Amazing Kids Social Story


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Amazing Kids Social Story

  1. 1. Aspergers Syndrome By Heidi Kestelyn
  2. 2. thHi, Im in 4 grade and Ihave Aspergers Syndrome.
  3. 3. I dont understand why he does that!I look like all of the otherboys but I was born withAspergers Syndrome.You cant tell I have itby looking at me. I amunique!
  4. 4. Arggghhh! We dont play Recess is hard because like that sometimes I cant tell what anymore. the other kids are thinking. I get mad when people change the rules on me and dont tell me. If you change the rules, please tell me.
  5. 5. OUCH! Its hard for me to Please control my actions. keep Sometimes I push your people. Its hard for me hands to keep my hands to to myself. Remind meyourself. nicely when I forget.
  6. 6. I am very sensitive to noise. I dontWhen the fire alarm rings it like thishurts my ears. I dont like loud at all!noises or classrooms.
  7. 7. When people talk too fast it I wish they is hard for me to keep up would slow with the conversation. If you down. speak slowly, it really helps me. Yeah, I heard it is really good. Do you want to see it?Hey, did you hear about that new movie?
  8. 8. Friendships are hard for mebecause I am not good atrecognizing other peoples feelings.I get nervous and may saysomething that upsets you. If I do,please tell me. I may not noticeit unless you point it out.
  9. 9. I dont see cats and I take things literally and sometimes dogs! I dont understand jokes. Its raining cats and dogs.
  10. 10. Sometimes when I work in agroup I get frustrated becausetheres too much going on. IfI get frustrated remind me totake a break.
  11. 11. Angry!!! Sometimes I get upset when unexpected things happen. If I know ahead of time, I can handle it better. I dont like plans changing at the last minute. If something is going to change, please let me know in advance. Theres no library today!
  12. 12. There are many things I am reallygood at. I love computers, science,reading, and building things.
  13. 13. Here are a few facts about Aspergers Syndrome from a book called Can I tell you about Asperger Syndrome?● Aspergers Syndrome is not an illness●Its a type of autism that affects the way thebrain processes information● Both boys and girls can have Aspergers Syndrome●No one knows why people have AspergersSyndrome
  14. 14. Thanks!I cant The best way you can help me iswait to to understand that having Aspergersplay! Syndrome has some challenges for me, but if you understand them, you can help me be successful in school. I have Aspergers Syndrome and I am unique! We are playing a new game at recess. Let me tell you the rules!
  15. 15. Here are some ways you can help me at school.● Dont speak too quickly.● Explain rules to me, and if they change, please tell me.● If I upset you, please let me know in a kind way.● If plans change, please give me advance warning.● If I put my hands on you, remind me that it is not okay.●Loud noises bother me, so please dont yell or make a loudnoise unexpectedly.● Understand that if I work in a group I may need a break.
  16. 16. ResourcesAnonymous. Interview with a 4th grade student, 2001.Welton, Jude. Can I tell you about Asperger Syndrome?London:Jessica Kingsleys Publishers, 2004.Wine, Angela. What it is to be Me! An Asperger Kid Book. UnitedStates: Fairdale Publishing, 2005.
  17. 17. ActivityWrite and draw about what makesyou unique. What are you really goodat? What is challenging for you?I am unique because________________________________.I am really good at__________________________________.Some things that are hard for me are___________________.