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  1. 1. SignpostsTaking back the dark edges of the internetOpen Hardware, Software, Internet & Jobs Monday 11 March Heidi Howard
  2. 2. The good old days ...
  3. 3. Todays reality... Firewall Box Box NATNAT Box Firewall NAT Firewall Box NAT Box NAT
  4. 4. my iPhoneThe ProblemDevice-device connectivity ispretty broken right now due tomiddleboxes at the edges ofthe internet my machine here at the lab
  5. 5. Existing SolutionsTechnical Centralised & 3rd Party- Dynamic DNS - Skype & Google talk- Port Forwarding - Dropbox, Google Drive,- uPnP Ubuntu One- STUN - iCloud- VPN - Remote Desktop- Iodine Software e.g. LogMeIn- NAT Punching - Email- Rendezvous - Facebook, Twitter- HTTP/SMTP proxyAlthough you can fix this with a range of tools, its very fiddly andcomplex to do so or the solutions are platform specific
  6. 6. ... and the Signpost Solution Signposts turn these technical solutions into tactics, it automates and manages the range of tactics to bring back this end-to-end dream Its a framework to manage the maze of tactics so its highly extensible Signposts point devices in the right direction to find each other
  7. 7. Signposts View of the Heidis Signpost Server dark edge of dark edge of internet internet Internet dark edge of internet Now my devices all have their own domain names which they can use to refer to each other
  8. 8. Signposts View of the World Heidis Signpost Server Anils Signpost Server dark edge dark edge of internet of internet dark edge dark edge of internet of internet
  9. 9. Abstract away the internet edge laptoplaptop iphone iphonedesktop mac Empower individuals to create their “own personal cloud” and regain desktop control of their digital footprint iphone
  10. 10. Your Personal Signpost Server● Each virtual personal cloud has a Signpost server, this has a public IP address● It maintains up-to date information on the whereabouts of all the devices in the users personal cloud● It has a set of policies which control sharing with other Signposts users● There is a persistent connection between the Signpost server and all devices in the users cloud● Whenever a device in the users cloud moves location or network, the Signpost server is notified
  11. 11. Making connections Heidis Signpost ● The device that wants to initiate the connection performs an "effectful" DNS lookup of the domain name of the other device ● This DNS lookup is destined for the Signpost server of the other devices owner ● When the Signpost server receives this query, it creates a path between the devices and returns an IP address ● The two devices are now happily connected
  12. 12. Goal Of TacticsTo create a satisfactory connection between two end nodesthat meets the users requirements.Possible requirements include: ● Authentication ● Encryption ● Bi-directionality ● Anonymity ● Bypassing firewallsSignposts can also allow for constraints, such as batterylife, and price of network connections
  13. 13. Example - Syncing DirectoriesMy work machine My home machine Box NAT Firewall
  14. 14. Example - Video StreamingMy home machine
  15. 15. Example - Photo Sharing
  16. 16. The Project HomeSignposts is part of the OCaml Labs is Open Source & hosted on of the Signposts team that I would like to thank and probably embarrass
  17. 17. More information...Signpostswww.signpost.iochat to me or some of the other guys on thesignposts team