2012 Teacher Award A


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2012 Esther Goldman Teacher Award for Excellence by The Holocaust Commission of the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater

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2012 Teacher Award A

  1. 1. Congratulations to Mrs. Helen Tsipliareles-Pryor, Young Scholars Teacher atRuffner Middle Academy for being honored with the 2012 Esther Goldman Teacher Award forExcellence by The Holocaust Commission of the United Jewish Federation of Tidewater. This award isgiven annually to recognize teachers who have incorporated the critical lessons of the Holocaust into theircurriculum. In doing so, this helps students understand the connection between history and the moraldecisions that they make in their lives, allowing teachers to impart values of personal accountability,moral courage, and justice. This academic award is given in memory of Holocaust survivor, Esther Goldman, whose life wasan inspiration to everyone she touched. Each person who knew Esther was uplifted by her courage to livewhen dying was easier; her commitment to sharing her story so that young people understand the dangersof prejudice; her resilience and optimism; and her love of family and the many people who were fortunateto be her friend. Mrs. Pryor was selected for this award from among her colleagues, and serves as a modelof how educators can nurture values that all Americans cherish. Ms. Elena Barr-Baum, Director of the Holocaust Commission presented the following statementmade by Mrs. Pryor during the ceremony, “What better way to explain human spirit and endurance thanto teach the Holocaust. We do this so that our students can learn from tragedies that occurred in the past,and to guide them in contributing to the good of society in the future. Learning from history, particularlywith events pertaining to the Holocaust, teaches right from wrong, compassion and empathy,understanding, and respect; and makes them aware that there is no limit to the evils that can occur and nolimit to what can be done today to make sure something like this never happens again. No matter howmust time has passed since the Holocaust, no matter how humane we may think we are, no matter whattechnology we now possess, and no matter how safe we may feel; we must stay vigilant and actively workto eliminate racism, cruelty, and hatred.” Mrs. Pryor was presented with her award on April 19, 2012 at Congregation Beth El in Norfolkduring an evening of prayer and remembrance for Yom Hashoah. Additionally, she will receive a fullscholarship to attend the Teacher Education Institute at the Virginia Holocaust Museum in Richmond, andthe Holocaust Commission will provide her with a bus to take her students on a field trip to visit themuseum.