R&p draft 5 part 5


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R&p draft 5 part 5

  1. 1. Vladimir Propp Part O• THEORIES : FLASHBACK AND FLASHFORWARD• Russian and Soviet formalist scholar• Born on 17 April 1895 in St. Petersburg to a German family.• Died August 22, 1970) (aged 75)• Identify the simplest irreducible narrative elements by analyzing basic plot components of Russian Folk.• His Morphology of the Folktale was published in Russian in 1928
  2. 2. Flashforwards• scene that takes the narrative forward in time from the current point of the story in media or literature.
  3. 3. There is not flash forward in our opening sequence,because the story line is happening in the presentand we dont want to give away what will it happenin the future with her
  4. 4. Flashbacks• A scene that takes the narrative back in time from the current point the story has reached
  5. 5. - There is not any flashback in our openingsequence, because the action doesn’t need to beseen back in time, we don’t want to give too muchinformation for the viewers to make sure it buildsenigma. (find out why she is has this disorder, howit started )
  6. 6. How are we applying the Part PTheories of Strauss • A pair of related terms or concepts that are opposite in meaning • E.g. alive or dead • Warm or cold • Day or night
  7. 7. A boy and girl from differing social backgrounds meet during the ill-fated maiden voyage of RMS Titanic. A two shot of the ‘Rich’ people on diner tableA long shot of the twoprinciple charactersdancing on the ‘Poor’ part
  8. 8. heories of Strauss in Part Pur opening sequence Sad or Happy Depressed or confident Melane’s character is Aurora’s character is the mostly negative, opposite of Melane, she because she is sad, is confident, happy, confused, depressed always positive. 8
  9. 9. Vanessa JustinoTarget Audience Part QAge: We are targeting an audience aged 15 – 30. This is because youngaudience will not understand very well the cause of Bulimia & AnorexiaNervosa. It would be disturbed by the themes running thought-out and beoffended by appearance of the body. Also because the eating disorder 90 % Happens with Femalehappens between this ages. Also can be target at Males
  10. 10. Andreea CristeaQuestionnaire from Part QTarget Audience Name: _________ Age: _________ Genre: _________ Location: _________ •Do you think starting the opening sequence with a dialogue of the 2 girls is a good idea? •Do you think the location(______) where we are planning the opening sequence to take place is suitable? •Do you think slow music will go with the shots (_______) and scenes we are doing? • In your opinion what qualities make a good drama? •Do you think the idea of bulimia is a good idea for a drama opening sequence? And why? •What do you think of the script? •Do you think that the opening sequence builds enigma at the end? •What could be done to create more enigma? •What do you think will work well in the opening sequence? •Would you want to watch the rest of the film? And why?
  11. 11. Feedback from Target Audience Vanessa JustinoGraph This shows that in question one 6 Part Q out of 7 people says that starting This is the amount of the opening sequence with a question asked added by the dialog because it shows a result ( answer) connection between the 2 girls 18 16 14 12 7 10 7 8 7 7 3 2 Rates 6 7 6 4 Questions The green also symbolises the 4 6 question been 2 0 The numbers Underneath shows 1 2 3 4 how many people we asked the 5 6 7 questions to 8 9 10 11
  12. 12. Part Q Andreea CristeaFeedback from Target Audience Vanessa Justino • Question 1: most of the answer were yes, because it shows a connection between the 2 girls, and after they saw the script they said it does show the connection because you can see the friend with bulimia is lying. • Question 2: 7/7 said the location is suitable, because it shows clearly a typical house. • Question 3: 6/7 said slow music is the most suitable music to go with a drama, because it build dramatic emotions. • 1/7 said slow music, but different songs, so it can be changed as the action goes. • Question 4: 4/7 said close up shots makes a good drama, because it shows all the characters emotions and face expression. • 3/7 said the sounds, the way is acted, the shots and the way it is filmed. • Question 5: 7/7 said yes (idea of bulimia) because it is a good idea for a drama. • Question 6: 7/7 said the script is good, because it does not include too much talking, therefore it makes the opening sequence more interesting. • Question 7: 7/7 said yes ( it builds enigma at the end) because the last shot it is very mysterious. • Question 8: 3/7 said to create more enigma there should be a sound at the background that would make the audience want to watch it more and more • 4/7 said to create more enigma there should be a very slow pace, and when the movie ends, there should still continue with a shot so it can build suspense. • Question 9: 2/7 said everything will work well • 5/7 said the shots will work well • Question 10: 7/7 said yes, because it is interesting.
  13. 13. Andreea CristeaInterviews Part Q Questionnaire Picture Catalin Nastasia
  14. 14. Andreea CristeaInterviews Part Q Video Rebecca Dan
  15. 15. Andreea CristeaInterviews Part Q1 2 53 4