3 Foods for Healthy Skin


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Wondering what to eat and what to smooth on? These skin-saving foods help both ways. Foods for healthy skin.
Certain foods have powerhouse elements that keep skin supple and smooth and help battle age-related damage.

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3 Foods for Healthy Skin

  1. 1. 3 Foods for Healthy Skin Wondering what to eat and what to smooth on? These skin- saving foods help both ways. Foods for healthy skin. .
  2. 2. Here’s a lovely reason to visit the supermarket today: Certain foods have powerhouse elements that keep skin supple and smooth and help battle age-related damage. Wondering just what to consume and what to smooth on? These skin-saving foods assist both ways.
  3. 3. Strawberries have more anti-aging vitamin C each offering than oranges or grapefruit. And research released in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that folks that consume meals abundant in vitamin C have less wrinkles and much less age-related dry skin compared to those that don’t. Vitamin C battles free of cost radicals, which damage cells and damage down collagen, causing fine lines. For smoother, better-hydrated skin, apply a natural berry mask the moment or two times a week, and consume vitamin C– rich meals daily. Strawberries
  4. 4. 1. In a food mill or mixer, combine 2. 1 cup iced up or fresh strawberries (or a mix of blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries– they’re all antioxidant superstars). 3. Stir with each other mixed berries 4. 1 cup vanilla or plain yogurt 5. 1 1/2 tablespoons Yacon Syrup 6. in an 8-ounce glass. Enjoy smoothie, alloting sufficient to layer your face. 7. Apply remaining smoothie to your face over a sink, and leave it on for regarding 8 minutes prior to rinsing. Strawberry Smoothie
  5. 5. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory residential properties of olive oil don’t merely profit you on the in– they soften your skin, too. Ancient Romans rubbed olive oil into their skin. When used topically, olive oil lead to smoother, more glowing skin. Plus, consuming olive oil, a staple in the healthy Mediterranean diet regimen, provides antioxidants to lower and disarm cost-free radicals irritation. Olive Oil Along with working outing olive oil into your everyday diet regimen, use as a lip gloss and skin soother, as required. You’ll specifically profit from topical application if you have completely dry skin.
  6. 6. • At dinner, sprinkle a couple of tbsps of extra-virgin olive oil into a small bowl, and dip whole-grain bread in it to improve your skin from the inside out. • Bit a pea-size amount of extra-virgin olive oil on lips to moisturize a dry crease; or use it on tough areas (assume heels and elbows), as required. Olive Oil
  7. 7. Just what’s additional, study from Situation Western Reserve College and the College of Alabama at Birmingham reveals that drinking green tea might reduce your danger of skin cancer. And when you include a reasonable squeeze of citrus juice, the tea’s antioxidants obtain an increase of staying power, so they remain in and profit the body much longer, rather compared to being absorbed promptly and having a lot of the goodness go down the drain, according to Purdue College analysts. Green Tea
  8. 8. • Sip a minimum of three big coffee cups of green tea daily for an antioxidant increase. • Coldness wet tea bags in the fridge and place on eyes for 10– 15 minutes. Green tea contains tannins, which function as an astringent when used to skin and could aid decrease puffiness. Green Tea 382 NE 191st St #55994 Miami, FL 33179-3899 Tel: (757) 320-1509 To a healthier you!