Online Info Session: Information Systems & Security (MISM, MSISPM, MSIT)


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  • Thank you for joining today’s presentation on the ________ programs at Heinz College.My name is ________________ and I am the [title]. Joining me today are the following individuals (introduce all).[next slide]
  • We already covered introductions, so next I will review the GoToWebinar interface so you know how to best view and participate in today’s presentation.Then, I’ll briefly talk about Carnegie Mellon University and how Heinz College fits into the university as a whole.Following that, [name(s)] will tell you about our [program names] programs.Then [name] will finish up with some information about the application process and scholarships. At the end, we will use any remaining time to discuss questions that came up during the course of the Webinar and/or to answer any questions we have not yet had a chance to reply to over the chat.
  • Before we get started, I want to review a few housekeeping items and let you know how you can participate in today’s Web event. We’re looking at an example of the GoToWebinar Attendee Interface which is made up of two parts. The Viewer Window on the left, which allows you to see everything the Presenter will share on their screen, and the Control Panel at the right. Within that Control Panel is how you can participate in today’s event, so let’s look at that.
  • Move mouse over the Grab TabClicks 1, 2, and 3By clicking the orange arrow, you can open and close your control PanelClick 4From the View Menu you can also set the Control Panel not to auto-hide when inactive if you prefer to keep it always open. Click 5The Audio pane provides audio information. (If the organizer has given attendees a choice) By default you have joined the Webinar via Mic & Speakers. Click 6Click Audio Setup to select your computer speaker or headset devices.Clicks 4, 5 and 6If you prefer, you can join the audio via telephone by selecting Use Telephone, and the dial-in information will be displayed, including an Audio PIN. Please note that long distance telephone and/or cellular fees will be charged to you. We will not be unmuting any attendees today to avoid audio problems that may arise with many attendees, but we will discuss questions you type as we are able. [Only if small number of participants: If you would like to ask any questions of today’s presenters over the phone, you must enter your Audio PIN in order to have your line unmuted. ] Click 7At any time during the presentation, you have the ability to send questions to our Webinar staff through the Questions pane. Simply type in your question and click send. We will type answers in reply as we are able during the session. (Optional) At the end of the presentation we will do a Q&A session to answer as many questions as we have time for and to cover any questions we may not have been able to answer yet using the chat feature. Click 8Only applicable if unmuting attendees: During the presentation we may ask you to answer a question by raising your hand. This option is located on the Grab Tab. (Optional) You can also indicate that you have a question and would like your line unmuted by raising your hand. Click 9 and 10We will address Q&A at the end of today’s session, and as a final reminder, today’s Webinar Q&A is being recorded, and everyone will receive an email within the next few days with a link to view a transcript of the Q&A chat as well as today’s presentation slides.
  • Online Info Session: Information Systems & Security (MISM, MSISPM, MSIT)

    1. 1. Welcome to our Online Information Session! October 19, 2011Sean Beggs, Director of MISM and MSISPM Programs, MSIT AlumnusDavid Eber, Director of Admissions & Financial AidAllison Frankoski, Director of MSIT ProgramBridget Jakub, Associate Director of AdmissionsShryansh Mehta, Assistant Director of Admissions, MISM AlumnusAmy Seymour Radovitch, Assistant Director of Admissions
    2. 2. Agenda• Introductions• GoToWebinar Navigation• Carnegie Mellon University & Heinz College• Degree Programs Overview• Admissions & Financial Aid• Discussion of Questions
    3. 3. The GoToWebinar Attendee View
    4. 4. How to Participate Today• Open and close your Panel• View, Select, and Test your audio• Submit text questions• Q&A addressed during and at end of session• Chat Transcript will be sent to all attendees
    5. 5. About Carnegie Mellon and Heinz College…• Main campus in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania• 11,000 students at CMU• 1200 students at Heinz College • Other locations: Adelaide, DC, LA • Distance-learning (MSIT)• Interdisciplinary strengths • Computer science and engineering • Management and policy • Data analytics • Visual and Performing Arts
    6. 6. Degree Programs
    7. 7. Ranked byCarnegie Mellon is:• 1st in Information and Technology Management• 2nd in Management Information Systems and Quantitative Analysis• 4th in Computer Engineering 18 Nobel Laureates
    8. 8. School of Information Systems and ManagementA perfect blend of Technology Strategy & Policy Technology & Management Management School of ISM
    9. 9. School of Information Systems and ManagementGraduate Programs: MISM Strategy & Technology MSISPM Policy MSIT Management School of ISM
    10. 10. Masters in Information Systems Management (MISM)• An accelerated, full-time, three-semester program (180 units)• Proven track record in consulting, financial services, and technology job placements• Complements a technical background with applied business skills
    11. 11. MISM CurriculumREQUIRED: 102 units core, 30 units capstoneELECTIVES: 48 units general electives Technology Core Management Core  Database Management  Principles of Finance/Accounting  OOP in Java  Professional Writing & Speaking  Distributed Systems  Economic Analysis  Object Oriented Analysis  Statistics for IT Managers & Design  Decision Making Under  Telecom Management Uncertainty  Organizational Design & Implmt. Capstone Core  Digital Transformation  Information Systems Project  Summer Internship*
