Qualification & consultative selling using spin template


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Qualification & consultative selling using spin template

  1. 1. Qualification & Consultative Selling Using SPIN<br /><ul><li>Situation: These are data gathering questions about facts and background</li></ul>Examples of Situation questions:<br /><ul><li>What are your primary channels for marketing to new and current customers?
  2. 2. Are you currently using direct mail or other print advertising to market your business?
  3. 3. How much budget do you have allocated to marketing per month currently?
  4. 4. Is your marketing budget focused on new customer acquisition, retention or a little of both?
  5. 5. Problem: Once sufficient information has been established about a buyer’s situation, good salespeople tend to move to a second type of question. These types of questions explore problems, difficulties, and dissatisfactions in areas where the seller’s product can help. </li></ul>Examples of Problem questions:<br /><ul><li>How effective have your current marketing efforts been in driving new customers and additional sales?
  6. 6. How do you decide which marketing initiatives are effective, and which are a waste of time?
  7. 7. How much money or resources does your organization spend currently on executing marketing campaigns, and/or managing execution and fulfillment of those campaigns?
  8. 8. What have been the obstacles in driving better results from your current marketing efforts?
  9. 9. How many other priorities are competing for attention and time in addition to marketing?
  10. 10. Implication: These are more complex and sophisticated. These types of questions force the prospect to look at the problem and explore its effects or consequences. You will use the information gathered in the Situation and Prospect questions to help the prospect understand a problem’s seriousness or urgency.</li></ul>Examples of Implication questions<br /><ul><li>What would the impact be if your organization could increase customer acquisition and sales without spending up-front time and dollars? What costs would be involved?
  11. 11. What might happen if marketing effectiveness continues to be an obstacle to reaching and driving new sales?
  12. 12. What’s the financial impact for your organization when a higher percentage of current customers buy again?
  13. 13. Need-payoff: These are designed to get the prospect to tell you the benefits that doxo could offer. Top performers ask 10 times as many Need-payoff Questions per call as do average performers</li></ul>Examples of Need-Payoff questions:<br /><ul><li>How important would it be to test new sales & marketing channels without up-front budget or risk?
  14. 14. Would it help you if someone else handled the creation and execution of your marketing campaigns?
  15. 15. Would it be helpful if you could eliminate the time and budget required for your current print advertising?
  16. 16. Would you be interested in paying for marketing services only after those efforts proved to be effective in growing your customer base and sales?