Nanotechnology in the Czech Republic


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Nanotechnology sector in the Czech Republic

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Nanotechnology in the Czech Republic

  1. 1. Nanotechnology in theCzech
  2. 2. 1. Czech Milestones in Nanotech
  3. 3. Nanotech in the Czech Rep.Czech milestones Czech Professor Armin Delong Czech Professor Oldrich Jirsak introduces the first electron developed fibres measuring 200nm in microscope into production, 1949 diameter as the first in the world, 2003
  4. 4. Nanotech in the Czech Rep.Czech milestones Czech Company Elmarco became the industry’s first supplier of industrial scale nanofibre production equipment; 2007
  5. 5. 2. Czech Research & Development
  6. 6. Nanotech in the Czech Rep.R&D Support mechanism R&D GOVERNMENT Council Academy of Ministry of Ministry of Other Sciences Education, Youth Industry and ministries and Sports Trade Technology CERA CzechInvest centre Universities Research Institutes Enterprises and Associations Incubators, Science and Technology Parks, Business Innovation Centres Regional Development AgenciesSource: CzechInvest, 2011
  7. 7. R&D BASIC INDICATORSSource: Czech Statistical Office, 2011
  8. 8. TOTAL EXPENDITUREON R&DPercentage of GDPSource: National Statistical Offices, 2012
  9. 9. Nanotechnology in CRTools of the support / National FundingNANOTECHNOLOGY FOR SOCIETY -- Period: 2006-2012 -- 38 “NANO” projects -- Total funding (38 projects) – €57,960,000 (€1 = CZK 25) The main goal is to make significant progress in the advancement of research and practical utilization of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials in Czech society.Program structure:╌ Nanoparticles, nanofibres and nanocomposite materials╌ Nanobiology and nanomedicine╌ Nano/macro interface╌ New phenomena and materials for nanoelectronics (AS CR Technology Centre, 2007 )
  10. 10. Nanotechnology in CRTools of the support / International Funding7th Framework Program (FP)╌ The EU Member States have earmarked a total of € 3.5 billion for funding this theme over the duration of FP7╌ 4th thematic priority Nano-Mat-Pro╌ 87 funded projects with Czech participation under FP6European Cooperation in the Field of Scientific andTechnical Research╌ (AS CR Technology Centre, 2007)
  11. 11. 3. NanoTech subjects in the Czech Republic
  12. 12. Nanotech in the Czech Rep.Subjects operating with Nanotechnology 2005 2008 Year 2011: 40 37 More than 140 35 30 28 subjects 26 27 25 18 19 20 15 15 15 13 12 9 9 10 6 4 5 0 s es ns es s s es itie ce te ris r is t io nc itu la rs rp sa rp cie kp st ve te te ni in or i S en en Un ga h rw of rc or e m y ea he rg iu em ry La ot es ed to ad bu R d m an Ac te ri nd nt iva s la ltie Co Pr al cu Sm Fa Source: Nanotechnologies in the CR, 2008; CzechInvest, 2009
  13. 13. Nanotech in the Czech Rep.Czech manufacturing corporations Source: CzechInvest, 2011
  14. 14. Nanotech in the Czech Rep.World class Universities with R&D potential
  15. 15. Nanotech in the Czech Rep.World class Universities with R&D potential Research Cooperation: Industrial Cooperation: -- Quality Control -- Sintex a.s. -- Textile sensors -- Elmarco s.r.o. -- Plasma finishing -- Spolsin spol s r.o -- Encapsulation -- Inotex spol s r.o. -- Copolymerization of surface -- VÚTS a.s. -- Surface modification with dendrimers -- VÚB, a.s. -- Self - cleaning textile surface -- Mebrane a.s. -- Antibacterial surface -- Fezko Thierry -- Antibacterial Self - cleaning surface -- Stap a.s. -- Separation of flecks from textile Technical University Liberec is a member of: -- AUTEX (Association for Textile Universities) -- ATOKA -- CTPT platform (Czech Technology Platform for textile) -- CLUTEX Cluster Source: TUL, 2011
  16. 16. Nanotech in the Czech Rep.Prof. Oldřich Jirsák╌ First generation nanofibres, and the world patented solution of Prof. Jirsak from the Technical university of Liberec; so called electro spinning process╌ In 2006 received the Czech National Award from President of the Czech Republic╌ In 2006 received the Czech National Award Ceska Hlava╌ More than 50 world patents in nonwoven textile Source: CzechInvest, 2011
  17. 17. Nanotech in the Czech Rep.Well established Nanoclusters ╌ Czech Nanotechnology Cluster ( Strives to identify and support the potential for cooperation in the use ofnanotechnologies among scientific and research institutes and businesses whilerespecting the competencies, responsibilities, contributions and effects of the participatingmembers. The Czech Nanotechnology Cluster further seeks to be instrumental in buildinga knowledge-based society using and marketing high-value-added operations. ╌ Nanomedic Cluster ( cluster is a platform, on which the consortium of companies, universitiesand research institutes was established. Their common interest is to cooperate onresearch, development, production and commercialization of products for woundhealing, tissue substitution and devices for specific drug delivery, gene therapy with theaim to achieve the world market Source: Czech Nanotechnology Cluster, Nanomedic Cluster, 2011
