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  • Share stories and be part of a community It’s built in Doing it for thousands of years
  • Share stories and be part of a community It’s built in Doing it for thousands of years
  • Share stories and be part of a community It’s built in Doing it for thousands of years
  • Share stories and be part of a community It’s built in Doing it for thousands of years
  • E crm m sc - warwick uni - crm solutions

    1. 1. Which CRM?
    2. 2. Heads up• Definitions• Web Based or Client Server?• Assessing Current IT Systems Live Demos:• GoldMine - Video• MS Dynamics• 37 Signals Highrise
    3. 3. Which CRM systems are you familiar with?
    4. 4. Client-Servera server is a physical computer dedicated to run one or more services to serve the needs of the users of other computers on a network Aka - thick client or in-house
    5. 5. Web Basedaccessed by users over the internet Aka - thin client or hosted
    6. 6. Cloud - SaaS Software as a service supplied by "Application-Service-Providers" is a software delivery model inwhich software and associated data are centrallyhosted on the cloud (internet) and accessed via a browser. Aka – Software on-demand
    7. 7. What is the Cloud?•Software as a Service (SaaS) Provider’s applications running in their data centres and accessed via the Internet•Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) Rent processing, storage and other fundamental computing resources•Platform as a Service (PaaS) Using a provider’s environment to develop and deploy your own applications
    8. 8. What is the Cloud?http://www.windowsazure.com/en-us/pricing/calculator/?scenario=cloud
    9. 9. Cloud Vs Client Sever
    10. 10. Systems Costs Web-based/Cloud Client-ServerPro’s • Pay for what you use • You are in control of • Scalable upgrades • No huge up-front costs • You have more control if you don’t like some system changes • On-going subscription • High up- front costs for Con’s costs add up software. • Tied in with that decision and costly/difficult to change
    11. 11. Environment Web-based/Cloud Client ServerPro’s • Hardware, operating • IT team manage what’s system & database are happening with included. hardware, networks etc. • No internal costs for you • Make IT decisions that to maintain or upgrade are best for your the network. company.Con’s • Typically shared with • Network updates and other customers maintenance are your causing load time errors responsibility. • Takes time, mistakes can happen, outsource all additional costs.
    12. 12. IT Support Web-based Client ServerPro’s • Global upgrades and • System upgrades happen changes hardly when you choose not when noticed by staff. the ASP (Applications • Reliable - System and Service Provider) chooses. team up and running all the time.Con’s • They choose as and • Upgrades are an additional when they like to cost and therefore don’t upgrade and when the always happen and before server might be down. you know it your system is out of date. • Mistakes happen and can be costly.
    13. 13. User Seats Web-based/Cloud Client ServerPro’s • These are typically • Applications tend to run sessions on a server, not faster when they are local actually software on the to the users computer. users computer, allowing access to the system for a larger user base – e.g customers & vendors.Con’s • Remote software usually • You usually have to pay requires access to the per users regardless how internet – so if you have much or little they use the internet access issues system. you’re staff will be offline. • Seats are usually sold in bundles so can be pricey.
    14. 14. Systems Access Web-based/Cloud Client ServerPro’s • Software can be accessed • Software accessible anywhere with internet access. through the local • The user does not have to be network, so it’s quick to at their own computer. respond and you don’t • Most companies have need to rely on internet reasonable internet access so access. no additional costs incurred.Con’s • Must have internet access. • Must be using the LAN unless they have remote access login. • These are a further expense & can be slow.
    15. 15. Summary Cloud Client ServerSystem Costs - Pay as you go - High up front license, - Great Short term configuration, installation - Scalable costsEnvironment - Cuts out the need - More control for IT support - Network updates and downtime can be costlyIT Support - 99.9% uptime - System needs guaranteed maintenance & upgrades.Users Seats - Easily scalable - Faster performance depending on networkSystems Access - Easy for remote - Not dependent on working internet access & speed.
