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Raincamp More Clients, More Referrals, More Income (Without Spending More Money)


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Presentation deck from Dec 2, 2009 presentation at Raincamp San Francisco. Tips for getting more traffic, customers, referrals and income (for free) using tools you already have.

Presentation deck from Dec 2, 2009 presentation at Raincamp San Francisco. Tips for getting more traffic, customers, referrals and income (for free) using tools you already have.

Published in: Real Estate, Technology, Business

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  • Rain Camp was a phenomenal real estate technology/social media/marketing event. Matt Heinz' presentation was a very nice addition; thank you for presenting your marketing ideas.
    Continued success in 2010!
    Colleen Crawford
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  • 1. How To Get More Clients, More Referrals & More Income* *without spending more money Matt Heinz Principal, Heinz Marketing LLC @heinzmarketing Presented by
  • 2. Do you feel overmatched?
  • 3. Fundamentals
    • Web site
    • Blog (written, audio or video)
    • Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn
    • Email newsletter(s)
    • CRM
  • 4. Customer Engagement Funnel Active Sales Cycle Channels: CRM, 1:1 Goal: Sell New Customer Drip Marketing Channels: Email Newsletters, CRM System Goal: Drive Active Prospects Network / Open Community Channels: Twitter, Facebook, Blog, LinkedIn Goal: Drive Registration Network-exclusive access to content Value-added special offers Discovery events White papers, top ten tips, etc. Testimonials, Success Stories Profile-Specific Messages New product/service offers Referral & Tell-a-Friend Offers Network / Community Invites New Opportunity Alerts 1:1 with Existing Customer In-Market Events Next Step Accelerator Ideas Customer Targets (based on persona profiles) © Heinz Marketing LLC 2009
  • 5. What you must do
  • 6. How you do it
    • Be remarkable
    • Build trust
    • Be proactive
    • Be patient
    • Execute!
  • 7. Your email address
    • [email_address]
    • [email_address]
  • 8. Your voicemail message
  • 9. Your out-of-office assistant
    • Thanks very much for your email. I'll be out Wednesday, Dec 2, with irregular access to email and voicemail. If this is urgent or an emergency, try my cell phone at 425-894-3387. Otherwise, I'll get back to you as soon as I can.
    • In the meantime, some light reading:
    • Ten Laws for SaaS Sales & Marketing Success
    • Five Steps to a Successful B2B Social Media Strategy
    • Ten reasons why start-ups fail
    • Ten perfect cocktails for fall
    • Seven ways to create more time in your day
    • How to build thought leadership and influence
    • Thanks,
    • Matt
  • 10. Events (and invitations)
  • 11. Blog best practices
    • Content
    • Guest bloggers
    • Top Ten Lists
    • Comments
    • Traffic
    • Comments
    • Twitter
  • 12. Microsites
  • 13. Open Houses
    • Getting people there
    • Making them “sticky”
    • What to do during downtime
  • 14. Testimonials & success stories
  • 15. Contests & Giveaways
    • What does your customer need?
    • Give it away!
  • 16. Charities
    • Joint effort with customers
    • Promotion to generate followers
    • Leverage to get corporate sponsors
  • 17. Your service providers
  • 18. Learning
    • Blogs
    • Twitter
    • Email newsletters
    • Other industries
    • Mystery shopping
  • 19. Questions?
    • Matt Heinz
    • [email_address]