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Now more than ever entrepreneurs and large corporations are harnessing the power of online social networks to reach consumers and grow their business. Their platform of choice is undoubtedly Facebook, which has grown to more than 500 million members in a few short years. Yet to be successful, businesses need a communications strategy to engage this vast online audience and turn them into customers or better yet – brand ambassadors.

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Facebook for Business 2011 by Heidi Otway

  1. 1. Using Facebook for your Business Heidi Otway, APR Director of PR and Social Media
  2. 2. About Salter>Mitchell Clients SalterMitchell won the 2010 Dick Pope All Florida Grand Image Award from the Florida Public Relations Association
  3. 3. Facebook Facts More than 500 million active users50% of users login everyday… People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook One of the fastest growing demographic is those 35+ Average user has 130 friendsNearly 70% of users are outside the U.S. 100 million people access Facebook from mobile devicesFacebook is one of the most responsive networking tools on Internet…
  4. 4. Facebook is a great tool for business…
  5. 5. Businesses can use Facebook to…Share usefulinformation Build Brand that can Ambassadors! lead to positive feedback. Provide Ask questions to customers with a Promote Events allowing generate place to connect customers to RSVP and responses and with your brand share the event on their feedback. and get timely FB wall. information.
  6. 6.  Setting up your Page Developing & Posting Content Promoting Your Page Evaluating Your Page
  7. 7. Fan Page is best for Business…
  8. 8. Fan Page is best for Business…Pros: Fan pages can be customized with apps, images, & videos Status updates appear in the news feed Fan pages can advertise Fan pages are public and can be promoted as a custom URL Fan pages offer visitor statisticsCons: Fan pages can not mass emailBottom line – Fan pages allow people to follow and interact with you Fan pages can lead to long-term engagement with fans
  9. 9. Name Your Page…Make it Memorable Consider using a title that’s memorable here because you won’t beable to change it later.Make it easy to find Don’t use a funny character or other business persona that nobodycan relate to. People will be looking for your business on Facebook, somake it easy for them to find you.www.Facebook.com/YourBizNameHere Get 25 fans to set up a username for your page. Make sure you apply the username to your Facebook Page, not yourpersonal profileAgain, make it memorable and easy to find
  10. 10. Add Info about your Business…Chose a Profile Photo Make sure the photo or logo you choose fits in the box!Share Company Details Tell people how to find you Give them a history. They’re there because they want to learn! The type of page you are creating differs (business, publication,celebrity, etc.), but you utilize what’s available to you to youradvantage.Tell Where You Are - Online and Offline Give your page fans the information needed to find you – website,biz address, phone number, email, etc.
  11. 11. Get Creative…  Install an iFrames app to install custom images and tabs for your customers and fans
  12. 12. Get Creative…  Requires some HTML programming and graphic design skills  May need to hire a professional to set up your iFrames
  13. 13.  Setting Up Your Page Developing & Posting Content Promoting Your Page Evaluating Your Page
  14. 14. Good Content is…Useful – is there clear value to the user?Interesting – messages need to be interesting to be shared.Human – the Internet is made up of people. people matter. this includesyou.Scratches an Itch – solve problems. provide a service. create public goods.Socially Designed – encourage social actions (share, like, video reply,suggest offline actions).Unadvertising - don’t sell or shill – solve problems, enlighten, share.Snackable – create short, discoverable, quick touch points for the sociallife-stream.Catering to Egos – help users look smarter.Building Trust & Community – be “we” and inclusive. Connects users.Inspiring – does it inspire you? If it doesn’t… why would it inspire others?
  15. 15. Good Content is Engaging…
  16. 16. Good Content is Shareable…
  17. 17. Good Content is Remarkable…
  18. 18. Create an Editorial Calendar… Write 30 status updatesto share with fans Identify relevant websites tolink articles, information, and resourcesfor fans It’s okay to go off topic to engage fans:Talk about the weather, local and worldevents
  19. 19. Managing your Page… Monitor your page daily Decide how you want tomoderate fan posts andcomments: Good, Bad, Ugly Respond to fans posts within 24 hours If possible, have more than one pageadmin
  20. 20. When to Post Content… Post at least once a day to build fan base Increase frequency for special activities Best times to post: 11am, 3 pm and 8 pm Best days to post: Mon, Tues & Wed
  21. 21.  Setting Up Your Page Developing & Posting Content Promoting Your Page Evaluating Your Page
  22. 22. Promote your Fan Page…
  23. 23. Use Facebook Places & Deals… What they do: Businesses can establish their physical location as a Facebook Place, encourage Check-ins and incentivize through Deals. Why they matter: Check-ins and Deals can be posted to a user’s newsfeed; Deals can be used to encourage trial, reward loyalty and offer viral exposure.
  24. 24. Buy Facebook Advertising…Step 1: Set Campaign GoalsStep 2: Establish a BudgetStep 3: Create AdsStep 4: Set the TargetingStep 5: Pay for “Likes”Step 6: Manage expectations
  25. 25. Promote on Other Channels Website E-blasts E-mail signature Newsletters Printed Materials Signage Other Social Media Pages
  26. 26.  Setting Up Your Page Developing & Posting Content Promoting Your Page Evaluating Your Page
  27. 27. Evaluate Your Page www.Facebook.com/Insights
  28. 28. Evaluate Your Pagewww.Facebook.com/Insights
  29. 29.  Setting Up Your Page Developing & Posting Content Promoting Your Page Evaluating Your Page
  30. 30. Questions? Twitter: www.twitter.com/heidiotway LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/heidotway Facebook: www.facebook.com/heidiotway Email: Heidi.Otway@SalterMitchell.com