Find Hidden Revenue in - Full Circle CRM preso at the 2013 B2B Modern Marketing Roundup in Seattle


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Full Circle CRM's VP of Customer Success, Roan Bear shares how to find the hidden revenue opportunities in Presented at the 2013 Modern Marketing Roundup in Seattle with Heinz Marketing.

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  • Not marketing to contacts at allNot engaging with contacts at all
  • Leads have a status, can be owned by queusLeads never re-opened – no mechanism to do that or to reassign them. Didn’t value the re-opened responses – wanted new
  • Re-open leads using scores and changing statusDedupe database – don’t have leads owned by inactive users.
  • Too many leads to handle so they relied on cherry picking – everything else got stale and reps owned so many records they felt overwhelmed.
  • Find Hidden Revenue in - Full Circle CRM preso at the 2013 B2B Modern Marketing Roundup in Seattle

    1. 1. Hidden Revenue in Your Salesforce Database Tales From The TrenchesRoan Bear, VP Customer Success Full Circle CRM #MMR
    2. 2. Chapters1. Salesforce Database Primer2. Contact Database3. Lead Re-Engagement4. Cherry Picking5. Technology Barriers #MMR
    3. 3. Chapter 1: Salesforce Database Primer Conversion LEADS CONTACTS• Info about person, • Info about the person company and opportunity • No status• Have a status • No ‘conversion’• Get ‘converted’• Have assignment engine ACCOUNTS• Can be owned by queues OPPORTUNITIES #MMR
    4. 4. Chapter 2: Contact Database Once Upon A Time…Are you marketing & engaging with your contacts? #MMR
    5. 5. Lost Revenue in the Contact Database 75K LEADS 25K CONTACTS 5% 1.3% 3750 hand raise OPPORTUNITIES to won 30% 975 Won OPPORTUNITIES $10M Revenue Avg. Deal Size = $10,260 #MMR
    6. 6. Lost Revenue in the Contact Database 75K LEADS 25K CONTACTS 5% 5% 1.3% 3750 975 0.75%Hand Raise OPPORTUNITIES OPPORTUNITIES Hand Raise to Won to Won 30% 15% 975 Won 188 Won OPPORTUNITIES OPPORTUNITIES $10M Revenue $1,928,880 Avg. Deal Size = $10,260 Hidden Revenue #MMR
    7. 7. Lost Revenue in the Contact Database $1,928,880 Hidden Revenue #MMR
    8. 8. Contact Database: What To Look For• Are you marketing to your contacts?• How and who do you notify?• Are reps following up? – Who should follow up? – How do you know they followed up? #MMR
    9. 9. Contact Database: What To Do• Market to contacts• Have a contact ‘status’ field• Create a ‘disqualified’ reason field• Define: who follows up• Have SLAs• Reports & dashboards #MMR
    10. 10. Chapter 3: Lead Re-Engagement LEADS• Have a status• Have assignment engine• Can be owned by queues In a Land Far Far Away… #MMR
    11. 11. Lead Re-Engagement: What To Look For• What happens to leads after reps ‘disqualify’ a lead• Are there mechanisms to – Re-open a lead – Re-assign a lead – Notify the rep• Look for hand-raises on ‘disqualified’ leads• Look for ‘stale’ open leads• Look for leads owned by inactive users or old queues #MMR
    12. 12. Lead Re-Engagement: What To Do• Create mechanisms to – Re-open – Re-assign – Notify• SLAs for all leads• Reports & dashboards• Maintain a clean database #MMR
    13. 13. Chapter 4: Cherry PickingCall Me Ishmael… NEW!• What’s the problem? Best Lead – Subjective measures High Score! Source!! – Aging records – Overwhelmed sales Great Low Title! Fat! #MMR
    14. 14. Cherry Picking: What To Look For• Ask reps how they cherry pick• Old open records• Reps with hundreds of ‘leads’• Mass disqualified records or activities• Lack of confidence in scores #MMR
    15. 15. Cherry Picking: What To Do• Everything sent to a rep is actionable• Use scoring & iterate• Track disqualified reasons• Hide the score!• Have SLAs• Reports & dashboards #MMR
    16. 16. Chapter 5: Technology Barriers What To Look ForIt Was A Dark And Stormy Night…• Gated Assets – Do you only capture the first asset request?• Website Cookies – Do you only capture the first form submit?• Free Trials/Downloads – Can there be more than one instance? – Can sales engage based on expirations? #MMR
    17. 17. Technology Barriers: What To Do• Find out what’s going on – Ask!• Document it• Modify processes• Document modifications #MMR
    18. 18. Technology Barriers: What To DoDid I mention documentation? #MMR
    19. 19. And They Lived Happily Ever After. Let’s Talk… #MMR
    20. 20. #MMR• Roan Bear• VP, Customer Success• Full Circle CRM••