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Guidance notes for teenage early B2 students

Guidance notes for teenage early B2 students

Published in: Education

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  • 1. What’s a discursive composition  A discursive composition is when the writer discusses two sides of an argument and gives their personal opinion.  We use neutral language.  It is sometimes called an essay or a discursive essay. Model Question Your teacher has asked you to discuss this statement and give your opinion. Mobile phones should be banned in schools How to do it. 1. Decide whether you think they should be banned or not. 2. Think of two reasons against your opinion, with examples to support the argument. 3. Think of two reasons for your opinion, with examples to support your argument. 4. Write the conclusion, which includes your opinion.
  • 2. PLANNING AN ESSAY Introduction: State the topic in your first sentence using your own words. Add another sentence with more information about the topic. Arguments against your opinion: Choose a phrase from Useful Language. Think of two arguments. Add two examples to support the argument. Use linking words to support your arguments. Argument for your opinion: Choose at least one phrase from Useful Language. Think of two arguments. Add two examples to support your arguments. Use linking words to contrast your ideas. Conclusion: Choose an expression from Useful Language to express your opinion. Write at least one sentence expressing your opinion and why you have this opinion.
  • 3. Useful Language Introduction  Some people claim that your teenage years are the best years of your life.  It is often said that TV is a bad influence on young people. Introducing your arguments  One advantage/disadvantage is (that) ...  One of the strongest arguments is that…  From my point of view playing video games is more important than doing homework Conclusion and your opinion  To sum up, it seems to me that...  In conclusion, it seems to me that... Linking words  I like mobile phones but it annoys me when the phone rings when I am busy.  Mobiles phones are very useful. However, we depend on them too much.  Although many people can´t live without their mobile phones, we need to accept that we can´t use them all the time.  Mobile phones are essential in today´s world, despite being expensive.  On the one hand, we need mobile phones to contact our parents in an emergency while on the other hand some people find them very annoying.  In spite of the cost of buying an iPod, they are very popular in the UK.  The iPod is very expensive. Nevertheless, it is very popular.  Computers games are great fun. On the other hand, they are also a waste of time.  While computer games are a popular hobby, traditional sports are still more popular with young people.  Even though computer games are very popular with young people, traditional sports are still more popular.  I believe that we could not maintain our current standard of living without computers. What is more, most people agree with me.