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Lodz University of Technology presentation

  1. 1. Lodz University of TechnologyLodz www.p.lodz.plUniversityofTechnology Presentation prepared by: Beata Ogrodowczyk International Student Exchange Office
  2. 2. Lodz University of Technology www.p.lodz.plStructure of the presenation•Where is Lodz?•TUL overview•Educational offer•Erasmus exchange and international cooperation•What is special•A few words about HEI-ON project team
  3. 3. LodzUniversity Lodz University of TechnologyofTechnology Poland is in the EU since 2004 Population of the country- 38 million people. TUL is located in Lodz, one of the biggest cities
  4. 4. LodzUniversity A few facts about LodzofTechnology nd citizens  Lodz has 742thousa ed in 1423 Lodz in Numbers  The city was establish textile industry Lodz de veloped as a town of iversities tre with 6 public Un  ic Cen  Lodz is a Polish Academ How can I spend my free time in Lodz?  Lodz is the city of festivals (Design, Film, Fashion)  Lodz Airport has connections with main European cities (e.g. London, Edynburgh or Milan) Why Lodz is special?  Cost of a dormito ry is around 90 euro pe  The price of a be r month er in a pub is 2 euro  Overall cost of liv ing in Lodz is around 30 0 euro
  5. 5. LodzUniversityof Lodz University of TechnologyTechnology 67 years ago… 525 students 3 faculties 33 departments … and today over 20 000 students 633 PhD students over 1 500 academic staff 9 faculties 37 fields of study/ 13 fields of studies in English and French Children University of Lodz/ Secondary School/ University of the Silver Age
  6. 6. University CampusCampus A
  7. 7. University CampusCampus B
  8. 8. Rector’s office is situated in the villa intially belonged to ReinholdRichter, a factory owner of middling wealth.
  9. 9. LodzUniversityof Awards/RankingsTechnology PROStudent University 2011 awarded by the Student Parliament of Republic of Poland Mobility Friendly University awarded by the Polish Erasmus National Agency in 2008 for 6 Polish Universities Ranked-top Ranked 4 out of 23 universities of technology in Poland and 8 out of 88 Polish academic institutions (the Perspektywy Magazine- University Ranking 2012) Innovative 2nd University in Poland regarding the number of approved patents per University staff The only Polish University member in the European Consortium of Innovative Universities
  10. 10. International Faculty of Engineering (IFE)LodzUniversityofTechnology  1000 students/ 300 Erasmus students (France, Spain, Portugal, Turkey and many others)  International teams  Combines engineering with management  Individual attitude towards every student  Window semester  Problem Based Learning and European Project Semester classes
  11. 11. International programmesLodzUniversityofTechnology International Faculty of Engineering (IFE) The main objective of the faculty is to educate professional engineers and managers, fluent in foreign languages and able to demonstrate their knowledge in science, engineering, technology and business. Achieving this goal has been confirmed by the employment rate of the IFE graduates, which is one of the highest among the graduates of technical universities in Poland. At present there are over 1000 students at the faculty. Programmes taught in English and French: Architecture Engineering (Bsc) Biomedical Engineering (Bsc) Biotechnology (Bsc, Msc) Business and Technology (Bsc) Computer Science (Bsc) Information Technology (Bsc, Msc) Management (Msc) Mechanical Engineering and Applied Computer Science (Bsc) Mechatronics (Msc) Telecommunications and Computer Science (Bsc) Teleinformatics (Msc) Science and Technology (Bsc) Gestion et Technologie (Bsc in French)
  12. 12. Erasmus exchangesLodzUniversityofTechnology
  13. 13. LodzUniversityofTechnology Exchange – Erasmus and Campus Europae Balanced mobility Mobility Week Erasmus Promoters at Faculties Student Assistance Office (SAO) ESN-EYE – Super Star 2009 in Europe The only Polish technical University in the Campus Europae Programme
  14. 14. Lodz University of Technology Exchange – Erasmus and Campus EuropaeMOBILITY PROMOTERS TEAMstudents representing all facultiesFace to face:- promotion – presentations at faculties- participation in Mobility Week•- work in Student Assistance Office- Students become active after Erasmus or active students go forErasmus•Active students promote mobility•Active students achieve success
  15. 15. LodzUniversityof International cooperationTechnology  Cooperation with China: double diploma agreement with Minzu University in Bejing  Cooperation with Ukraine: double diploma agreement between TUL and Karazin Kharkiv National University (BA in Management)  11 agreements with Ukrainian Universities  26 study tuition-free places for the best foreign students  TUL’s website in Chinese, Russian, Ukrainian for foreign candidates  Centre of the Baltic University in Poland
  16. 16. Lodz University of Technology- HEI ON PROJECT TEAM www.p.lodz.plMarcin Janicki – Assistant Professor at Departmentof Microelectronics and Computer Science1994 – studentship of French Government at EcoleNational Supérieure dElectricite et Mécaniquein Nancy, France1994 and 1999 PhD degrees in electronics from TechnicalUniversity of Lodz, Poland1996 MA degree in finances and banking from Universityof Lodz, Poland1997/1998 - visiting PhD student at StrathclydeUniversity in Glasgow, Scotland2000/2001 NATO Advanced Fellowship at University ofGhent, Belgium2007/2008 Lise Meitner fellowship at RICAM Institute ofAustrian Academy of Sciences in Linz, AustriaSince 1996 Campus Europae coordinator at LodzUniversity of TechnologyResearch interests: thermal modelling of electronicsystems and inverse heat transfer problemsContact details: janicki@dmcs.pl
  17. 17. Lodz University of Technology- HEI ON PROJECT TEAM www.p.lodz.plAgnieszka Michałowska-DutkiewiczEducational Affairs Department•Responsible for Erasmus staff exchanges•Responsible for Erasmus projects and Erasmus Mundus projects•Former Erasmus Administrative Coordinator with the background inInternational Relations Office,•ECIU Local Coordinator (temporary responsibility)MA in International Relations, University of Lodz Erasmus at Universite Aix-Marseille I, France, in 1999Contact details: agnieszka.michalowska-dutkiewicz@p.lodz.pl
  18. 18. Lodz University of International cooperation TechnologyMałgorzata Świtswit@p.lodz.plin charge ofInternational Student Exchange Office- outgoing students- contracts- promotion
  19. 19. Lodz University of Technology- HEI ON PROJECT TEAM www.p.lodz.plBeata Ogrodowczyk- ErasmusAdministrative Coordinator/ Student AbroadAdviser:•administering Erasmus exchange for placements•advising Erasmus outgoing students•promoting Erasmus opportunities and organizing eventsto students and staff•coordinating Erasmus Promoters Student Scheme2nd prize in the Literary and Artistic Competitionorganized within EEA/Norway grantsPostgraduate Studies in Public Relations, EuropeanUnion FundingMA in International Relations, University of Lodzin 2001Erasmus at the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, Spain in 1999Contact details: beata.ogrodowczyk@p.lodz.pl
  20. 20. Thank you for your attention agnieszka.michalowska-dutkiewicz@p.lodz.plCampus B