The Life Cycle of a Pumpkin

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The life cycle of a pumpkin.

The life cycle of a pumpkin.

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  • 1. The Pumpkin Life Cycle
  • 2. Can you describe what a pumpkin looks like?
  • 3. Do you know what seasonyou usually see pumpkins?
  • 4. Have you ever Have you everseen inside a helped carve a pumpkin? pumpkin?
  • 5. When you were helping carve the pumpkin, what did you see whenyou looked inside of the pumpkin?
  • 6. Stage 2: PlantStage 1: Stage 3: Seed The Stages of Flower the Pumpkin Life Cycle Stage 5: Stage 4: Orange Green Pumpkin Pumpkin
  • 7. First we plant the pumpkin seed.
  • 8. Then we watch over time asthe seed begins to grow into a pumpkin sprout.
  • 9. The sprout then grows into a pumpkin vine.
  • 10. After the vine as grown the vinebegins to grow yellow flowers.
  • 11. Then the beautiful yellow flower turns into a very small green pumpkin.
  • 12. The green pumpkin grows bigger and bigger and then turns orange!
  • 13. When you go to the pumpkin patch to pick your pumpkin, how can you get the seeds to plant another pumpkin? Inside the pumpkin there are hundreds of seeds!You can cut open your pumpkin to get the seeds to plant your pumpkins for next fall!
  • 14. How can we use pumpkins? We can use them in cooking! Pumpkins are in pumpkin pies, pumpkin cookies and pumpkin bread!We can also use them todecorate and to makeJack-o-lantern by carvingfaces into the pumpkinsduring the Halloweenseason.!
  • 15. Did you know? • A pumpkin is actually a fruit. • You can eat the pumpkin flowers. • You can roast the pumpkin seeds and eat them!
  • 16. ReviewThe life cycle of a pumpkin.
  • 17. The life cycle of a pumpkin. • Stage 1: Pumpkin seed • Stage 2: Sprout • Stage 3: Vine • Stage 4: Yellow pumpkin flower • Stage 5: Green pumpkin • Stage: 6: Orange pumpkin
  • 18. Works Cited• Slide One Slide Eleven – Pumpkin picture: -Green pumpkin picture:• Slide Two• Slide Three -Fall leaves [icture:• Slide Four Wagoon picture: – Pumpkin face picture: Slide Twelve -Pumpkin picture: umpkins-jack-o-lanterns-witches-oh-my/ Slide Five -Little boy picture: – Inside the pumpkin picture: Slide Thirteen -Fall leaves picture: -pumpkin-oatmeal/ Slide Fourteen Slide Six - Pumpkin picture: - - lanterns/Slide Fifteen.• Slide Seven - Fun facts: – Seed picture: - Boy picture:,,2043000 1,00.html – Fall leaves picture: Slide Sixteen:• Slide Eight -Leaves picture: – Pumpkin sprout picture: Slide Seventeen: -Background: http://pieceful- pumpkin-sprout-image14473261 – Fall Tree picture:• Slide Nine – Pumpkin vive picture: petunias- – Pumpkin vive boarder:• Slide Ten – Flower picture: – Hanging leaves pumpkin: es/wingsuit/fall.gif?o=257