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Serious games sparking serious innovation - The Serious Games Institute
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Serious games sparking serious innovation - The Serious Games Institute


Published on

By Jacqueline Cawston

By Jacqueline Cawston

Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Design

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  • Evidence of Chess in 6th Century in India
  • Hope Lab, not pro fit , teenager cancer patients
  • 29 million on Farmville 27 million on Happy Farm.
  • Africa, Asia, Latin America – Middle East
  • HopeLab aims to reduce obesity and promote healthy living in teenagers through gamification
  • 26 million on Farmville, 27 million on happy farm
  • Designer CenteredLearning FocusedTrainer FriendlyEnables Rapid Development Easy & Flexible authoringTemplate designsThinking Worlds unique developmentarchitecture:Browser Based Delivery3D slim client ApproachStandard BrowsersSecure ArchitecturesFor Caspian Learning, this has totally transformed how we develop our own Immersive Simulations for clients – less people on projects, faster development, agile development not waterfall, 3D on screen for client at the start of the project, less mistakes, happier clients.This capability is available to all developers now.
  • Roll 7 – Simon Bennet is presenting later in the programme
  • Transcript

    • 1. Serious games sparking serious innovation
      Jacqueline Cawston
      Senior Business Development Manager
    • 2. Serious Games Sparking Serious Innovation
      What are Serious Games
      Background to SGI
      Emerging Markets
      Emerging Trends
      Serious Games Innovation
    • 3. What are Serious Games?
    • 4. What is a serious game?
      A serious game is a game designed for a primary purpose other than pure entertainment
    • 5. In the beginning…
      Americas Army
      Ist released 2002 as recruitment game
      8 million registrations by 2007
      26 more versions
      Now available as xbox and mobile game
      Cost $33 million
      America's Army 3 Trailer - YouTube
    • 6. Serious Games
      Can be cost effective using Flash
      Global Conflict Palestine
    • 7. Triage Trainer
      TrueSim is a division of Blitz Games
    • 8. Triage Trainer
      Triage trainer trial summary: 5 trials: September 2007 – January 2008
      Independently conducted by the University of Birmingham
      Trial participants: 91 UK NHS doctors, nurses & paramedics
      trial results game trainees versus non-game trainees:significantly higheraccuracy (28%) than the non-game group
      no significant differenceon time taken (p>0.05)
    • 9.
    • 10. Serious Games Institute
    • 11. “An international centre of excellence for the application of video game, virtual world, mobile application and associated technology to serious social and economic issues”
    • 12. Background SGI
      The world’s biggest-selling franchises were born in Britain including Lara Croft: Tomb Raider and Grand Theft Auto
      By 2000 the UK was at the forefront of games development and independent studios were growing rapidly to keep up with a world demand for the content they were creating.
      After USA, Japan and Canada the UK is the fourth largest producer of video games in the world.
      The UKs interactive media industry employs approx 40,000 people, representing 10% of the creative workforce
      160 Digital media companies in the midlands
    • 13. Serious Games and Virtual Worlds
    • 14. SGI Model
    • 15. Showcasing
    • 16. Virtual Conferences
    • 17. Training and PG Courses
      Mobile applications
      Collaborative technologies
      Virtual worlds for business
      Masters in Serious games
      PhD opportunities
    • 18. What do we produce?
    • 19. SGI Success
      Global reputation
      Academic backing
      Trend spotting
      Projects delivered on time on budget
    • 20. Variety of projects
      Herbert Gallery GALA Network
      Modes E-Vita
      V-trade Demonstrator Meducator
      Alice FIRE
      Virtual Far Gosford Street Daphne – CAVA
      Serious Games Studio I spectrum
      Sexual Health for Parents Oman
      Maternal Health Irish Tourist Board
      Language Game Forest Fire Fighting
    • 21. Aims to improve the work based social interaction skills of people on the Autistic spectrum through a virtual work environment
    • 22. Virtual Far Gosford Street
    • 23. Drivers Mate
