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The Heligonic Method of Inbound Marketing Services
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The Heligonic Method of Inbound Marketing Services


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Heligonix is certified and recognized as the top inbound marketing company in the state. Inbound marketing uses a pull methodology rather than pushing concepts onto potential clients. Heligonix helps …

Heligonix is certified and recognized as the top inbound marketing company in the state. Inbound marketing uses a pull methodology rather than pushing concepts onto potential clients. Heligonix helps companies position themselves as thought leaders online in order to get found by those looking for products and services.

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  • Why Heligonix? Executive Data Control has 43 years experience fulfillment, systems analytics and accounting experience. With the top state inbound marketing company as its sister company and a local representative available for communications, our company is uniquely suited to the needs of DPS.
  • Inbound vs. Outbound Outbound marketing is less effective than inbound marketing. People skip paid advertisement in search of their own solutions online. Inbound marketing uses a pull methodology rather than pushing concepts onto potential clients; it pulls them in from the content you share online. That’s why it is imperative to position yourself online as a thought leader using inbound marketing techniques. No longer is there a media gateway where we have to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars just to reach our audience through traditional outlets. Your ability to be a thought leader will make you get found by people seeking the information you have to share. Website development and launch We will work with you to develop a strategy for your website with tangible milestones. Your website launch date will coincide with the date you determine as your deadline. When is the expected end date? Inbound Marketing is an ongoing project. We consistently grow your community while reaching your projected goals.
  • Link and image on associate websites We will develop a special landing page specific to each associate client’s site and place a logo on their site to link to that landing page. eBooks Webinars We will help develop a new reseller training webinar for Erik to facilitate. This webinar will be one in many that will be recorded and repurposed to build a library of tools for resellers, clients and potential clients. Videos Meet Grady, testimonials, How-tos
  • Show a search for Inbound Marketing MO and/or copiers Spfld Organic vs inorganic results
  • Benefits of Inbound marketing with Heligonix We will help you grow by developing an organic grassroots push to get your company launched in the right way. We will help you build, test, tweak and improve on attention generating content all while generating your community of followers including other companies, franchisees and individuals. Our program clarifies direction by parsing your big idea into small, manageable tasks that work together to accomplish your end goals.
  • Drive Franchise sales Our discovery process will help locate the vertical markets most interested in your product. Using social media channels and online marketing tools, we will develop a networking strategy to reach these markets directly. Landing pages will be created to capture lead information. From there, a lead nurturing program will be implemented to continually foster these leads.
  • We critically evaluate your current marketing process through a lean marketing (whole systems) approach and offer you the results in a detailed process chart based on the training of Ben Graham, a pioneer in the field of business process improvement.
  • For 2/3 the cost of a project manager, you get a team of experienced professionals who have proven methodology in the new marketing space.
  • Qualify the positive financial impact of your online activities through measurable returns. Historical metrics, customer relationship management software and a clear understanding of web analytics are imperative to defining the return on your marketing investment. We will provide you with analytic reporting monthly. Knowing the lifetime value of your customers is a defining characteristic to how much money should be invested in your efforts. If the value of a customer is $15k, each online interaction could be valued up to $100. Once you determine lifetime value of a new customer, divide your investment by the number of leads and visitors to find your conversion rate. ROI is determined through your gain minus your investment divided by your investment.  Analytics Heligonix has a list of daily, weekly and monthly tasks where analytics plays a key role. We measure and track efforts, leads and progress on a weekly basis, providing you a clear, report monthly where you can see measurable ROI.
  • Determine where your traffic is coming from, whether or not it is turning into a lead and then tweak offers, landing pages and content accordingly.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Inbound Marketing Services by January 4, 2011
    • 2. Inbound Marketing
      • What is Inbound Marketing?
    • 3. Content Creation
      • Resource
      • Thought Leadership
      • Educate and Inform
      • Blog
      • E-books
      • Webinars
      • Video
    • 4. Search Engine Optimization
      • Organic vs Inorganic Results
    • 5. Promotion
      • Social Media and Public Relations
    • 6. Marketing Research
      • Missouri State University
    • 7. Lead Generation
      • Visitors
      • Leads and Conversion
      • Website
      • Landing Pages
      • Blog
    • 8. Brand
      • Integrate traditional campaigns with online/inbound marketing.
    • 9. Our Methodology
      • Get Found
        • Create, Optimize, Promote
      • Convert
        • Visitors to leads; Leads to customers
      • Analyze & Repeat
        • Daily, weekly and monthly maintenance
    • 10. Detail Process Charting
      • Lean Marketing
      • Save on Costs
    • 11. Project Management
    • 12. Software Example Lead Capture Process
    • 13. Cost of Inbound Marketing
      • Job Title Median Salary
      • Project Manager $73,570
      • Content Writer $53,070
      • Graphic Designer $42,400
      • Web Master $73,830
      • Public Relations $51,280
      • SM Specialist $43,560
      • Subtotal $337,710
      • Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics (
    • 14. ROI
      • Qualified Financial Impact
      • Lifetime Value of a Customer
      • Analytics
        • Social media impact
        • Web traffic
        • Lead conversion
    • 15. Analytics
    • 16.
      • Questions?