Major League Major Gifts provides an in-depth examination of the motivations for makingtransformative gifts, outlines effe...
Session 4 – Major Gifts – The Legwork Behind the ScenesA successful major gift request is 95% cultivation and preparation ...
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Ask Masters Major League Major Gifts webinar series


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Ask Masters series workshops will equip your non-profit organization with development strategies and fundraising techniques that increase revenue and deliver a strong return on your investment. Each session delivers actionable strategies and tools to leverage hidden opportunities to increase your resources now.

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Ask Masters Major League Major Gifts webinar series

  1. 1. Major League Major Gifts provides an in-depth examination of the motivations for makingtransformative gifts, outlines effective methods to connect prospective major donors with yourcause, and guides you step-by-step from meeting a potential supporter for the first time to closingand stewarding their life-changing gift. Major League Major Gifts is effective for boardmembers, organizations with development and executive staff, and is a terrific pre-cursor to acampaign effort. “I am now one session away from completing the course and the change in not only my personal ability to raise money, but also in the entire approach of the organization to fundraising has been so positive that other members are volunteering to be involved!” ~ Kathi Krouch, Mid-America Freedom BandSession 1 – Put the FUN Back in Fundraising!In addition to setting goals we examine who is responsible for fundraising, the life-cycle of a donor andwhat that life cycle looks like in your organization.In this session you will  Determine personal reasons for supporting cause  Describe the two fundraising models  Identify donor life-cycle fundraising activities  Evaluate current prospect base  Establish methods to re-engage donorsSession 2 – Move from Transaction to TransformationWhat’s the difference between transactional fundraising and transformational? How do you move adonor onto the path to transform your organization?In this session you will  Discern the differences between transactional and transformational fundraising  Identify activities to engage prospects and donors at the highest level  Find the prospects who are most likely to transform your causeSession 3 – Find the Right ConnectionFundraising is more than a presentation and a request for support. How do you connect your prospectwith what motivates them to make a gift? We’ll discuss how to find the connection with your donor orprospect.In this session you will  Determine what intellectual and emotional benefits your community, constituency, and donor/prospect receive from your cause  Learn critical interviewing skills to determine potential motivations and interest level in supporting your cause  Learn how to find out what motivates your donor/prospect in an informal setting  Determine your cause’s main strategic objectives  Learn how to engage your donor/prospects in a formal setting with a goal of long-term involvement and support
  2. 2. Session 4 – Major Gifts – The Legwork Behind the ScenesA successful major gift request is 95% cultivation and preparation and only 5% solicitation. You’ll setyour preparation, practice, and approach steps and we’ll discuss how to get the best request for the largestgift on the table.In this session you will  Select your sources for ‘intelligence’ about your prospects and donors  Learn how to interpret information to determine the best request for the largest gift  Establish rehearsal goals for fundraising meetingsSession 5 – Major Gifts – The AskIn this session you’ll learn best practices for presenting your Major Gift request. We’ll discussstructuring your request, getting the “ask” out, closing techniques, and how to refocus your prospect onthe urgency of your mission.In this session you will  Set individual steps to position your cause for the best gifts  Develop the agenda to follow during the request that leads to success  Determine specifically what to say during your request  Discover the most effective techniques for handling responses to requestsSession 6 – Major Gifts – Closing and Stewarding70 percent of your donors will require additional time to make their gift decision. Success is in thefollow-up to the solicitation. It’s time to close that gift! Your success in fundraising doesn’t end at giftreceipt, but with donor retention and gift upgrades.In this session you will  Learn the most effective closing techniques  Discover when and how to increase a new gift  Set your specific acknowledgement steps  Develop your donor re-engagement plan for stewardship of their gift and cultivation for the next requestAsk Masters webinars supports your goals whether you are a volunteer or a staff member! Each AskMasters Major League Major Gifts webinar session is an hour filled with information and exercises thatgive you the tools you need to increase resources right now. Action steps are assigned for each sessionand each session builds upon the practice of the previous activities. Major League Major Gifts isavailable for the series price of $799. Enrollment includes access to six sessions, per-session worksheetsand exercises and unlimited email access between sessions with a top professional fundraiser.Presented by For more information contact Heidi Hancock, CFRE 800.485.0742