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JOB OPPORTUNITY: Details about opening your own online store with Meridian Media Group

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Meridian On Line Store Licensee Faq

  1. 1. 1 September 28, 2009 Meridian On-Line Store Licensee FAQ How do I get a PayPal account set up? Inform Meridian of the email address that you want to use for sending and receiving payments. Meridian will pay you $1 via PayPal that will send you an email with the prompts to set up your account. How do I edit the text in my store? Add “/admin” to your store domain (e.g. if your domain name is, simply add /admin to the end as follows - The default User Name is “user” and the default password is “password”. This allows you to edit the text in certain areas of the site and change the User Name and Password. Note: You can not edit your fundraising site; however the contact info you enter to your main domain will automatically flow to your fundraising site. Can I load images and change the layout of my store? You may not load images or change the layout of your store. However, within reason, Meridian can do it for you; just send an email with your specific request to How do I set up my toll-free number and Voice mail? Once your application is approved, Meridian will assign you a three digit extension to the Meridian corporate toll-free number (1-888-476-6521). Meridian will provide you with instructions to set up your voice mail message. When your extension is called, the caller is relayed to the telephone number that you designate. If that phone is not picked up, an mp3 voicemail message file will be sent to your designated email. You will need to have media player on your computer in order to listen to the mp3 voicemail messages. Most people have the media player already. If not, below is a quick and free upload through Microsoft. How do I get help and support from Meridian? Email your questions and comments to All emails will be responded to within one business day. How do I receive a fax? The corporate fax number is 888-476-6521. Make sure the fax sent includes “attn: your name”, so that we can forward to your designated email address. How will I get paid? And, how much am I paid? You are paid per piece/unit sold within two banking days of your customers’ payment to Meridian via deposit to your PayPal account. You are paid for any order going through your store or your linked fundraising store. Payment Schedule: Restaurant Cardz - $.75 per pc Movie Cardz - $.75 per pc Restaurant TouchCardz - $.75 per pc Movie TouchCardz - $.75 per pc Dinner & Movie Combo Cardz - FULL 75 PC KIT- $1 per two card combo Dinner & Movie Combo Cardz – MINI 20 PC KIT- $1.50 per two card combo Hotel Cardz - $1.00 per pc
  2. 2. 2 Can I find out the visitor activity in my store? Yes, request a report via email from Also, Meridian will be sending activity reports each month. Do I have a fundraising store? Yes. It can be accessed from the “fundraising” link on your store or a hot link on an email. The URL is your store URL plus “/fundraisingcardz” (e.g. What sales reports are available to me? Reporting is currently under construction, but once finished customer and sales history reports, as well as current inventory available reports will be available for you to access on-line. In the mean time, you can access your order details and payments received on your PayPal account. What are Meridian plans for further development of the CardzStore site? We will be adding testimonials, video clips and special promotions and generally enhance the appearance with better images, etc. Why do I need to submit a W-9 to Meridian? The IRS requires that we have a W-9 on file for reporting income paid to you. You will receive a 1099 from Meridian in February for the money paid to you by Meridian during the previous year. Will the License Agreement change? The License agreement will likely change as we respond to the needs and situations that arise. The intent is to protect the company and give you as much independence as possible. If we make changes to the License Agreement we will email you a revised copy for your information. What are the various products and brands offered by Meridian? We refer to the actual card that is delivered to the end consumer as “Reimbursement Cardz”. All our products include a “reimbursement card” but are available in various combinations and packages. We call the “thanks” booklet, TouchCardz, because it is a great way to “touch” customers. $15 Restaurant Cardz: Customer may go to any of the 15 restaurant chains listed on the card (any location in U.S. or Canada) and sends in the original receipt along with the restaurant card to get reimbursed. The consumer can get details on how to use the card at: Minimum order is 25. $15 Movie Cardz: Customer goes to any movie, at any theater in the USA or Canada and sends in up to two original ticket stubs along with the Movie card to get reimbursed. Minimum order is 25. $15 Restaurant TouchCardz: This is the same $15 Restaurant Card, but it is spot glued inside the front cover of the TouchCardz Thanks booklet. Minimum order is 25. $15 Movie TouchCardz: This is the same $15 Movie Card, but it is spot glued inside the TouchCardz Thanks booklet. Minimum order is 25.