    16. 16. Assessing Current IT Systems• Correct OS? Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows• Which version? W7, W2003, W2000, Vista, Windows XP, Windows NT, Windows Server 2008• Is the server the right specification?• Enough RAM on the server?• What do people use remotely? iPhone,iPad, laptop, Blackberry• Which browser?• Integrated systems? Email, Finance, Ops, Ordering
    17. 17. What’s essential to your projects success?
    18. 18. Performance & Reliability
    19. 19. Time/Cost
    20. 20. Flexibility & Control
    21. 21. Scalable
    22. 22. Recommendations• Choose 3 top business critical goals for your CRM project to succeed.• Involve all user groups, ask what they want from the system• There are lots of cool features that can take you off course, so remind yourself of your goals.• Phase 1 - Business critical• Phase 2 – Non Business Critical
    23. 23. CurrentCRM market
    24. 24. Top CRM Trend for 2013• Social CRM will move into the mainstream.• Mobile applications will empower consumers & employees.• Organisations will adopt flexible CRM management practices to capitalise on SaaS. Forrester Blog http://blogs.forrester.com/william_band/13-01-02-the_top_crm_trends_for_2013
    25. 25. What are the CRM basics?:• Quick & easy to create new records• Import new contacts• Customise fields & menus• Search facility• Activity Management• Shared Calendar• Contact history• Email integration• Word & Email Templates• Lead Management/Tracking• Sales Management• Marketing Management• Customer Service Management• Project Management• Reporting
    26. 26. Where do they differ?• Interface and Usability• Easy to customise• How much customisation?• Easy to import contacts• Easy to extract data• Shared Calendar –Outlook/iCal• Email integration• Word & Email Templates• Leads: separate entity | Clean database | delegate• Sales: Pipeline | quoting | products | invoicing• Marketing: HTML emails | Campaign management• Customer Service: escalation | rules• Role/Territory based access• How flexible/easy is reporting• Social CRM
    27. 27. GoldMine Premium Editionhttp://support.frontrange.com/gm_leadform/videos/gmwn/goldmine-9-2.html
    28. 28. Goldmine CRM Benefits:• Great Social Media Integration• Available for iPhone and iPad• Dynamic Dashboards• Outlook Integration• Great Client Sever software• Your data on your premises• Feature rich• Easily customised• Mid price range• Established for over 20 years
    29. 29. Goldmine Pricing License Annual Total Maintenance1 User 395 79 £4745 Users 1975 395 £237010 x Users 3950 790 £474050 x Users 19,750 3950 £23,700100 x Users 39,500 7900 £47,400
    30. 30. Microsoft Dynamics https://login.live.comhttps://thesoftwarepractice.crm4.dynamics.com
    31. 31. MS CRM Benefits• Full Outlook integration• Good deals for education & government agencies• Extensive customisation• Extensive workflow• Leads, opportunities, organisations, contacts• Quote, order, invoicing• Flexible, easy reporting and views• Google shared docs• Great for measuring KPI’s• Marketing functionality
    32. 32. Disadvantages of MS CRM• Too many fields• Too much functionality• Labour intensive• Consultant required for customisation• Windows server 2003 and IE required
    33. 33. MS CRM Client Server PricingBusiness: License Server Total License 1 x user 700 1500 £2200 5 x users 3500 1500 £5000 10 x users 7000 1500 £8500 50 x users 35,000 1500 £36500Education: License Server Total License 1 x user 50 1500 £1550 5 x users 250 1500 £1750 10 x users 500 1500 £2000 50 x users 2500 1500 £4000
    34. 34. MS CRM SaaS Pricing License/month Per Year 5 years1 x user 30 360 £18005 x users 150 750 £375010 x users 300 3000 £1500050 x users 1500 75000 £375,000
    35. 35. Higrise CRMhttps://coldicottfreelancetraining.highrisehq.com/
    36. 36. Highrise CRM Benefits…• Very easy to use, good adoption rate• Only vital information recorded• Choose only appropriate functions http://highrisehq.com/extras• Email reminders for tasks Cloud Benefits:• No installation• Cost per user/month stop at anytime• Scalable up or down• No IT server spec or requirements• No upgrades
    37. 37. Highrise PricingBasic Package 5,000 contacts, 5 GB storage, 10 dealsUp to 6 users for 12 months = £191Up to 6 users for 5 years = £955Plus Package 20,000 contacts - 15 GB, unlimited dealsUp to 15 users for 12 months = £372Up to 15 users for 5 years = £1860Premium Package 30,000, 30 GB, unlimited dealsUp to 40 users for 12 months = £768Up to 40 users for 5 years = £3840
    38. 38. In summary… There is a wide range of CRM systems available to suit a range of business models and their needs. The trick is finding the right one to meet your companies needs.There isn’t always a perfect system that does everything you want, there’s usually some compromise – but the systems are getting increasingly flexible and intuitive.
