PRISCA seduction


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PRISCA seduction

  2. 2. essences creative cuisine Special Jams & Special Jams for Foie Gras & Cheese Vegetable Pates Salt FlowerFruit condiment Fruit condimentwith vinegar reduction with Spicesand Oporto Wine Pumpkin with CurryBlack cherry with vinegar reduction and Oporto Wine Pear with CardamonBlueberries with vinegar reduction and Oporto Wine Strawberry with Piri-PiriFig with vinegar reduction and Oporto Wine Tomato with PepperCaramelized onion condiment with Balsamic Red fruits with Cuminvinegar reduction and Oporto Wine Fig with Mustard Orange with SaffronExcellent as a condiment to accompany cheeses, foie gras and other fine pâtés. Use it with red and white meats as well,to create original and creative dishes. It goes perfectly with soft & fresh, semi-mature, strong and blue-veined cheese.Serve with young Gouda, Brie, Camembert, Jarlsberg and mild Swiss cheeses; It goes well with Cheddar, PecorinoRomano, Parmigiano-Reggiano and aged Gouda. Try it with Cabrales, Manchego, Roquefort, Gorgonzola and Stilton toadd a gourmet twist to your experience. Try it with premium duck or goose foie gras and with refined duck dishes, spread-ing it over the meat for a more vivid taste.Vegetable Spread Salt FlowerGreen Olive Spread Salt FlowerDark Olive Spread Salt Flower with Herbs for fishPepper Spread Salt Flower with Herbs for meatTomato Spread Salt Flower with Herbs for saladsMushroom Spread Salt flower from pure Atlantic seawater. Its per its ownA natural alchemy of 100% natural vegetables, extra-virgin right the salt of the gourmets. Ideal for salads, cookedolive oil, garlic and herbs. A flavour with personality, excel- fresh vegetables and grilled meats.lent for appetizers and Ciabatta bread sandwiches. Use ittogether with your omelette and enjoy its taste with yourFeta cheese or your refined spaghetti.
  3. 3. essences creative cuisine Vinegar Reduction, Wine, Tea & Coffe Reductions Mayonnaise MustardVinegar reduction MayonnaiseFig vinegar reduction with Fig Alioli Garlic MayonnaiseCider Vinegar reduction with Apple Balsamic & Fig MayonnaiseFruit Vinegar reduction with Ginger Homemade recipe MayonnaiseWine Vinegar reduction with Red Fruits Blueberry & Carrot MayonnaiseCider Vinegar reduction with Orange Blossom A premium quality mayonnaise with a smooth andVinegar reduccion with Rose Petals delicate texture. Excellent with sandwiches and salads, it goes perfectly with sliced boiled eggs and greenVinegar reduction with Sunflower Petals vegetables.A creative combination of fruit vinegar with small piecesof fruit A tangy and sharp taste, with a rich texture and Mustardpieces of fruit that add a twist that potentiates your Honey Mustarddishes. Use it with slices of fresh fruit and vegetables Provence Herbs Mustardwhen making a posh appetizer and give a gourmet twist Mustard Condiment w/ Almondto your small dry pastries and creamy desserts. Excellentwith blue-veined cheeses and liver pâté. Mustard Condiment w/ Fig A combination of premium quality mustard. It has a strong flavour and rich texture. Perfect as an ingredientWine Preserve/ Reduction for a stylish salad sauce. Excellent with grilled or fried meat. It goes perfectly with blue-veined cheeses andWine reduction grape Touriga Nacional Pâté.Wine reduction grape MoscatelWine reduction grape Síria Tea Reduction / Coffee ReductionWine reduction grape Aragonês Green Tea reduction Red Tea reductionA fabulous wine jelly made from top quality wine. Mix itwith cream cheese, yogurt or use it as an ingredient to Black Tea reductionprepare gourmet sauces for your fish and meat dishes. It Coffee reductiongoes perfectly with semi-mature and mature cheeses like A fabulous reduction with Tea made from the best leaves.Pecorino Romano or Parmigiano-Reggiano. Its perfect to add a gourmet twist to creative appetizers or sandwiches. Mix it with cream cheese or yogurt and use it in pancakes or on your tasty croissant.
  4. 4. Honey Honey with Dried Fruits and Spices Tea | SnacksHoney | Honey with Dried Fruits and SpicesHoney Honey with CinnamonHoney with Walnuts Honey with VanillaHoney with Almons Honey with GarlicHoney with Hazelnuts Honey with Piri-PiriHoney with NutsA pure and natural wildflower honey. With a smooth and delicate texture, its excellent to spread on toasted bread or touse as a sweetener or flavouring for natural yogurt or tea. Excellent as a counterpoint with both strong and mild cheese.It will go perfectly with blue cheeses, as well as with a well-aged Parmigiano-Reggiano. Try it with strong blue cheeseslike Cabrales, Roquefort, Gorgonzola and Stilton and with fresh goat cheeses. Tea Snacks Snacks Amazónia | Danúbio Sweet Almonds Mini Sausages Mississipi | Cubango
  5. 5. Jams Curds MilksJamPumpkin Stawberry CherryPumpkin with Orange FigWalnuts Peach TomatoRaspberry Red Fruits PapayaPineapple MangaNatures most perfect jam , 100% natural. Use it as a sophisticated fruit spread in your daily meals, create deliciousdessert sauces and toppings, use it on your gourmet sandwiches with pâté. Excellent with cream or fresh cheese, its amust with the traditional Portuguese cream cheese Requeijão and the Italian Ricotta. Try it as a gourmet twist with yoursmoked cured meatsMilk Jam CurdMilk Jam 100% Cow Milk Limon CurdMilk Jam 100% Goat Milk Orange CurdMilk Jam 100% Sheep Milk Curd, 100% natural, with a smooth and creamy texture.Milk jam, 100% natural, with a smooth and creamy Use it as a sophisticated fruit spread in your daily mealstexture. Use it as a sophisticated spread in your daily and create delicious dessert sauces and toppings.meals and create delicious dessert sauces and toppings. Excellent with scones, muffins, waffles, natural yogurtsExcellent with scones, muffins, waffles and ice creams. and ice creams.
  6. 6. Relics of Tastes and Culinary ExcellenceCasa da Prisca’s ancestral products recipe is theculmination of an alchemy of expertise and flavourshanded down over several generations - the origin ofthe in-depth knowledge of fruit and vegetables, thelearning of the sense of taste and the refinement of thesensitivity all result in an exquisite taste experience.The possibility of discovering elegant palates by trans-mitting to those around you your ineffable instinct forsophistication.The taste adventure awaits you...