  18. 18. Nanotech in the Czech Rep.Czech Initiatives╌ Czech Nano-Teamhttp://╌ Centre of Nanotechnology and Materials for Nanoelectronicshttp://╌ NANOPIN – Research Centre for Nanosurface Engineeringhttp://╌ Textile II Research Centre╌ Consortium for Research of Nanostructured and CrosslinkedPolymeric Materials (CRNCPM)╌ Czech Society for New Materials and Technologies –Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Section
  19. 19. 4. Case studies in Czech NanoTech
  20. 20. CRYTUR, spol. s r.o.Case study #1CRYTUR, spol. s r. o.:╌ Long tradition; since 1935╌ Production and assembly of detection units for scanning electron microscopy╌ Production of monocrystalline scintillation materials for transmission electron microscopes╌ Production of monocrystalline materials for laser applications, dielectrical surfaces and contoured sapphires
  21. 21. GENERI-BIOTECHCase study #2GENERI BIOTECH s. r. o.╌ Spin-off since 1995 from the molecular genetics laboratory at the UniversityHospital in Hradec Kralove.Special research project╌ Analysis of the electrical properties of DNA, specifically the conductivity of DNAand its uses with the aim developing an instrument for detecting damaged DNAwithout the necessity of laboratory-based examination in the current formCommercial activities:╌ Sequencing of oligonucleoitides, paternity testing,╌ Production of diagnostic
  22. 22. LIMTEKCase study #3LIMTEK LASER division╌ Former state enterprise Metra Blansko started producing laser measurement systems in 1971╌ In 1994 the laser programme was transferred to a new private company, Limtek, s.r.o (Ltd.)╌ Limtek produces laser interferometers for applications in the machine-tool and microelectronics industries, metrology laboratories and universities╌ Export to European and non-European countries (e.g. Finland, France, Germany, Italy, India, South Korea, Turkey and USA) Source: LIMTEK, 2012
  23. 23. Elmarco s.r.o.Case study #4Elmarco s. r. o.╌ The first supplier of industrial scale nanofiber production equipment; Nanospider™╌ Nanospider™ allows nanofibers to be produced for a number of applications. Supported by a broad patent suite, Nanospider™ is a high voltage, free liquid surface electro-spinning process.╌ Top rate producer of nanofiber materials, and a leader in the development of new similar technologies Elmarco s. r. o., 2011
  24. 24. Optaglio s.r.o.Case study #5╌ Focuses on the development and production of optical security devices and holograms and related anti counterfeit measures╌ World leader in electron beam lithography origination╌ Produces unique products for protection of governmental documents and brand protection Source: Optaglio s. r. o., 2012
  25. 25. PARDAMCase study #6╌ Founded in 1997 ╌ Founded in 2009╌ Located in the Czech Republic ╌ Located in the Czech RepublicServices Services╌ Industrial production of inorganic nanofibres ╌ Marketing and distribution of (TiO2, SiO2, ZrO2, Al2O3, Li4Ti5O12); nanofiberous materials produced by╌ Industrial production of organic nanofibres PARDAM (exclusive partnership); (PA6, PVA, PUR …..); ╌ Introduction of novel materials to╌ Development and Laboratory production of global market; new nanofiberous materials for Universities ╌ Discovering business opportunities; and R&D teams; ╌ Coordinating R&D projects;╌ Production of nanofiberous products such as ╌ Global distribution network; membranes, pellets, sheets, dispersions, etc.; ╌ Analyses and Studies on nanofibre╌ R&D development - development of final market potentials. applications based on inorganic and organic nanofibers. Source: PARDAM s. r. o., 2012
  26. 26. 4. Nanotech at CzechInvest
  27. 27. Nanotechnology in CITools of the support Cooperation Agreement between TUL and Shinshu University ╌ The result of Nanotech 2011 in Japan ╌ Joint research projects, technology transfer, co-organization of seminars & conferences Nanotech 2012, Japan (2 / 2012) ╌ First National Pavilion on nanotechnology exhibition in Japan ╌ Financial support for Czech exhibitors ╌ In cooperation with CzechTrade Source: CzechInvest, 2012
  28. 28. Nanotechnology in CITools of the support CzechNano Program (from 2012) ╌ New set of services offered by New Czech Invest from 2012 ╌ 3 key aims: ╌ Internalization ╌ Regional support ╌ Commercialization CzechNano Meets Denmark (9 / 2011) ╌ The introduction of Czech companies & Science centers in Denmark ╌ In cooperation with Czech Embassy in Denmark Source: CzechInvest, 2012
  29. 29. Nanotech in the Czech Rep. Thank you for your attention. Vojtech Helikar Business Development Manager Department of Investment Development Phone: (+420) 296 342 809 Fax: (+420) 296 342 613 E-mail: CzechInvest, the Investment and Business Development Agency, is an organization of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic© Copyright, CzechInvest 2006. All rights reserved