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Meridian Media Traffic Ticket Presentation

Meridian Media Traffic Ticket Presentation



Driving Traffic "on steroids"

Driving Traffic "on steroids"
Retail Traffic Driver
Trade Show Traffic Driver



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    Meridian Media Traffic Ticket Presentation Meridian Media Traffic Ticket Presentation Presentation Transcript

    • Traffic Ticket ™ Get up to 6 times the response of traditional programs Brought to you by:
    • Traffic Ticket ™ is… Driving Retail Traffic “On Steroids” Imagine if… You just ran a promotion expecting 16,000 customers and 178,500 showed up! Traffic Tickets receive up to 35% response rate when distributed!
      • Attract Customers • Increase Sales
      • Drive consumers to retail locations
      • Increase sales
      • Improve brand awareness at point-of-sale
      • Acquire and retain customers
      • Sell product/brand, launch new products/services, seasonal promotions, branch openings, trade shows
      • Effective anywhere you need to drive customer traffic
      Traffic Ticket ™ Innovative marketing tool.
    • Traffic Ticket ™ Overview
      • The TrafficTicket System is your Ticket to the Highest Traffic levels You Can Imagine! Response rates to 35% have been reported.
      • It’s NOT a Scratch-Off, It’s NOT a Match-n-Win… It’s Interactive Consumer Promotion Technology.
      • Tell Consumers electronically, visually what they’ve won -- but only after they come to your point-of-sale display!
      • Everyone’s a winner
      • Traffic Tickets are distributed to consumers through direct mail, inserts or handed to consumers in-store and at marketing events
      • Customer has to come into the retail store find the sponsor’s POS display to insert their game ticket and see what premium, prize, or discount they’ve won
      • The game piece activates a light on the display which indicates which one of the four premiums/prizes/discounts they’ve won
      • Turnkey service includes premiums, production, distribution & fulfillment.
      Traffic Ticket ™ H ow it works
        • High Frequent Visit i.e. Grocery Stores ( 10%-35%)
        • Medium Frequent Visit i.e. Banks (10%-25%)
        • Low Frequent Visit i.e. Auto Dealers ( 2%-5%)
      • VALUE Consider you have to mail only one time to get these response rates, while old worn out tactics like flat mailers & scratch off type promotions you will have to mail 5 to 10 times more to get the same results.
      • SATISFACTION More than 95% of those who have used the Traffic Ticket system say they will use it again and are Extremely Satisfied with their Results.
      • COMPARE To Scratch Off Promotions 1%-3% or FSI’s 1%
      Traffic Ticket ™ Features & Benefits
    • Traffic Ticket ™ Applications
      • Traffic Tickets fill the need
      • that businesses have had forever…
      • B2B:
      • Trade Shows and Tabletop Shows
      • Open House/New Product Invitations
      • Seminar or Event Attendance
      • Appointment Generation
      • B2C:
      • Retail Stores
      • Headquarters & Malls
      • Grocery & Convenience Stores
      • Gas Stations
      • Car Dealerships
      • Banks
      • Restaurants & Fast Food
      • Sporting Events, School Events, Golf Courses
      • Hotels & Motels
      • Real Estate
    • Traffic Tickets ™
    • Traffic Ticket ™ Prizes Grand Prize Provided by Retailer
        • Drawn
        • from all redeemed tickets
      1 st place 8 Day/7 Night Pre Paid Resort Week 1% of tickets 2 nd place $50 Hotel Card 4% of tickets 3 rd place $30 Dinner & Movie Card 92% of tickets 4 th place $15 Movie Card 3% of tickets 8 day/7 night pre-paid RESORT WEEK
    • Traffic Ticket ™ Prizes Quality Prizes Backed & administered by 3 rd party To ensure that prizes are administered with the highest integrity, funds are escrowed with, and administered by an independent third party, national title & insurance company.
      • Dedicated Toll Free Service Line for customers to call for questions or to check status of their prize.
      • Includes custom website with FAQ and other pertinent program information
      8 day/7 night pre-paid RESORT WEEK
      • Package Pricing Includes Decoder(s), Tickets/Mailer & Prizes
      Traffic Ticket ™ Package Pricing * Qualify for branded & customized prize packages. Traffic Ticket Quantity 3" X 8" Traffic Ticket 8 1/2" X 11“ Traffic Ticket 1,000 $3.13 $3.97 5,000 $2.77 $3.41 10,000 $2.36 $3.02 25,000 $1.59 $1.77 50,000 $1.30 $1.45 100,000 $1.14 $1.22 *250,000 $1.08 $1.15 *500,000 $1.01 $1.12 *1,000,000 $1.00 $1.11 *2,500,000 $0.98 $1.09
    • Traffic Ticket ™ Branded Prizes Branded Prizes & Check Stubs 250,000+ orders Image Branding + Additional ROI Your logo branded prizes included at no add’l cost with 250,000+ quantity orders Re-introduce your brand 30 – 60 days after sale with customized check
    • Traffic Ticket ™ Prize Package Breakdown Traffic Ticket Quantity 6% Response Qty 8 day/7 night Paid Resort Weeks Qty $50 Hotel Cards Qty $30 Dinner & Movie Cards Qty $15 Movie Cards 1,000 60 1 3 55 2 5,000 300 3 12 276 9 10,000 600 6 24 552 18 25,000 1,500 15 60 1,380 45 50,000 3,000 30 120 2,760 90 100,000 6,000 60 240 5,520 180 250,000 15,000 150 600 13,800 450 500,000 30,000 300 1,200 27,600 900 1,000,000 60,000 600 2,400 55,200 1,800 2,500,000 150,000 1,500 6,000 138,000 4,500
