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  1. 1. Audience Feedback Questionnaire Results Conclusions.
  2. 2. On a scale of 1 to 5, please rate thefollowing aspects of our Documentary. 5 4.8 4.6Adverage Score 4.4 4.2 4 3.8 Lighting Sound Structure Information Editing Entertainment Aspects of Documentary
  3. 3. Looking at the results of our Documentary, I can see that nobody had scored any aspects below 4 than the sound aspect which shows we really did well in the creation of our documentary. People scored 5 the most for our structure which shows that we did well in putting our documentary which I personally felt was our strongest point. This also shows that we followed the codes and conventions well by keeping the structure of the Documentary professional.People liked our entertainment aspect which shows that we had good ideas and portrayed this through our interviews, cutaways and voice over script. People scored us the lowest on our sound which means that if we were to do it again we would need to focus closer on the sound controls and adjusting the sound levels better.
  4. 4. Do you think this Documentary issimilar to others documentaries in terms of its professionalism? 4 Yes No 16
  5. 5. It was a really good response hearing that people thought our documentary was similar to others bar 4, as we wanted to portray the most professional feel to our work. This suggest we have been very good and on point with our codes and conventions by following other codes that professional documentaries use.
  6. 6. In what ways do you think this Documentary is similar to others on Channel 4?This was an open answered question and we received a wide variation of answers back which gave us lots of useful feedback for our documentary. Lots of people said it has the fun younger style to it like others on Channel 4 which is the style we were going for so this was really good to hear.Other said that it was very informative but still interesting at the same time which meant that our viewers were getting the information we wanted to give out without getting bored which is a good response.One person said that the Documentary was in tune with the younger generation like other Channel 4 documentaries which was really encouraging to hear.
  7. 7. Do you like this Documentary? 2 Yes No 18
  8. 8. All bar 2 said that they liked our Documentary who answered our documentary. It was important that we asked this question as it gives us the answer about how worthwhile our documentary was. This shows that we made the documentary entertaining as well as informative at the same time so people could get the most of our documentary which is what we intended.
  9. 9. Would you want to continue watching this Documentary after the first five minutes? 0 Yes No 20
  10. 10. Everybody said that they would want to watch our documentary after the first five minutes. We know that the first five minutes are vital as this is when an audience decide wether to continue watching or change channel. It is amazing that everybody said they would continue watching as this shows that we succeeded in making those five minutes enticing and interesting enough for our audience.
  11. 11. Radio Trailer, would you chose towatch this Documentary after seeing these two advertisements?2018161412108 Series16420 Yes No
  12. 12. Every person who answered our questionnaire bar one said they would watch our documentary after seeing our advertisements. There was a why question attached to this question and the one person who said no said it was because they do not enjoy channel 4 documentaries usually anyway which was good that it was not specific to our documentary. This shows that we made our adverts enticing enough for people to want to watch the documentary. Audience feedback also said that the title raises questions about the topic itself and made them interested to watch it as they wanted to know what new views the documentary would show on makeup.
  13. 13. On a Scale from 1-5, please rate thefollowing aspects of our Print Advert? 5 4.9 4.8 4.7Adverage Score 4.6 4.5 4.4 4.3 4.2 Eye Catching Professionalism Information Relativity to the Documentary Aspects of Print Advert
  14. 14. Looking at the results from our Print Advert I can see that we were most successful in supplying our customers with the right information by following the codes and conventions. The eye catching aspect of our Print Advert were rated well which shows that we were creative in making the advert enticing. People didn’t rate very high on the professionalism of the advert which shows that if we were to do it again we would need to be more precise when putting it together.
  15. 15. On a scale from 1-5, please rate thefollowing aspects of our Radio Trailer? 4.4 4.7 Information Sound Professionalism 4.5 Fun 4.5
  16. 16. From the results of our Radio Trailer I can see that we scored above 4 on every aspect making it a good advert overall. People scored 5 the most for the information, about what the documentary is about, as well as the scheduling information. This shows that we were successful in structuring our radio trailer by using quotes from our actual documentary. People also liked the professionalism and sound levels of our radio trailer which shows that we were successful in making the trailer easy to listen to and get information from.