  3. 3. 3 $30 Dinner & Movie (D&M) Combo: This is a two card set (one $15 Restaurant Card and one $15 Movie Card) mounted on a postcard holder and is the best value. The Dinner & Movie (D&M) combo cardz come in either a full kit, or a mini kit. (see directly below) D&M Full Kit: Comes in a kit of 75 sets (150 total reimbursement cards).Each kit also includes one $50 Hotel Card (see below). This kit is used by businesses for customer appreciation and also by non-profits for fundraising. Note: The main difference between the business orders and the fundraising orders for the combo full kit is that we offer 30 day terms for non-profits. (full kits only) The fundraising button on your store takes your customers directly to your fundraising site where the 30 day payment option is available for full kits to qualified non-profit groups. There is also a slightly different FAQ for fundraising. D&M Mini Kit: Comes in a kit of 20 sets (40 total reimbursement cards). The Mini Kits DO NOT INCLUDE a $50 Hotel Card. This kit is used by businesses for customer appreciation and also by non-profits for fundraising. $50 Hotel Cardz: This a premium product that fills the need for a higher value gift item. We also use it as an added incentive to buy the Dinner & Movie Combo full kit by including one in each full kit to use as they wish. The Hotel Card is still in the development/testing stage. Can I enter the order myself in my on-line store for a customer? Yes, we treat that order the same as if the customer submitted it themselves. Obviously, you will need all the customer information, including credit card information. The order confirmation will be automatically sent to the email address entered with the order. What are the payment terms for the orders? All orders are payable by credit card at the time of the order, except full kit fundraising orders where non-profit groups may select “bill me later” on your fundraising site. “Bill me later” gives the fundraising customer 30 day payment terms if they wish. This is only available for full fundraising kits and to qualified non-profit groups. In this case, an invoice will be included in the shipping box with a due date 30 days out from the shipping date. Fundraising orders for non-profit organizations that are shipping to an Illinois addresses must provide a IRS 501c3 number to qualify as a non-profit and not pay sales tax. Illinois orders submitted without 501c3 number will be charged tax. This is all very self explanatory on the on-line store check-out process. What if a fundraising order is very slow to pay to does not pay at all? You will get paid for the fundraising order within two business days from the date your customer pays. Meridian will let you know if one of your customers is past due. Can I recruit other Licensees to sell “under” me? No, we are not a multi-level structure. If you have someone interested please refer them to us and we will evaluate if they are a fit. At this time we do not have a referral commission for new Licensees, but we may in the future. Does the customer have to pay sales tax? If the order is shipped to an Illinois address the customer is charged 10% IL State sales tax. All other states are void of paying tax on their orders. Illinois non-profit groups ordering cards for fundraising have the option to provide an IRS 501c3 number to become exempt of this tax.
