is a dense color. Most of therecent buying is a very white color.Pin and the seal with the skinPins and seal with skin from paint and other details see. LV car suture is not only neatsymmetry, and is on the oil wax cotton cord, can be used as identification details. All LVproducts, rough and tough stitching the seam at equal intervals, said the number of strictrules for each inch pins. Within the grid and the same meticulous hand-car line, openedthe inner LV Bag with handle buckle at a fixed bit position of the skin is also correct. Nowthe fake goods can be done even if the appearance, but inside the line bit difficult to do someticulous. Previously said, the needle angle can differentiate false package is usually aline down the straight, really pack on the corner of each needle at an angle, like a row ofwillow-like, at an angle. But now doing super A can also do an imitation.So this not asproof, and only as a generic package for testing truth fineness standards. The followingtwo true and false with the old leather bag with contrast to look at. See from the photo isactually not out. But on a slightly different touch on the hand, imitation leather more hardand bright, really a little softer. Also observe the true and false in the new package with thecar line, there are also different, but the only difference between new and only as areference. Authenticity is yellow. And imitation do not know why always the wrong color, avery cowardly yellow, or very Yan is yellow. But usually only when the more obvious in thenew, fake worn, the color will differentiate from the line is not out.Serial numberLV handbag will be printed in some obscure location, said production plant and Yearnumbers, usually by two English words and four numbers. Every LV handbag, there willbe. But different vintage. Bags of different models, serial numbers are not the same.Serialnumber of imitation products will be, but often a fake plant to use the same serialnumber. It should be noted that some genuine wrapped in bags produced before 1987, nosuch number. LV bag according to different series, the serial number imprinted position isdifferent. For example: root of the medial strap and metal ring inside the root cortex, bagbuckles on the side with the skin, the inner side of the small joints with the skin, the baghas a full write the above piece of stitched leather LVs small bag, then open the inside,inside joints, including branding, bags sewn by the end of open positions with the skin onand so forth. In short fine looking, with a total find.Louis Vuitton Handbags
  18. 18. Brand analysis1, wine and spirits* Moet champagne (Moët & Chandon): Founded in 1743, the main champagne.* Dom Perignon (Dom Pérignon): Founded in the 18th century, the main champagne.* Veuve Clicquot (Veuve Clicquot): Founded in 1772, the main champagne.* Cook Champagne (Krug): Founded in 1843, the main champagne.* Messier Champagne (Mercier): Founded in 1858, the main champagne.* Revised Canal Champagne (Ruinart): Founded in 1729, the main champagne.* Iraq more Fort (Château dYquem): Founded in 1593, the main high-level wine.* Hennessy (Hennessy): Founded in 1765, the main cognac.* (Glenmorangie): Founded in 1893, the main Scottish whiskey.* Domaine Chandon (California): Founded in 1973, the main sparkling wine and Californiawine.* Bodegas Chandon (Argentina): Founded in 1959, Argentinas main wine and sparklingwine.* Domaine Chandon (Australia) Green Point: Founded in 1986, the main Australian wineand sparkling wine.* Cloud Bay (Cloudy Bay): Founded in 1985, the main New Zealand wine.* Manda Cape (Cape Mentelle): Founded in 1976, the main Australian wine.* Newton (Newton): Founded in 1984, the main California wine.* Andes of order (Terrazas de los Andes): Founded in 1999, the main wine.Louis Vuitton Outlet
  19. 19. Louis Vuitton Sale, fashion and leather goods* Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton): Founded in 1854, the main leather products, garments,footwear, watches, jewelry, textiles, and writing supplies.* Lowe (LOEWE): Founded in 1846, the main leather products, garments, silk, jewelry andperfume.* Celine (Celine): Founded in 1945, the main garments, leather products, footwear,jewelry and perfume.* Bo Luti (Berluti): Founded in 1895, the main footwear.* Kenzo (Kenzo): Founded in 1970, the main garments, leather products, footwear andaccessories.* Givenchy (Givenchy): Founded in 1952, the main senior fixed uniform, clothing, footwear,leather goods and jewelry.* Marc Jacobs (Marc Jacobs): Founded in 1984, the main male and female clothing,leather goods, jewelry and perfume.* Fendi (Fendi): Founded in 1925, the main garments, leather products, jewelry andperfume.* Shitifennuo ratio (StefanoBi): Founded in 1991, the main footwear.* Pu Qi (Emilio Pucci): Founded in 1948, the main clothing and accessories.* Thomas Pink (Thomas Pink): Founded in 1984, the main shirts, ties and clothingsupplies.* Donna Karan (Donna Karan): Founded in 1984, the main male and female clothing,childrens clothing and apparel items.* ELuxury Shop: Founded in 2000, the main quality Internet sales, closed in 2009.3, perfume and cosmetics* Christine Dior (Parfums Christian Dior): Founded in 1947, the main perfumes, cosmeticsand skin care products.* Guerlain (Guerlain): Founded in 1828, the main perfumes, cosmetics and skin careproducts.* Givenchy (Parfums Givenchy): Founded in 1957, the main perfumes, cosmetics and skincare products.Louis Vuitton Handbags
  20. 20. Louis Vuitton Outlet* Kenzo (Kenzo Parfums): Founded in 1988, the main perfume, bath series and skin careproducts.* Laflachère: Founded in 1987, the main health, beauty and household cleaning products.* BeneFit Cosmetics: Founded in 1976, the main cosmetics, beauty and skin careproducts.* Fresh: Founded in 1991, the main skin care, body care, perfumes, cosmetics andcandles.* Make Up Forever: Founded in 1989, the main products and general make-upartist-specific consumption of cosmetics.* Parma Water (Acqua di Parma): Founded in 1916, the main perfume, cologne, homefragrances and home collection.* Lowe (Perfumes Loewe): Founded in 1972, the main perfume.4, watches and jewelry* TAG Heuer (TAG Heuer): Founded in 1860, the main clock and timer.* Zenith table (Zenith): Founded in 1865, the main clock and timer.* Dior (Dior): Founded in 1985, the main watch and writing supplies.* Chevrolet Germany (Fred): Founded in 1936, the main jewelry, top jewelry and watches.* Naomi (Chaumet): Founded in 1780, the main jewelry, top jewelry and watches.* Ou Masi (Omas): Founded in 1925, the main writing material.* Bulgari (BVLGARI): Founded in 1884, the main jewelry, watches, fragrances, eyewearand handbags.5, boutique retail* DFS Galleria: Founded in 1961, the main duty-free sales.* Miami Cruiseline Services: Founded in 1963, the main cruise ship duty free sales.* Sephora (Sephora): Founded in 1970, the main perfumes, cosmetics, skin care productsand beauty products.* Sephora online store: Founded in 1999, the main perfumes, cosmetics, skin careproducts and beauty products online sales.* Mary glass pavilion department (Le Bon Marché): Founded in 1852, the maindepartment store merchandise, Franck & Fils Parisian store, La Grande Epicerie de Parisfood stores, real estate.Louis Vuitton Handbags
  21. 21. Louis Vuitton Outlet* Sama Illidan Department Store (Samaritaine): Founded in 1869, the main departmentstore merchandise.6, other areas* DI: Founded in 2000, the main media groups, to provide financial, music, art and cultureinformation. There are seven newspapers (La Tribune, Investir Hebdo, Investir Magazine,le Monde de la Musique, Défis, SID Presse), magazines (Connaissance des Arts, ExpertInfo, la Lettre fiscale, Mieux Gérer pour Réussir), a national radio network (RadioClassique) and a news agency.* Connaissances des Arts: Founded in 1952, Main Art Monthly and special.Louis Vuitton Sale