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How to channel shift the 8m people who are offline
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How to channel shift the 8m people who are offline


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Presentation for Channel Shift Live conference 8 December 2011

Presentation for Channel Shift Live conference 8 December 2011

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • Not economic
  • This is day 6 of my new job running our new staff owned mutual and social enterprise. Our vision is to deliver large scale social action in thousands of local communities so everyone is part of a fully networked nation
  • Working closely with almost 4000 community partners – in pubs, community centres, cafes, churches, libraries, mosques, buses, etc
  • And in a barn – cyberbarn up in Cumbria being launched by Jeremy Hunt and Rory Stewart after gaining a grant from us and Nominet Trust
  • Partners – not owned, managed or funded by us
  • Supported in person and online via our learning website
  • Our work is all about the people who need to be supported and connected to technology, and we do that via helping them in places (either centres or going out to where they are)
  • In 2009 Martha and PWC worked out the massive savings to Government if everybody got online
  • This argument was then picked up by Gordon Brown and led to UK online centres being awarded £30m to an additional 1m people online between 2010-2013
  • Savings vary but in May George Osbourne said the savings were about £8 per contact moved online from face to face or telephone
  • It’s a big job – not to mention the 8m+ people who are offline, the online folk don’t use online Government that much
  • Journey from totally offline to using online Government services. How are we shifting people onto online Government services, well nobody come into a centre and asks to use online Government Services, however 43% of everyone we help then goes on to shift their contacts with Government from offline to online
  • We do that in centres and through national partnership campaigns
  • People are supported by digital champions – at home by family, and in centres by thousands of volunteers
  • You may think it odd but I’m convinced that we should put more services online ONLY and then help the few who can’t use it – Norway has only 5% of their population offline. Let’s push as well as encourage and support and pull
  • Digital by default is about planning – planning change across organisations, across Councils, Government Departments, Social Housing Providers, Charities, etc. It’s not about technology – there is no perfect technology solution.
  • Even I can do those maths – it’s an £88m saving and that’s just due to people moving from face to face and telephone to online contacts
  • I love proving the financial value of the work we do, but I love helping real people- individuals - to get online. This is Betty, who I helped at Sheffield Town Hall in early November. She’s 78 and on pension credit. Since we first met she’s won free broadband from Plusnet, and therefore been given a spare laptop from a friend, and therefore started coming to weekly learning sessions at the Wetherspoons Bankers Draft in Sheffield and last week she got a reply to her first ever email she sent to a friend in Canada. I think Betty will find life easier and more enjoyable now she’s online, and I think she’ll shift some of her Government contacts too. That’s how we deliver channel shift.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Section Divider: Heading intro here. Delivering Channel Shift Helen Milner Chief Executive, Online Centres Foundation 8 December 2011
    • 2. @helenmilner
    • 3. Online Centres Foundation: Our Vision
      • To deliver large scale social action in thousands of local communities so that everyone can take part in a fully networked nation
    • 4. 3,800 Community Partners Pubs Cafes Community centres and events … and churches, libraries, mosques, buses
    • 5. Cyberbarn: November 2011
    • 6. Not owned, managed or funded by us Centre search and free phone number search (one database for UK)
    • 7. 750,000 people got online and registered with UK online centres between April 2010 and Nov 2011
    • 8.  
    • 9. “ If all UK digitally excluded adults got online and made one digital contact each month, this would save the Government £900 million per year” PwC & Martha Lane Fox Macro-economics: Benefits to UK plc
    • 10. Smarter Government (December 2009) £30m for UK online centres over 3 years to get 1 million more people online
    • 11. "It used to cost government over £10 to process a driving license application or a self-assessment tax form. Online, the cost is less than £2." George Osborne 16.05.2011
    • 12. It’s a big job …. Only 54% of UK adults have ever used an online government service Internet users are more likely to have interaction with government or their local council offline (71%) than online (65%). … . and a long journey from offline to using online government services Source: Ofcom UK Adults’ Media Literacy Report, 2011
    • 13. Nobody comes in and asks to use online Government Services … 43% do shift
    • 14. Incentivised by partnership campaigns
    • 15. Digital Champions: family & volunteers
    • 16. Real innovation: make people use government services 100% online
        • It makes you think differently about exclusion
        • Imagine only 5% of the population needing to use a face to face or telephone channel for their simple contacts
        • Let’s push people online … as well as encouraging and supporting
    • 17. Digital by Default is a change programme not a technology project
    • 18. 1m online for £30m: How are we doing? April 2010 – Nov 2011
    • 19.
      • £118m total saved
      • £30m spent
      • = £88m total saved
      … . so far
    • 20. That’s how we deliver channel shift
    • 21. Thank You [email_address] @helenmilner on twitter