11g Upgrade and Migration Presentation at Chicago User Group


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  • Unlike butterfly – can’t rely purely on instincts – must planWebLogic ServerFile System changesMoving to new hardwareCompany hardware phase-outUpgrade/Change database softwareSearch optionsMigration vs. In placeIn placeLarger chance for downtime.Install another Content Server and upgrade components on it.MigrationRecommended to reduce server downtime.Opportunity to upgrade hardware.Test and validate on final environment without production pressure.New Content Server nameChange address http://server:16200/csAmount of time (if any) Content Server can be down during migration.ComponentsSome may no longer be necessaryPlay with the new system
  • WLS (WebLogic Server) Middleware homeRCU (Repository Creation Utility) creates the database schemaECM install the bits install the instanceConfigure ECM first get to specify something188 page guide
  • Move over configuration to new server using CMU Works well for metadata and workflows Don’t do componentsIdcAnalyze to validate before the moveBuild components on production and move to new server – preference promptsArchive all content from production into new server. Note the day and time.
  • Verify basefunctionality on new server. Gives overview of new features Can save time later in troubleshootingUpgrade components on new server Checkidc output and logsVerify functionality with upgraded version.Production cutover (Archive any new content, DNS changes, typically outside business hours).
  • Archiving can be the longest piece. Verify space.Run IdcAnalyze to reduce archiving and CMU issues.Start Content Server as an app after upgrading.Components All components will need to be retested. Customizations with interface changes will most likely have to be upgraded. Back-end customizations tend to work.
  • Sources:White Paper: Extreme Performance & Scalability with UCM 11ghttp://www.oracle.com/us/products/middleware/content-management/ecm-extreme-performance-wp-077977.pdfWCM: Site Studio 11g New Featureshttp://www.oracle.com/technology/products/content-management/ucm/11gviewlets/sitestudio11gnewfeatures_viewlet_swf.htmlThere are also user tutorials for the following which may be useful to demonstrate the simplicity of the system:Creating New Content Profile Checkin and Search Formshttp://www.oracle.com/technology/products/content-management/ucm/11gviewlets/basic_content_profile_viewlet_swf.htmlIntegration with Enterprise Managerhttp://www.oracle.com/technology/products/content-management/ucm/11gviewlets/enterprisemanager_viewlet_swf.htmlUsing UCM 11g with an External LDAP Providerhttp://download.oracle.com/otndocs/11gViewlets/UCM11gwithExternalLDAP/ucmwithexternalldapprovider_viewlet_swf.htmlRunning Commands for UCM 11g in WLSThttp://download.oracle.com/otndocs/11gViewlets/WLST/runcommandinwlst2_viewlet_swf.html
  • Lots of reasons to upgradeDifferent migration strategiesKeeping current makes each upgrade easier
  • 11g Upgrade and Migration Presentation at Chicago User Group

    1. 1. ECM 11g MigrationFishbowl Solutions Oracle Content Management Experts Since 199911g@fishbowlsolutions.com952-465-3400<br />
    2. 2. Agenda<br />Introduction<br />Preparation<br />Migration<br />Validation<br />Questions<br />
    3. 3. Great Migrations<br />Monarch Butterfly<br />Beautiful<br />Illinois state insect<br /><ul><li>Migrates up to 3000 miles
    4. 4. Multiple phases</li></li></ul><li>Preparation<br />Plan<br /><ul><li>New Architecture
    5. 5. Hardware
    6. 6. Migration vs. “In place”
    7. 7. Downtime
    8. 8. Customizations</li></li></ul><li>Migrating - Outline<br />8 step installation<br />WLS (WebLogic Server)<br />RCU (Repository Creation Utility)<br />ECM<br />Configure ECM<br />188 page install guide<br />
    9. 9. Migrating - Outline<br />Long journey - use the tools<br />CMU (Configuration Migration Utility)<br />IdcAnalyze<br />Component Wizard<br />Archiver<br />Content<br />Tables<br />
    10. 10. Outline Continued<br />Details Matter!<br />Verify install<br />Upgrade components<br />Production cutover<br />Archive new content<br />DNS changes<br />Minimize down time<br />Practice!<br />
    11. 11. Stay alert!<br />Archiver<br />Disk space<br />Time<br />IdcAnalyze<br />Archiving and CMU issues.<br />Components<br />Version compatibility<br />IdcToken<br />Workflows<br />New default URL<br />http://server:16200/cs<br />
    12. 12. Fishbowl Solutions’ ECM 11g Upgrade & Migration Offering<br />Inventory<br /><ul><li>Identify
    13. 13. Divide
    14. 14. Launch</li></ul>Syndicate & <br />Retain<br /><ul><li>Notification
    15. 15. RSS & Email
    16. 16. Process Integration</li></ul>Fishbowl Upgrade & Migration Solution<br />Extraction<br /><ul><li>Normalize
    17. 17. Qualify
    18. 18. Batch</li></ul>Fishbowl Plan – 3 Weeks<br /><ul><li>Architecture, Configuration & Metadata/Taxonomy Review
    19. 19. Customization Health Check
    20. 20. Install of UCM 11g (1 Instance)
    21. 21. Fishbowl Solutions’ Content Migrator / EBL
    22. 22. Content Migration – up to 5K items
    23. 23. Comprehensive Data Transfer Plan
    24. 24. Documentation & Knowledge Transfer
    25. 25. Plan for Next steps
    26. 26. Optional Upgrade Plan Add- Ons – 1 Week Each
    27. 27. WCM site migration – 1 site up to 300 pages
    28. 28. Workflow / Process Review and migration – 3 workflows migrated, inclusion data transfer plan
    29. 29. Integration & Messaging for 11g with Fishbowl Solutions’ Subscription Notifier</li></ul>Why You Care:<br />Early Adoption gives us experience and insider know-how.<br />We can make the process go faster, smoother, and more complete.<br />Oracle ACE Recognized<br />360o Upgrade & Migration<br />Classify<br /><ul><li>Metadata
    30. 30. Tagging & Taxonomy
    31. 31. Index</li></ul>Ingestion<br /><ul><li>Load
    32. 32. Transform & Convert
    33. 33. Quality Review</li></ul>More Info: http://bit.ly/9h4y2w<br />
    34. 34. Enjoy the journey<br />Questions?<br />Contact Us:<br />Fishbowl Solutions 11g@fishbowlsolutions.com952-465-3400<br />