      Mobile wellbeing for mobile workers
      Cost saving
      Increased productivity
    • 24. Herbert Gallery
    • 25. Singapore SGI
    • 26. Singapore SGI
      Supported by MDA
      Collaboration with industry
      Working with Academic organisations
      Community project
    • 27. Emerging Markets
    • 28. Market Trends
      • Average age of gamer between 35 and 37 in Europe and US
      • 29. Gender split 49/51 - In US 70% of online gamers female
      • 30. 100% of 6-10 year olds in the UK consider themselves to be gamers (59% of UK population play games regularly
      • 31. Currently approx. 180 virtual worlds (100+ aimed at young people)
      • 32. Several studies demonstrating the efficacy of serious games for training
      • 33. In USA in-game advertising to reach $971 million in 2011
      • 34. Games players as developers of content with modifications
    • Chinese Market
      Population huge 1.3 billion
      Games subsidised by Government
      Already a mature eLearning market
      Game for Amway – 8,000 staff 600,000 distributors
      Spending 30 million on Army Game
      47% employers seriously consider using them in the next 12 months
      59% would prefer bespoke game
      Justifying ROI is important
    • 35. Emerging Trends
      • Wide uptake of social software, (over 750 million on facebook)
      • 36. Lines between virtual worlds, games and social software blurring
      • 37. Among 16-24s, over half (52 per cent) of their media activity is simultaneous, compared to just over one fifth (22 per cent) for people aged over 55.
      • 38. In June 2010 nearly three quarters of mobile phones sold were Smart Phones
      • 39. Highest take up of tablets such as ipad and kindle from 15-24 year olds – used in bed
      • 40. Most downloaded apps are games
      • 41. Facebook is set to be the next broadcaster
    • Emerging Trends
      • O3B funded by Google provide free sat to other 3 billion in countries not on internet Africa etc will start next year
      • 42. Everything will be on the cloud
      • 43. Virtual Tribes all about curation – sorting the data you want
      • 44. Several studies demonstrating the efficacy of serious games for training
      • 45. Get money from saving time
      • 46. Collaborative consumption – car sharing biggest motor trend
      • 47. “sharing is default mindset of the digital generation“Gerd Leonhard”
    • Emerging Trends
    • 48. Serious Games Trends
      Social Gaming
      Cloud Storage
      Consumer to Prosumer
    • 49. Gamification
      Use of game play mechanics for non-game applications
      Making technology more engaging
      Rewarding others for engaging
      Changing behaviour
      Prolonging time spent on site
    • 50. Nike Tag Gamification
    • 51. Gamification
    • 52. Gamification
    • 53. Social Gaming
      2 million people playing games in social media platforms
      Most downloaded apps are games
      What is serious about social games?
      Collection of data – if it is free you are not the customer you are the product!
    • 54. All on the Cloud
      Whenever, wherever, downloading as needed
    • 55. Consumers to Prosumers
    • 56. DIY for Digital Natives
    • 57. Caspian Learning - Prosumers
    • 58. ThinkingWorlds – no programming required
    • 59. Serious Games Innovation
    • 60. Augmented Reality
      The combination of a real physical environment augmented with a virtual computer scene
      augmented reality, blurs the line between what's real and what's computer-generated by enhancing what we see, hear, feel and smell
    • 61. Shakespeare Byte Size
    • 62. Shakespeare Byte Size
    • 63. Surveillance and intelligence augmentation in real-time(STARE)
      • The STARE initiative comprises 3 elements crucial to Counter Terrorism operations that operate covertly via a mobile OS:
      • 64. Plan Navigator – On-site location data & building structure intelligence
      • 65. Suspect Tracker – First person tracking & logging of target movements
      • 66. Threat Detect - Rapid scan & detection of suspect objects
    • Object Recognition
    • 67. Brain computer innovation
      SGI introduced Neurosky to UK games developers
    • 68. SGI Global Partners
    • 69. What we do
      • Innovation
      • 70. Collaboration
      • 71. Knowledge transfer
      We make learning fun
    • 72.
    • 73. Thank you for listening
      Jacqueline Cawston
      Senior Business Development Manager
      The Serious Games Institute