Analysis of my music magazine questionnaire results


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Analysis of my music magazine questionnaire results

  1. 1. Analysis of my Music Magazine Questionnaire Results.
  2. 2. Q1 What is your favourite genre of music?Here are the results of question one. From this I have found that most people prefer Indie music which has made me more confident about doing an Indie magazine. The next favourite genres of music are Pop and RnB. This is good because now I can do some feature articles on Pop or RnB artists which will appeal to a wider range of audience as well as my targeted audience.
  3. 3. Q2 Who is your current favourite artist/band? This question has shown me what type of artists people prefer. The most popular artists from people I surveyed was Coldplay and The Script. This isgood because now I can do main feature articles on these bands. I can alsodo more feature articles on some of the other indie bands that people have said are their favourite too. Asking this question will really help me to produce my magazine stories.
  4. 4. Q3 Do you like reading music magazines?Yes- 9No- 4I don’t read music magazines- 7 This question has shown me how many people really like reading music magazines. The majority of people who do read magazines do read music magazines, which has gave me more assurance that certain people would enjoy to read it.
  5. 5. Q4 How often would you buy a music magazine? From this question, I have found out that 75% of people who filled in my Questionnaire will buy a magazine monthly. This will help me to decide myinitial plans for my magazine and how often I will publish it. From these results I will publish my magazine monthly.
  6. 6. Q5 How much would you pay for a music magazine? The majority of people surveyed said they would pay £1-£2 at 8 people. But 7people would pay £2-£3. Because I am publishing my magazine monthly and it is going to quite a big and full magazine with over 100 pages I will want to charge more for it.
  7. 7. Q6 Would you buy a magazine with a free gift in it?Yes- 20No- 0Every person I surveyed said they would buy a magazine with a free gift. This shows that people would be more encouraged to buy and attracted to a magazine with a free gift in it. I am definitely going to include a free gift or offer in magazine after seeing the results from this question.
  8. 8. Q7 What type of magazine do you normally read?This question shows me that the favourite type of magazine that people prefer to read is gossip. Now I know that apart from just music based interviews andarticles, I will have to include some music gossip columns and maybe some music celebrity gossip as well.
  9. 9. Q8 What do you do in your spare time? The results from the question are going to help me to decide on extra featurearticles for my magazine. Knowing that people are interested in dance, the gymand playing guitar in their spare time; I could add some feature articles on those subjects.
  10. 10. Q9 What is your favourite TV Programme?From the question, I received a wide variety of results. This will also help me to addfeature articles. For example, as One Tree Hill is the most popular, I could feature an article on a character from that show talking about music.
  11. 11. Q10 What is your favourite colour?This question will help me decide on what colours use for my front cover andcontents page. Because it is an indie magazine, I am not going to have bright florescent colours, but I could use purple, red or blue as they are the most favourite suitable colours for my magazine.
  12. 12. Q11 What three words would you use to describe indie music?In this question I got a wide range of words which people would describe indie music as. These words can help my with my magazine title, buzz words and feature articles. Words which frequently came up were things like, guitar, unique, exciting, and different. This shows me that my magazine needs to be unique and different, not just any indie magazine! I may also include some pictures and articles about guitars as a lot of people said they would associate indie music with guitars.
  13. 13. Q12 Where do you enjoy going to see bands normally?
  14. 14. Q13 How old are you?Knowing the age group of the people I have surveyed, I can compare different age group answers to get a better view of what my target age group are interested.
  15. 15. Q14 Gender?Male- 5Female- 15This wasn’t the fairest questionnaire because I only surveyed 5 males and 15 females but I still thought I was able to get a good variety of results.