Assignment 5


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Assignment 5

  1. 1. ByMichaela and Marisha.
  2. 2. Colour choice.• Blue = Michaela• Red = Marisha• Black = TogetherWe are completing the yellow level.
  3. 3. Yellow Level.• Title page.• Target level.• Exploration of films.• Film of choice and reasoning.• Genre.• subgenre.• Hybrid.• Stam’s theory.• Mittel’s theory.• Semantics.• Syntax.• Tone.• Conventions.• Dominant Ideology.• Audience.• Audience Theory.
  4. 4. Exploration of movies.
  5. 5. Gazed upsetGripping look, shows shesslogan, dra is not contentws in the with her currentaudience situation.and grabstheirinterest. Men are seen behind the woman, we can see that the amount of men highly out weighs the amount of women.
  6. 6. Film choice and reasoning. • We chose this film because it covers many great and recognisable aspects of drama movies. The cover picture automatically shows you that the movie is going to be of a hard hitting nature and has probably been designed for a more niche audience. • The movie poster doesn’t reveal to much of the movies general plot, however it does show us that the woman doesn’t look happy or content in the sea of men surrounding her.
  7. 7. What main Genre does the film fall under?• The main film falls under the Drama genre because of the way in which it makes the audience relate and sympathise with the characters.• This is done through a mixture of a well written script, a build up of tension and good use of editing.• it is shown through the presence of more hard hitting topics such as rape, teen pregnancy and domestic abuse.
  8. 8. List the many types of subgenres/genre:• Romantic Drama - Romance between the main character Josey and her lawyer. Furthermore, the type of relationship she once had between her and Shark as a teenager who later becomes one of the co-workers who sexually harassed.• Drama - This is a Drama film because of the way it makes the audience relate and sympathise with the characters as it starts to unfold before our eyes, in relation to the film such as the scene where she admits to the court and the judge that she was raped at the age 16.
  9. 9. Subgenres.Some of the subgenres presented in NorthCountry are..Romance.we are shown the relationship the two young teenagers had, kissing andhugging and taking a genuine liking to each other whilst bunking lessonstogether.Teen-drama.We are shown flashbacks of the young girls struggles, we are shown aspects ofrape, teen pregnancy and family disappointment due to religion and era of time.
  10. 10. Teen drama- theshot just before We are shown bythe young girls the girlsteacher raped resistance andher resulting in stiff bodyher under age language that shepregnancy and is scared, she alsotarnished name proceeds in thewithin her family. movie to beg her teacher to stop.We can seethat theteacher ispushinghimselfonto thegirl.
  11. 11. Stam’s theory.• Stam’s theory says that genre is not easily defined under the ‘main genres’ but can be classified in other ways such as budget, ethnicity focus or performer based.• In relation to the film we have chosen this film was originally based on a book which was inspired by the 2002 book Class Action: The Story of Lois Jenson and the Landmark Case That Changed Sexual Harassment Law by Clara Bingham.• The movie was awarded a budget of $30million dollars.• The movie is based around a dead south mining district in America in the early 1980’s.
  12. 12. Mittel theory.Mittel’s theory is that genre is used to sellproducts.• In relation to Mittel’s theory the Drama genre can attract a mass audience. However, the film can also be considered to be a hard-hitting film which attracts a niche audience in relation to Chomskys theory because of the more serious issues such as rape, which brings the audience to realisation that in the past women were treated unfairly in the work place especially in a male dominated industry. we are told that North Country is based upon a true story, we are alsoinformed that it is a book, this would attract people to go out and purchasethe book to get a more full on understanding of the movie and the topicsinvolved.
  13. 13. Semantics.SEMANTICS How these are evident in your film (in relation to its genre/sub- genre/hybrid)?Characters The main character is a female who returns back home after a failed Marriage. Josey’s mother shows sympathy towards her daughter, her father on the other hand does not. This is evident in the beginning when she returns home and the first thing he say’s to her ‘did he catch you sleeping with another man?’.Locations (Home town) Northern Minnesota, the iron mines, the court room,, the bar etcStory traits When Josey Aimes returns to her home town after a failed marriage with her two kids. She seeks employment in the Iron mines which is mostly dominated by males and receives sexual harassment on a day to day basis, which then results in a sexual harassment lawsuit in the US.Syntax Stand up for what is right even though you stand alone. An example of this from the film is when she takes the iron mining industry in her home town to court for allowing women to be sexually harassed by the male co-workers.Costumes Helmets, Overalls, Goggles, safety boots, safety suit, helmet.Props Spade/Shovel,
  14. 14. Syntax.• The Overall message or meaning of the film North Country is that no matter what, You should be the person who stands up for what you think is right and you feel needs to be justified even if it means you stand alone, This is not for the sake of the individual but for others in general.• The message shows us that if you want something badly enough you will fight to the death to make this happen, Josey is shown as a strong determined woman, she is an inspiration to women everywhere not only in her era and the women facing what she was fighting for but in modern day society also.