    • Traffic Ticket ™ Pricing Assumptions
      • Customer traffic tickets/mailers/handouts are printed in full color.
      • One (1) custom decoder machine per 1000 Traffic tickets purchased
      • Prize packages are based on estimated 6% response levels
      • Every participant wins a prize
      • All prizes, except Grand Prize, are included in package pricing
      • Pricing does not include distribution costs; Client responsible for customer
      • mailing and distribution
      • Client responsible for purchasing additional prizes if actual
      • response levels exceed 6%. Overnight fulfillment available.
    • Traffic Ticket ™ Ala Carte Prizes Pricing
      • 8 Day/7 Night Pre Paid Resort Week Price: $280 ea
      • $50 Hotel Card Price: $15 ea
      • $30 Dinner & Movie Card Price: $4 ea
      • $15 Movie Card Price: $3 ea
      • NOTE: Overnight prize fulfillment is available. Traffic Ticket ala carte prize pricing is available for 30 days from ship date. Prizes are not returnable.
    • Traffic Ticket ™ Prizes How can we you offer these prices?
      • Reimbursement programs have long relied on “breakage”
      • Works like insurance. Everyone pays, Not everyone redeems
      • Studies show reimbursements motivate purchases but are rarely redeemed due to lack of time
      • Average redemption rates run between 2% and 40%
    • Traffic Ticket ™ Customization Available Ask for a custom quote to meet your needs
    • Green Giant In-Store Vendor Event Objective Increase Sales Build brand loyalty Strategy In-store promotion. Traffic Tickets were handed to shoppers inside 750 grocery stores. Consumers were motivated to find the special display to see what they’d won. Results 35% response . That’s 350,000 out of every million shoppers found the special display, played the game, and purchased product. Sales were up 200% and remained at that level for 9-weeks following the event which proved brand shifting .
    • Objective New customer acquisition Strategy Direct mail campaign. Traffic Tickets were mailed to 800,000 households surrounding 300 branches. Results Client was expecting a 2% response which was 16,000 people. This promotion actually drove 178,500 customers to the branches. Just over 22% response ! Program resulted in high conversion rates and this bank set a new record for most new accounts opened during any 6-week promotional period. AmSouth Bank Direct Mail 22% Response
    • Objective Attract new customers during grand openings Strategy Traffic Tickets were mailed to households surrounding participating locations Results Client’s best response rate before this promotion was 4%. This program consistently generated between 12% and 16% response rates every time it ran. McDonald’s & Chevron Grand Opening Direct Mail
      • Used to introduce Target guests to their new Guest Cards, and increase awareness and participation in their ‘Treat Seats’ program
      • TrafficTickets Game Pieces were handed out at select store locations when a patron entered the store
      • Asked to complete a ‘short form’ Credit Application and get the chance to see what they’ve won
      • This promotion generated 3 times the number of applicants as their previous ‘personal greeter’ program!
      Target In-store
    • Norwest Banks Grand Opening 20% Response Door to Door
      • Objective:
        • Norwest built a new financial facility in a medium size town in Iowa. They needed a tactic to bring in customers to this new facility during the grand opening event.
      • Results:
        • They distributed our mailer style ticket to residence in the town and received over 20% response where the customer had to bring The Traffic Ticket’s into the bank and talk to a customer service person and then they would decode the ticket and see what they won. Their goal for increased new accounts exceeded all expectations and they felt that the one on one 5 minute contact with the customer was invaluable to relationship building.
      • Objective
      • Retain market share
      • Strategy
      • Counter attack incoming competition within a specific regional market. Traffic Tickets were mailed to 500,000 households surrounding the stores.
      • Results
      • 32% response from direct mail. In every store, over 1,000 people per day came up to the deli counters to play the game.
      • The program was completely funded by vendor participation.
      • And this promotion was credited for 100% market share retention.
      Safeway Combat new competition Direct Mail 32 Response
    • Leslie's Swimming Pool Supplies
      • 450 store locations in the United States.
      • Over 3 million pieces distributed
        • Strong spring competition required big splash at the beginning of the swimming pool season.
        • Traffic Ticket inserted into a special event tab (catalog)
        • Distributed via the mail sent to pool owners
        • Clients (agency) created the event theme, prizes,
        • catalog & Traffic Ticket design.
      • The event was their biggest success ever.
      • The stores experienced blockbuster traffic & sales.
      Leslie's Swimming Pool Supplies