Smart Solutions to Customer Measurement


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Presentation for Internet Librarian International 2013

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Smart Solutions to Customer Measurement

  1. 1. Internet Librarian International - Smart Solutions to Real Challenges Olympia Conference Centre, London Wednesday 16th October 2013 #ILI2013 Smart solutions for customer measurement Anne Roberts Customer Services Manager connecting you with information, support and your community Helen Curtis Academic Support Manager @helencurtis
  2. 2. Outline • Challenges in enquiry management and measuring customer enquiries • How did we address these? • Improvements for customers and for the Library • Benefits • Lessons learnt • Next steps
  3. 3. Enquiry management pre 2013 Several different contact methods Many enquiries to individual email accounts Incorrect or unnecessary referrals
  4. 4. Enquiry management pre 2013 Not always clear if enquiries were resolved No standard agreement on enquiry types Lack of Library wide data on enquiries
  5. 5. Where did that one go?
  6. 6. Primitive measurement The Ishango bone
  7. 7. Time to move on?
  8. 8. Customer measurement • Excel spread sheets: – Email enquiries – Online forms – Phone calls – Floor walking – Referrals – Feedback • Access database: – Complaints
  9. 9. How did we address the issues? • Process maps
  10. 10. How did we address the issues? • Identifying functional business requirements
  11. 11. Improvements for customers • Self-service options increased so customers have a better chance of helping themselves • Customers able to track their enquiries and view responses • Customers able to provide feedback and rate their enquiry experience • Enquiries are not lost in the referrals process • Enriched customer service experience
  12. 12. Improvements for staff • One system for recording, tracking, and managing enquiries • Standardised approach to enquiry management • Real time reporting and record of work to justify staffing levels • Rich knowledge base • Quality of service delivered to customer consistent and ease of enquiry escalations • Teams able to view all their teams enquiries
  13. 13. Improvements for management • Library wide enquiry summary reports • Detailed reports providing both quantitative and qualitative information • Automated SLA/KPI monitoring • Service data to inform staffing requirements and opening hours • Identify the source customers are using • Identify the resources used
  14. 14. Enquire
  15. 15. Benefits • • • • • Email enquiries diverted into Enquire Staff time saved New enquiries can be added and processed Ease of access to previously answered questions Ability to record time taken in real time avoiding guesswork • Evidence of what is working and what needs improving • Visible workflows
  16. 16. Lessons learnt Worked well • Process mapping and functional requirements • Robust software selection process • Phased approach • Launch date • Running a pilot • IT support • Good communications plan Challenges • Time • Scale of Warwick Library operations • Set up costs • Understanding of enquiry management • Balance of dealing with enquiry versus recording it
  17. 17. Reports • Options include: • Number of enquiries by customer group (level of student, department etc.) • Submission method • Day and time • Time taken to complete • By teams or enquiry handler • Bespoke reports
  18. 18. Next steps • • • • • Update training Review taxonomy/keywording Agree KPI Developing additional reports SCONUL data from Enquire
  19. 19. Thank you for listening Presentation is available online at connecting you with information, support and your community
  20. 20. Image credits • ‘Ruler’ by Skakerman on Flickr: • ‘Refuse to slip through the cracks 2’ by EJP Photo on Flickr: • Icons from • All images used under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial licence: connecting you with information, support and your community
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