  15. 15. Tone: a) Look at one scene and analyse the lighting, what mood does it create? How? Why? • The lighting of this scene creates a serious mood, the lighting is not of warm colours but more of a serious tone to match with the close- up shot of her facial expression.
  16. 16. Conventions lists of that genre/sub-genre/hybrid.Conventions of genre/sub /hybrid Examples from a range of real films?Sexual harassment. Disclosure.The women are denied of basic human A woman casts a law suitrights such as an available toilet. against her boss after being sexually harassed within her place of employment.Teen Pregnancy. For keeps.The girl finds herself pregnant at the age of A young teenage girl finds16. Herself pregnant and then pursues to try and gain her dream after having the baby.Domestic Abuse. Sleeping with the enemy.The woman is beaten by her husband. A woman fakes her own death in a bid to escape from her abusive husband.
  17. 17. Convention of genre/subgenre/ hybrid Examples from a range of real films?Single parent –In the film ‘North Country’, Josey is a singleparent with two kids who moves back home withher parents escaping from an Abusive husband.Promiscuity –People in her home town assume that Josey ispromiscuous because she fell pregnant at the ageof 16 out of wedlock. This is shown in the filmwhen she’s watching her son play ice hockey andone of the wife’s of the mine workers confronther about it in front of the townspeople.Portraying realistic characters –The main character ‘Josey’ is in conflict with thetownspeople and mine workers, who believe thatshe should back down with her case for Sexualharassment against the mining industry which istheir source of income.
  18. 18. Dominant Ideology.Dominant Ideology. Example/evidence from film?1) Single parent family (not Living alone with Sammy andseen as ideal) Karen.2) Vitim of an abusive We are shown at the start of therelationship (not seen as movie the woman seems to beacceptable within westernised scared on her partners arrivalsociety) home, we are then shown her bruised and bleeding on the floor.3) Rape (extremely degrading We are shown that the young girlcriminal act) was subjected to rape by her teacher.4) Religion (many people the family in which the womanfollow some kind of religion or comes from seems to be veryhave a belief of some kind of religious, they talk about herGod) teenaged unwed locked marriage and how it brought shame upon the family.
  19. 19. Audience.The movie ‘North Country’ is for more of a niche audience, it doesn’t have great appeal for a mass audience. This is due to many factors such as the 15 age ratting, the hard hitting nature of the movie and the situations the movie covers such as rape and teen pregnancy. This is a hard hitting drama therefore not many people will be attracted to it and what to watch it. The niche audience is seen as the audience whereas a more mass audience is seen as the secondary audience.Details of audience Target audience Secondary audience Explanation of why they would be attracted to the filmAge Adults Teenagers 15+ Educational purposes to see how times have changedGender Mostly a female audience Male To see how the hierarchy works and has developed over time.Ethnicity Westernised members of People from more The countries they live in society eg from the developing countries. still view woman as second USA/UK class citizensSocial class/social group Working class Upper class To see how the lower class workSexual orientation Any - -Profession/role Lower class jobs, especially Higher paid professions, eg To see the way in which more associated with men, teachers and lawyers lawyers and teachers have eg the fire force, the police been presented in past force and mining. times
  20. 20. Audience Theory.Reason why people watch the film ExplanationInformation • At the start of the movie we are given statistics surrounding the mining district‘men out weigh woman by 30 to 1’ during the 80s, the time period in which this movie was based. We are then at the end of the movie shown more statistics on how the mining district has evolved.
  21. 21. Reason why people watch the movie ExplanationPersonal identity • We are shown the woman struggling though the legal system trying to gain justice. • We are shown the womans journey from a school girl to where she is today.
  22. 22. Reason why people watch the movie ExplanationIntegration and social interaction. People will be more likely to talk about more hard hitting scenes within the movie., for example the scene where she woman is lying on the floor bleeding. This could cause person to person debate or a debate though social media such as twitter.
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