    12. 12. MISM : Concentrations (or not) Electronic Commerce Business Intelligence Medical Informatics Information Security Management IT Strategy & Management
    13. 13. MISM: Sample Electives• IT Global Sourcing• Measurement & Analysis of Social Media Initiatives• Negotiations• Data Mining• IT Project Management• Business Process Modeling• Health Care Information Systems• Enterprise Architecture
    14. 14. May 2010 MISMSalary Information• Mean - $89,446• Median - $90,000• High - $140,000• Low - $65,000
    15. 15. December 2010 MISMSalary Information• Mean - $81,279• Median - $80,000• High - $118,000• Low - $51,000
    16. 16. MSISPM Master of Science in Information Security Policy & Management‘A passion for Information Assurance’
    17. 17. Master of Science in Information Security Policy & Management (MSISPM)• Full-time, 3-4 semesters in length, 192 units• Students have a great deal of flexibility to go ‘technical’ or avoid it• Significant teaching and meta-curricular activities with SEI/CERT• Government or Consulting career placement opportunities• Qualifies for Scholarship for Service
    18. 18. MSISPM CurriculumREQUIRED: 90 units core, 24-36 units capstoneELECTIVES: 30 units security focus, 36-48 units general Security Core Management Core Telecom Management  Principles of Intro to Information Security Finance/Accounting Management  Organizational Design & Implmt Information Security Risk  Economic Analysis Analysis, Policy & Mgmt  Statistics for IT Managers Intro to Security & Policy  Decision Making Under Security Policy Seminars Uncertainty Capstone Core  Information Security Project or Thesis  Summer Internship*
    19. 19. MSISPM Sample Electives• Privacy in the Digital Age• Internet Security• Network Security Analysis• Service Oriented Architecture• Information Warfare• Terrorism, Security, and Intelligence• Negotiation• Hacking Exposed• Network Situational Awareness• Applied Information Assurance• Power & Influence
    20. 20. Dec. 2009 / May 2010 MSISPMSalary Information• Mean - $80,275• Median - $83,000• High $118,000• Low $45,000
    21. 21. Master of Science in Information Technology (MSIT)• 2-3 years of part-time study; classes in evening and/or distance (144 units)• Flexible curriculum designed for experienced IT professionals• Choose focus in:  IT Management  Information Security & Assurance  Software Management
    22. 22. MSIT Curriculum (60 units track-specific core, 84 units electives)IT Management Core Information Security & Telecommunications Assurance Core Management  Telecommunications Management Database Management  Information Security Management  Network Security Analysis Object-oriented  Information Security Risk Analysis, Programming in Java Policy & Mgmt E-business Technology &  Internet Security Management  Economic Analysis IT Project Management Object-oriented Analysis & Design
    23. 23. MSIT Curriculum (60 units track-specific core, 84 units electives)Software Design Mgmt Core* Software Engineering Mgmt** Database Management  Distance only program Data Structures &  Collaboration between Heinz, Algorithms Computer Science and Managing Software Software Engineering Institute Development  150 units plus 8 SEI classes Architectures of Software  Very different admissions/ Systems program format than regular IT Project Management Heinz MSIT Object-oriented Analysis & **See Design for more details* Campus evening program only; also requires at least 2 yrs of recent programming experience to apply
    24. 24. MSIT Sample Electives• Share the same elective pool as MISM and MSISPM• Graduate level courses offered by other Heinz programs or CMU departments• Up to 12 units of independent study• 24 units of transfer credit of previously earned graduate credit
    25. 25. MSIT Career AdvancementStudents already placed – rather, they advance careers throughout enrollmentas they can apply on the job what they learn in the classroom.Sample of actual job progressions from student-to-alumni• Web Marketing Sr. Business Specialist  Product Manager• Programmer  Analyst  Technical Security Specialist• Project Lead  Project Manager  Sr. Consultant  Principal Consultant• Research Associate  Website Dev Consultant  Systems Analyst  Director Technology Services• Security Engineer  Sr Sec Engr  CERT Team Lead  Technical Director• Business Systems Analyst  Sr. Technical Officer  Project Manager  VP/Program Manager• Developer Analyst  Systems Analyst  Sr Analyst/Team Lead  Manager/Enterprise Solutions  Enterprise Architect
    26. 26. Preparing graduates for intelligent action Andrew Wasser Associate Dean, School of ISM Sean Beggs Allison Frankoski Director, MISM & MSISPM Programs Director, MSIT Programs 1.412.268.5488 1.412.268.8983
    27. 27. Admissions andFinancial Aid
    28. 28. Characteristics of Successful Applicants• Commitment, leadership• Clearly defined goals for graduate education• Relevant experience*, education• Competitive test scores• Demonstrated potential for academic success *MISM 12-month track and MSIT require 3 years of relevant professional experience
    29. 29. Apply online.•• Three (3) letters of recommendation• Official transcripts• Official GRE or GMAT scores• Official TOEFL or IELTS scores (if applicable)• Resume• Written Essay• Video Essay (optional)• Interviews (optional unless requested by committee)
    30. 30. Apply by the deadline! MISM and MSISPM – all tracks, all start dates: January 10 MSIT – all tracks, on-campus and distance-learning: Enrollment Date Deadline to Apply January November 1 May April 1 August July 1
    31. 31. Scholarships are awarded to most students. • Merit-based (all programs) • Women in Technology Fellowship (MISM, MSIT) • Corporate Partner Scholarships(MSIT) • Non-Profit/Government Employee Scholarships (MSIT) • For US Citizens: • American Security Professionals Fellowship (MSISPM) • Scholarship for Service (MSISPM) • American Technology Fellowship (MISM) • Yellow Ribbon Program/Veterans Benefits
    32. 32. Questions?Please contact the Office of Admissions: Phone: +1-412-268-2164Email: