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AA-ISP & Nearstream Social Selling Webinar Deck


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Social Selling for Inside Sales: How to Find & Convert Prospects from the Social Web Matt Heinz President, Heinz Marketing Inc [email_address] @heinzmarketing
  • 2. Social media for sales overview
    • Target individuals and keywords
    • Watch for early-stage buying signals
    • Participate as a peer
    • Teach sales & customer service reps to interact directly
    • Use tools to manage, assign, etc.
  • 3. Prospect Engagement Funnel Active Sales Cycle Channels: CRM, 1:1 Goal: Sell New Customer Drip Marketing Channels: Email Newsletters, CRM System Goal: Drive Active Prospects Network / Open Community Channels: Twitter, Facebook, Blog, LinkedIn Goal: Drive Registration Network-exclusive access to content Value-added special offers Discovery events White papers, top ten tips, etc. Testimonials, Success Stories Profile-Specific Messages New product/service offers Referral & Tell-a-Friend Offers Network / Community Invites New Opportunity Alerts 1:1 with Existing Customer In-Market Events Next Step Accelerator Ideas Customer Targets (based on persona profiles)
  • 4. Social selling starts with five questions
    • What/who are your targets?
    • What do they care about? What outcome are they seeking?
    • Where do you find them?
    • What or who influences them?
    • How do they want to engage and (eventually) buy?
  • 5. What do customers care about?
  • 6. The buying progression Solution Problem/Pain Objective/Outcome
  • 7. Top sales reps – social tips
    • Get new introductions from existing network
    • Get new introductions from others in their organization
    • Watch for buying signals across the social Web
    • Build deeper, early relationships with new prospects
    • Directly share information, become an expert, generate a following
  • 8. Finding more sales on Twitter
    • Follow your prospects
    • Follow your partners
    • Curate customer-centric content
    • Listen for buying signals
    • Watch and use hashtags
  • 9. Finding more sales on LinkedIn
    • Read the Daily Digest…daily
    • Join and participate in groups
    • Keep your profile up to date
    • Ask and answer questions
    • Give recommendations
    • Ask for specific referrals and introductions
  • 10. Nine Social Selling Tools
    • HootSuite
    • Nearstream
    • TweetAdder
    • UnTweeps
    • TextExpander or ActiveWords
    • Email Alerts
    • Morning Coffee
  • 11. “ The leads are weak” - Shelley Levene in Glengarry Glen Ross Robert Pease Founder/CEO [email_address] 206.327.0397
  • 12. Marketing Continues to Evolve from Offline-to-Online & from Broad-to-Targeted Social is the future…the challenge is to engage at the right time for the right reason . Internet Email Phone Print Social 1950s 2012 + beyond
  • 13. Future = “I want to buy something” Buyer “ I need…” “ Looking for…” “ Any recommendations…” Seller Offer/Answer True Context
  • 14. Three Types of Social Demand Signals Need Questions to Influencer(s) Question Forums Demand Signal Type Possible Action(s) Engage or Analyze Participate or Sponsor Engage or Sponsor
  • 15. Four Zones of Engagement Zone of Amazement Zone of Affection Zone of Indifference Zone of Disdain
    • Response within 1-10 minutes
    • “ In the moment”
    • Be personal with actionable information (a link to an answer, an offer, etc.)
    • Response within 4 – 6 Hours
    • “ Right now” dynamics so response window is small
    • Over 6 hours to respond
    • Generic or out of context response
    • Direct sales tactics
    • No coverage
    • No response
    • No success
  • 16.
    • Avoid the frontal assault – don’t be a chump, always be helpful
    • Be personal and authentic
    • Always respond with a smile…no matter what. You do not control the conversation.
    • Always in public…build the echo chamber. Go off-line when the time is right.
    • Always transparent…both good and bad. Your advocates will stand up for you.
    • Point them somewhere like Facebook, Linkedin, or a user community that you host. You want them to connect & share….even about things unrelated to you.
    • “ Amplify” others through your channels to help them build their personal awareness & credibility…you become a promotion engine for your customers & prospects.
    Seven Rules of Social Engagement
  • 17. Questions?