Lesson 1.2 revised 2010


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Lesson 1.2 revised 2010

  1. 1. Lesson 1-2 Warm-UpName three collinear points.What is another name for AB?Name a line in plane Z. A. AName the intersection of planes Z and W. B. BHow many lines are in plane Z? C. C 0% 0% 0% D. 0% D A B C D
  2. 2. Over Lesson 1–1Name three collinear points.A. A, B, QB. B, Q, T A. AC. A, B, T B. B C. CD. T, A, Q 0% 0% D. 0% D 0% A B C D
  3. 3. Over Lesson 1–1What is another name for AB?A. AAB. AT A. AC. BQ B. B C. CD. QB 0% 0% D. 0% D 0% A B C D
  4. 4. Over Lesson 1–1Name a line in plane Z.A. ATB. AW A. AC. AQ B. B C. CD. BQ 0% 0% D. 0% D 0% A B C D
  5. 5. Over Lesson 1–1Name the intersection of planesZ and W.A. BZB. AW A. A B. BC. AB C. CD. BQ 0% 0% D. 0% D 0% A B C D
  6. 6. Over Lesson 1–1How many lines are in plane Z?A. 2B. 4 A. AC. 6 B. B C. CD. infinitely many 0% 0% D. 0% D 0% A B C D
  7. 7. Over Lesson 1–1Which of the following statements is always false?A. The intersection of a line and a plane is a point.B. There is only one plane perpendicular to a given A. A plane.C. Collinear points are also B. B coplanar. C. CD. A plane contains an infinite 0% 0% D. 0% D 0% number of points. A B C D
  8. 8. • line segment• betweenness of points• between• congruent segments• construction
  9. 9. You identified and modeled points, lines, andplanes. (Lesson 1–1)• Measure segments.• Calculate with measures.
  10. 10. A line segment consists of two endpoints and all pointsbetween the endpoints.A segment with endpoints A and B can be namedAB or BA.The length or measure of a segment always includes a unitof measure such as meter or inch.
  11. 11. Length in Metric UnitsA. Find the length of AB using the ruler.The ruler is marked in millimeters.Point B is closer to the 42 mm mark.Answer: AB is about 42 millimeters long.
  12. 12. Length in Metric UnitsB. Find the length of AB using the ruler.Each centimeter is divided into fourths.Point B is closer to the 4.5 cm mark.Answer: AB is about 4.5 centimeters long.
  13. 13. A. AA. 2 mm B. BB. 1.8 mm C. CC. 18 mm 0% 0% D. 0% D 0% A B C DD. 20 mm
  14. 14. B. A. AA. 1 cm B. BB. 2 cm C. CC. 2.5 cm 0% 0% D. 0% D 0% A B C DD. 3 cm
  15. 15. Length in Standard UnitsA.Each inch is divided into sixteenths. Point E is closerto the 3-inch mark.
  16. 16. Length in Standard UnitsB.
  17. 17. A.A.B. A. AC. B. B C. CD. 0% 0% D. 0% D 0% A B C D
  18. 18. B.A.B. A. AC. B. B C. CD. 0% 0% D. 0% D 0% A B C D
  19. 19. Recall from Algebra that for any two real numbers aand b, there is a real number n that is between a andb such that a < n < b. This relationship also appliesto points on a line and is called betweeness ofpoints.
  20. 20. Find Measurements by AddingFind XZ. Assume that the figure is not drawn toscale.
  21. 21. Find BD. Assume that the figure is not Ddrawn to scale. 50.4 mmA. 16.8 mm 16.8 mm CB. 57.4 mm B A. AC. 67.2 mm B. B C. CD. 84 mm 0% 0% D. 0% D 0% A B C D
  22. 22. Find Measurements by SubtractingFind LM. Assume that the figure is not drawnto scale.
  23. 23. Find TU. Assume that the figure is notdrawn to scale. 3 in VA. in. U TB. in. A. AC. in. B. B C. CD. in. 0% 0% D. 0% D 0% A B C D
  24. 24. Write and Solve Equations to Find MeasurementsALGEBRA Find the value of x and ST if T is betweenS and U, ST = 7x, SU = 45, and TU = 5x – 3. Draw a figure to represent this situation.
  25. 25. ALGEBRA Find the value of n and WX if W isbetween X and Y, WX = 6n – 10, XY = 17, andWY = 3n.A. n = 3; WX = 8B. n = 3; WX = 9 A. A B. BC. n = 9; WX = 27 C. CD. n = 9; WX = 44 0% 0% D. 0% D 0% A B C D
  26. 26. Congruent SegmentsFONTS The Arial font is often used because it is easyto read. Study the word time shown in Arial type.Each letter can be broken into individual segments.The letter T has two segments, a short horizontalsegment, and a longer vertical segment. Assume thatall segments overlap where they meet. Whichsegments are congruent? TIMEAnswer: The five vertical segments in the letters T, I, M, and E are congruent. The four horizontal segments in T and E are congruent. The two diagonal segments in the letter M are congruent.
  27. 27. LEISURE ACTIVITIES Thegraph shows the percent ofadults who participated inselected activities. Suppose asegment was drawn along theheight of each bar. Whichcategories would havesegments that are congruent? A. AA. barbecuing and beach B. BB. board games and museums C. CC. beach and picnic D. DD. zoo and board games 0% 0% 0% 0% A B C D
  28. 28. Drawings of geometric figures are created using measuringtools such as a ruler and protractor.Constructions are methods of creating figures without thebenefit of measuring tools. Generally, only a pencil,straightedge and compass are used in constructions.Sketches are created without the use of any of these tools.