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Module 6 Presentation

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  • 1. EFFECTIVE PRESENTATIONS Heidi Bray November 20, 2013 Dr. Olszewski
  • 2. Creating an Effective Presentation • Icebreaker • Discuss with your peers what first comes to mind when you think of an effective presentation? • What are key words that stand out to you? • Video • Create an Effective Presentation - Harvard Business Review
  • 3. 5 Steps for Audience Centered Presentation • What did we learn from Nick Morgan, President of Public Words, Inc. • Find a story to tell • Stranger in a strange land • Revenge • Love story • Rags to riches • Quest • Draw them in quickly • Avoid the agenda slide • 1-3 minutes to engage them
  • 4. 5 Steps for Audience Centered Presentation Continued • Explain the threat • Point out the problem you can solve • Outline the solution • How you can help them • Give them an action step • Engage the Audience
  • 5. The Content • According to Microsoft.com; below are simple steps for an effective presentation • Minimize the number of slides • Choose a font style that your audience can read from a distance • Keep text simple by using bullet points or short sentences • Make labels for charts and graphs • Make slide backgrounds subtle and keep them consistent • Use art to convey your message • Use high contrast between back color and text color • Check spelling and grammar
  • 6. The Handout – Best Practices Olivia Mitchell’s list, 13 best practices for handouts 1. Prepare your handouts in plenty of time 2. Don’t just print out your slides 3. Ensure your handout relects your presentation 4. Add more information 5. Include references 6. Consider creating an action sheet 7. Make your handout stand-alone
  • 7. The Handout – Best Practices Continued 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Provide white space Make your handout look professional Consider what additional resources you can provide for your audience Consider creating a webpage Distribute the handout at the beginning of your presentation Do tell people if it’s not in the handout
  • 8. The Take-A-Way • Throughout the presentation there are a few themes that we can call out • Conciseness and consistency; short and sweet • Easy to read; font and word choice • Do not let the handout be a distraction to the presentation • What have you learned about creating presentations?