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    Lung cancer Lung cancer Presentation Transcript

    • Lung Cancer Helizabeth Hernandez Per 2 standards 6a and 6b
    • What is Lung Cancer?• Lung cancer is the unconstrained growth of abnormal cells in lung• Lung cancer is a disease• It has no cure
    • What causes Lung Cancer?• Lung Cancer is caused by smoking• People take a risk of lung cancer with every cigarette they smoke• Tobacco smoke contains over 4,000 chemicals in which doctors have proven could cause carcinogenic• Any substance that may cause or produce cancer• Passive smoking could also cause lung cancer• Just breathing smoke could cause you to get lung cancer• any substance or agent tha
    • How common is Lung Cancer ?• Lung cancer is very common not only through the United States but throughout the world• It is common is both women and men• The American Cancer Society "estimated that that 222,520 new cases of lung cancer in the U.S will occur"• It is also more commonly with the elderly from the age of 45-65 years
    • Symptoms• Early lung cancer may not cause any symptoms .• Symptoms depend on the type of cancer you have but may include : - Chest pain - coughing - coughing up blood - losing weight - loss of appetite - shortness of breath - wheezing
    • What is a treatment for Lung Cancer ?• Treatment for Lung Cancer can involve surgical removal of the cancer chemotherapy or radiation therapy of these treatments .
    • What is the treatment for lung cancer ?Treatment for Lung Cancercan involve surgical removalof the lung, or is someonehas the same blood typethere can give you therelungs when they die.
    • How can Lung Cancer be prevented ?• Lung cancer can be prevented by not smoking, or doing drugs, also by not breathing the air of the people the poeple that are smoking.• About 226,160 poeple are found with the case of having lung cancer with bot small and non small cells•
    • Why smokers get a Lung Cancer ?• Smokers get lung cancer because smoking is the most potent caused by lung cancer.• Some smokers pervent getting lung cancer.
    • Lung Cancer Pictures .
    • Citations••• lung-cancer-information.html••• .jpg