  4. 4. 4 Can I have samples of the products? We will give a sample pack of 2 of each product when you get started. If you want more, you will be required to purchase them as you desire through your store. You will pay retail and then receive your profit payment as usual. Isn’t sending samples to prospects essential to getting them to buy? No. We have learned that it not necessary. We have made the minimum order quantities low enough that a customer can “try it” for low risk. Direct the prospect to your store and have them read the product description or “suggest” what they could buy to try it. Can I offer to buy back whatever product the customer does not use within a certain period of time? This is only available under special circumstances approved by Meridian. We have found that customers sometimes order and then return product. Also, once offered, they will expect it every time. Do I get my own email address? Yes, we will provide you with an email address and password as follows: Which restaurants are eligible? The following restaurant chains (all locations) in the USA & Canada are eligible: Applebee’s, Bob Evans, Buffalo Wild Wings/BW3, Chili’s, Cracker Barrel, Denny’s, Famous Dave’s, IHOP, O’Charley’s, Olive Garden, Outback, Perkins, Red Lobster, Ruby Tuesday, TGI Friday’s Which movie theaters are eligible? All movie theaters, USA & Canada, any movie, anytime, anywhere Which hotels are eligible? Holiday Inn, Sheraton, Ramada, Fairfield Inn, Country Inn & Suites, AmeriSuites, Hampton Inn How do I use the card and how do I get reimbursed? Do not redeem at the restaurant, theater or hotel. Customer must fill out back of card and send in their receipt (or movie ticket stubs) along with the restaurant/movie/hotel card to the address on back of card. Envelope must be post marked within 10 days of date on receipt. Reimbursement cards must be received by expiration date on back of card. Reimbursement check sent within 30 to 60 days. How can I be sure the reimbursement checks will actually be sent? To ensure that reimbursements are administered with the highest integrity, Meridian has contracted with a national fulfillment company that places reimbursement funds in a secure escrow account that is administered by an independent third party, a nationally recognized Title Insurance Company. If you would like more information, please contact Meridian Media Group Corporate office at: 847-705- 2161 or or write to us at 800 E Northwest Hwy Suite 700 Palatine IL 60074. How many receipts can I send in at one time? One original restaurant receipt with each restaurant card. One original hotel receipt with each hotel card. Up to two original movie ticket stubs with each movie ticket card. What is the expiration date on the Cardz? 6 months.
  5. 5. 5 Is customization available, like logos etc.? Orders of 10,000 pieces or more can be branded and custom printed. Send an email to with a request for a customization bid. Include description of customization along with projected quantity. Is there a discount offered for larger orders? Only on orders of 50,000 or more. Send an email to with a request for a 50,000+ bid. Include description of order along with projected quantity. What about shipping and handling? And, is rush shipping available? Shipping and handling charge is $4.99 per each order, one address only, no matter what the order size. Cardz are sent via FedEx ground, and will be received within 7 – 10 days from the date they are ordered. Rush shipping is available, but at an additional charge, and must be pre-approved. Send an email to to get pre-authorization, and to get an estimate of the additional charges for this service. Include a description of order along with date needed. What is the Dinner & Movie Cardz for fundraising product? Full kits cost $750 ea, and contain 75 postcard sets plus a $50 bonus hotel card (for the coach or organizer of the fundraising effort, or to be used as each team deems appropriate). Full kits have a deferred billing option of 30 days for qualified non-profit groups. Mini kits cost $240 ea, and contain 20 postcard sets. Attached to each postcard set is a $15 Restaurant card AND a $15 Movie Ticket card (a $30 value) which we call a combo. How does the money work for fundraising? Think $10-$20-$30 Teams and groups buy each Combo set for $10, sell for $20 and they’re worth $30 Full Kit Example: If there are 15 students in a group, each student gets 5 postcards to sell. Sell each combo for $20 $750 or 50% net profit for your group Non-profit groups purchasing full kits have a deferred billing option with 30 days to pay (for orders of 3 full kits or less). Orders of 4 kits or more must pay at time of order. Credit is not available until previous invoice is paid. Participants approach contributors as follows: We are raising money for our group/team/cause & if you would like to make a $20 contribution, we will give you these $15 Dinner and Movie cards that are valued at $30. Can I offer On-Line Store Promotions? You may not run promotions on your store, as they are handled centrally through Meridian. All licensees will run the same promotions simultaneously by following the corporate meridian marketing plan. Free shipping, extra cardz, BOGO’s and other promotions will be planned and ran as a group. It will be up to you to market these promotions to your customer base by using the provided email templates, and using your own creative ideas. If you have an idea for a company-wide promotion, submit your idea to