Social Housing: towards a digital strategy
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Social Housing: towards a digital strategy



Presentation 19 June, talking about Local + Technology + Scale and how to apply it to my thinking on whole organisational digital strategies. Directed at Housing providers, but applicable to any ...

Presentation 19 June, talking about Local + Technology + Scale and how to apply it to my thinking on whole organisational digital strategies. Directed at Housing providers, but applicable to any organisational digital strategy.



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  • Our community partners. Those partners are working in the heart of their communities – in pubs, community centres, cafes, churches, libraries, mosques, buses, even in a barn.
  • Comparison of the percentage of the population who use the web everyday and those who have never used the internet
  • Just looking at non-users doesn’t give us the full picture – also interested in first gen and next gen internet users.
  • Average next generation user is an employed person over the age of 35
  • Happens at the most local level – in the heart of communities, most of which are very disadvantaged. In thousands and thousands of local communities. Technology is our enabler – it’s not just about learning how to use it, it’s also the way in which all our products and services are delivered, consistently and conveniently. And we’ve scaled it – scaled it to reach 1m people who needed help to become confident and independent internet users.
  • I’m clear that my role is to make sure we put the right tools and the right support in place – we just do this …. (This is our new Making Money Work course – as was discussed yesterday there’s a clear link between financial and digital exclusion.)
  • Trusted, friendly, patient people who tirelessly help others get more out of life online

Social Housing: towards a digital strategy Social Housing: towards a digital strategy Presentation Transcript

  • Towards a digital strategy19 June 2012 Helen Milner CEO - Online Centres Foundation
  • UK online centres: a national organisationGovernment funded organisation leading, coordinatingand supporting a national network of 4,300 venuesWe provide: • A learning website for people new to the internet • A web-searchable database of 4,300 community venues, available as an API and widget • National campaigns and support to local events • Training webinars/grants for volunteers & staff • Some grants to c. 500 centres & outreach activity • National partnerships with media and others
  • Pubs A barnCommunity centres and events Cafes … and churches, libraries, mosques, youth groups, mobile3,800 Community Partners + 500 Access Points View slide
  • A “Bigger Life” View slide
  • The internet makes you happier than moneyThe BCS research found that: ‘IT has a direct positive impact on life satisfaction, even when controlling for income and other factors known to be important in determining well-being’ Source: The Information Dividend: Why IT makes you ‘happier’, BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT by Trajectory Partnership, September 2010
  • Everyday use is exploding: a bigger divide Percentage UK population use of the internet Source: ONS up to Q3 2011
  • Internet Users in 2011 All users Next gen user First gen user Ex-user Non-user 100 80 73% of the population 67 60 59 54 40 40 32 35 28 20 13 23 06 5 5 2003 2005 2007 2009 2011 OxIS 2003: N=2,029; OxIS 2005: N=2,185; OxIS 2007: N=2,350; OxIS 2009: N=2,013; OxIS 2011: N=2,057
  • Next Generation Users• Use at least two internet applications on their smartphone (eg email and weather)And,• Own at least two of the following devices: tablet; reader; or three or more computers
  • Average nextNext Generation Users by Lifestage generation user is employed 35+ Next generation users First generation users 100 91 80% of current users 60 60 52 51 48 49 40 40 20 9 0 Students Employed Retired UnemployedCurrent users. OxIS 2011: N=1,498
  • Offline & OnlineFirst generation & Next generation Nevers (8.2m) & Littles (14.5m)No/Narrow use  ‘A Bigger Life’ Goal is to grow confident and independent internet users
  • 88% people feel more confident79% think they are more independent after they have got help to use the internet UK online centres progression survey Oct – Dec 2011
  • The question is not how can we use technology …..… it’s what do we want to achieveand how can technology help us to achieve it?
  • Such as digitising your services
  • 1m online* for £30m: Saving £157m *Through UK online centres 1 April 2010 – 17 June 2012 1 April 2010 – 27 April 2012
  • Local+ Technology + Scale
  • Digital is a change programme not a technology project
  • A Digital Strategy• Working with over 15 different housing providers, this is what I’ve learnt: • Why? • Who? • What? • How?
  • Social good Why? Save money Service improvement Staff Satisfaction
  • Who? Your key audiences...?Everyone in [x Job Older Parents of place/estate] seekers residents school age children
  • What?Set clear objectives, before defining the detail of the HowSocial good Eg Reduce isolation for elderly residents Save money Eg Save £1m of costs by 2014 Service improvement Eg Improve customer satisfactionStaff Satisfaction Eg Improve staff satisfaction by 5%
  • And, LASTLY the How?• Change programme: so how will you involve all staff?• How will tenants be involved?• And how will you measure the success of your digital strategy?
  • How?
  • And, LASTLY the How?Motivation: • How will residents find out about your programme? • How will Tenants & Residents Associations be involved? • How will your Communications Team embed this into their work? • Are there national campaigns you can join in with (eg Get Online Week, October 2012)? • Role of social media?
  • And, LASTLY the How?Skills & Confidence: • How will you support people to not just get online but to develop and deepen their digital skills? • Will you support all your residents yourselves or will you partner with others: local UK online centres, local employers’ volunteer staff days, the local Volunteer Centre, etc? • Who will be your Digital Champions? How will you train them and set their expectations?
  • And, LASTLY the How?Access (the technology bit): • In the home? • In community venues on your estates? • Both? • Outreach using laptops or tablets? • Wireless? Wired? WMAX? Mobile broadband? Smart phones? • Paid by you? Subsidised by you? Paid by residents?
  • th is: e doW
  • th is: lots of provisos, beta launch July 2012 we do.. And ot final ft, n , dra alfa
  • Local partners do this:
  • The magic ingredient is PEOPLE
  • Thank on