How to use Ebooks to Market your business
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How to use Ebooks to Market your business






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How to use Ebooks to Market your business How to use Ebooks to Market your business Presentation Transcript

  • Founder Member of I Learning Global, creator of Shop4Training, internet fanatic and Millionaire in the making
  • Are you a person on-line?
  • E-Books
    Electronic Books
    Why using e-books is the fastest way to get your product or service noticed by thousands of online customers.
    How to research and write your book
    How to use it as a marketing tool
  • Information
    1 billion people use the internet worldwide, the vast majority are searching for information
    Financial services, looking for medical information, checking real estate listings, chatting with newsgroups, researching products and services, and looking for information that'll answer their questions and solve their problems.
  • Information is a hot product!
    How can you take advantage of this.
    How to package your information for on line?
    Easy--and free--to deliver.
    Plus, once you've put in the initial time to create them, your costs to reproduce them are zero!
  • E-Books
    The perfect way to present information that you can use to collect details of potential clients or
    They are a product you can create for very little money, and once you have put in your time you can sell again and again for 100% profit.
    easy--and free--to deliver.
  • What are they?
    It can contain anything…. Not just words
    Links to sales pages, websites and products.
    Multimedia presentation--including audio and video files can be contained in it.  
  • Creating a Book
    Research, what you clients want to find a solution too.
    Look at Hot Topics in your industry or the media at the moment.
    Create a short report (10 to 30 pages) that solves that problem or shares valuable information about a hot topic.
    Target it to a very specific demographic.
    Turn your report into a professional-looking e-book.
     Add a "send this e-book to a friend" button.
    Give away free copies of your viral e-book.
  • Cant Write Wont Write
    P.L.R Books
    Ghost Writers
  • Rules
    Do Not sell in your book
    Don’t push your website
    Give away valuable information
  • How to use your Book
    Loads of ways to generate sales and produce leads with an eBook
    Do a video recording to include in your book with a tip or pitch
    Create an interactive demonstration of how your product works.
    Create "preview" chapters--an incredibly powerful sales tool.
    Give potential clients free trial periods
  • Marketing Ideas
    Put it on the back of your business cards
    The Word FREE sells on the internet
    Put it up on social media sites
    Give it to people who target similar people
    Write articles and put up on line
    Get P.R
    Video with tips and give away
  • Follow up
    Get everyone to register to get a book
    Use an Autoresponder, Irish company
  • Example
    I Bags It
    Audience – like fashion and style
    Book on styles to suit your shape
    Hairdresser and stylist
    Paid Links
    Put a link on line and on cards
    Drop cards into retailers, hairdressers etc
  • Ideas IdeasIdeasIdeas
    Sell Baby Products .. How to Run a Baby Shower
    Interiors – Budget Christmas Decorating Tips
    Property – 99 tips to selling your house
    Travel – the top ten family travel games
    Photography – the 3 things you need to know about taking a good photograph
    H.R 101 tried and tested interview tips
  • Get your Free Copy
    Free Copy of my eBook
    The Way Out
    086 3938735
  • You are Invited
    Lunch and Learn
    Wednesday 17th February
    Ramada Hotel
    Marketing without a Budget
  • The Power of the Book
    If you give value remember people will share your book.
    10 friends give to 10 friends .....
    “I have written a book”