    39. 39. In summary…• Keep mindful of your business CRM goals• Don’t get side-tracked by features you may not need.• Cloud is great but only if it gives you the control and flexibility you need.
    40. 40. CRM in practise
    41. 41. Heads up• Spa Seekers• Kidderminster College• Metrology Direct• Rather Inventive
    42. 42. Practical Scoping Exercise• What are their CRM aims?• Assess current system?• Web Based or Client Server?• Which solution is best fit?• Which is the cheapest?
    43. 43. Scenario 1
    44. 44. Spaseekers
    45. 45. Spaseekers - Scenario• Call Centre• Large number of enquiries• 15 sales administrators• Manual booking system• Manual lead delegation• Leads missed, not followed up• Too much paper• Too much duplication• No accountability• No reliable referral tracking• Most popular Spa’s?• Overpaid incentives• Wasting time
    46. 46. Spaseekers - Systems• Windows Server• Local Network• Old PC’s• Some onsite support• Dedicated Server available• All administrators office based
    47. 47. Scenario 2
    48. 48. Kidderminster College
    49. 49. Kidderminster College - Scenario• Government audits and reporting• EU Funding initiatives• Reporting system inadequate• Reporting taking too long• Record not capturing the right data• Staff not sure what information they need to capture• Heavy Customisation required• Course enquiries missed• Duplication of follow ups• Sensitive data
    50. 50. Kidderminster College - Systems• Windows Education license• All use Outlook• Onsite IT support• Adequate Server space• 15 x users• All administrators office based
    51. 51. Scenario 3
    52. 52. Metrology Direct
    53. 53. Metrology Direct- Scenario• Investment in new sales staff – 4 new staff• Remote Field Sales Staff• Track their sales• Track their appointments/whereabouts• Monitor their pipeline• Help them close more sales• Lead source?• Schedule contract renewal• Monitor callibration visits• Communication between field sales, sales admin and tech staff
    54. 54. Metrology Direct - Systems• Windows• All use Outlook• Outsource IT support• Adequate Server space• Blackberrys• Laptops 20 x users:• 2 x sales admin office based• 2 x technical x office based• 16 x field sales
    55. 55. Scenario 4
    56. 56. Rather Inventive
    57. 57. Rather Inventive- Scenario• All staff work remotely• Need to collaborate on projects• Need to track customer involvement on projects• Need to support team communication• Basic CRM• Customer history• Shared Calendars• Simple to use• Nice interface• Follow up enquiries• Delegate tasks
    58. 58. Rather Inventive - Systems• No dedicated server• Mostly Mac, iPhone and iPad• Customers often PC/Windows based• 3 full time staff• 2 PT staff• 3-4 Business partners• Plus Customers
    59. 59. Which CRM they use:• Spa Seekers - GoldMine• Kidderminster College – MS CRM• Metrology Direct - GoldMine• Rather Inventive - Highrise
    60. 60. Any questions?
    61. 61. SlidesA copy of the presentation will be available on my LinkedIn profile Helen Coldicott
    62. 62. For Technical Enquiries:•30 Day MS Dynamics Licenses - 3343290•Bespoke CRM solutions•Systems Development•App Development•Mobile Solutions•Anything Cloud related. Contact David Maiden - 01527 916 335 http://thesoftwarepractice.net/
    63. 63. Impartial CRM Advice & CRM Training Call 0770 410 5954 Follow @helencoldicottwww.coldicottfreelancetraining.com