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Skyward Information Management overview

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Skyward powerpoint

  1. 1. Education ManagementSoftware for a Better Tomorrow
  2. 2. Brief Skyward History• Company founded in 1980• 1984 - After accumulating over 50 Wisconsin school districts as customers, the company was incorporated as "School Administration Software, Inc.“• 1994 - School Administration Software, Inc. is renamed to Skyward, Inc. The company took on a new look and logo, yet maintained its focus on schools.• 2001 - Skyward partners with the Washington School Information Processing Cooperative (WSIPC) as the software solution for 297 school districts in WA• 2003 - Skyward acquires Golden Concepts, LLC, an information technology company dedicated exclusively to providing technology services to K-12 schools. As a result, Skyward opens a new branch office in Madison, Wisconsin named Enterprise Solutions.• 2009 - Skyward releases the latest version of the Skyward Student Management System which is comprised of the completely web-based Student Management Suite and the School Business Suite. This change allows for customers to operate in a true HTML environment, requiring nothing to be loaded on a local desktop.• 2011 - Texas recognizes Skyward as a preferred statewide Student Information System provider.
  3. 3. Who Benefits from Skyward?• School Board • Superintendent• Business Office • Business Manager • HR Director• Human Resources • IT Director• Curriculum & Assessment • Secondary Principal• Student Services • Elementary Principal• Classroom • Curriculum Director• Food Service • Special Education• School Office Director• Technology • Secondary Teacher• Health Office • Elementary Teacher• Athletics & Activities • Parent • Student
  4. 4. Product Features• Single Database• “Cloud” accessibility and backup• K-12 specific programs• Extensive Product line-up o Finance o HR o Student Management• Future Updates Twice a year• Included State Reports
  5. 5. Skyward Services• Project Management of product and service implementations• Data Conversions of over 38 different databases• Expert Training on all the new enhancements and techniques• Customer Support with a proven track record of outstanding support
  6. 6. Parent’s Reviews“Like many American families, my wife and I work full time.Skyward Family Access allows us to stay connected andinformed about our childs progress in school. Whether itsreviewing current grades, making a deposit in her lunch account,verifying attendance, or reading messages posted by theteacher, the online portal helps us maintain a strong home-to-school connection, despite leading busy lives. The information inFamily Access is a valuable tool and allows us to havemeaningful conversations with our daughter about her schoolwork and academic progress. “ - By Mark Hess (ExecutiveDirector, WALLED LAKE CONS SCHL DIST, MI )“This tool helps me help my son, as well as helping me to supporthis teachers. When I am on the system I can communicate withhis teachers right there. I dont have to worry about looking upemail addresses or phone numbers. This is the best thing sincesliced bread.” - By Laura Cobb (Parent, ALLEN ISD, TX
  7. 7. District’s Reviews“Skyward has been a valuable strategic partner of Jordan SchoolDistrict since 2005. Our selection process was designed to strike acareful and reasonable balance between functionality and cost.Skyward’s attention to detail for project management, dataconversion, and training services was instrumental in our successfulimplementation of mission-critical systems. The district is able tooperate more efficiently because our student information system isalso a Skyward solution. Jordan School District continues to improvemany of our processes thanks to Skyward and their ongoingsupport.” - By Cindy Nagasawa-Cruz (DIRECTOR OF INFORMATIONSYSTEM, JORDAN SCHOOL DISTRICT, UT)“This was a great way to network with other districts within our stateas well as nationally and internationally. It gave me the ability toput a face to the name of Skyward staff who I generally onlycontact via email or on the phone. It also gave me knowledge ofnew features to take back to my district with me.” - By CarmenKizmann (SYSTEMS ANALYST, ST LUCIE COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT)
  8. 8. Galveston, TX Case Study• In 2005, Galveston ISD implemented Skyward’s student and financial management solutions and also added a disaster recovery plan. o The school district moved from a pre-Windows, unsupported information management system and away from it’s local disaster recovery solution only 1/8th of a mile from the coast.• The director of information management systems for Galveston ISD stated that a number operational improvements have been seen since Skyward was implemented. Also, the administration office is able to generate reports “faster and more easily” since campus’ are able to make routine changes quickly.• The implementation process of the new skyward system as well as the Disaster Recovery Service plan was “quick and painless”.
  9. 9. Galveston, TX Case Study Continued• September 15th, 2008 – Hurricane Ike strikes the Texas Coast and as a result, massive power outages and widespread destruction is left in it’s wake.• Galveston ISD puts into action it’s Disaster Recovery Plan. o Because of previous preparations and how well thought out the plan was, within hours they were able to run their payroll systems, submit their student displacement data to the state and maintain other critical information and services. o The School Management Software was able to be ran from remote locations via a secure internet connection thus enabling the payroll system and check printing.• Galveston ISD was well pleased with Skywards results before, during, and afterwards and as a result, seem to be considering moving other services over to them.
  10. 10. Skyward in the US