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Paper 11 Paper 11 Presentation Transcript

  • Department of English • • • • • • • Present by Roll no. Batchyear Semester Paper no. Unit no. Guide by Heeral A.Bhatt 07 2013 3 11 5 Dr.Dilip Barad
  • Presentation Topic • Key concepts in post colonialism 1) Hybridity 2) Other 3) Discourse 4) Anti-colonialism
  • Hybridity two different definitions • catalysis: the (specifically New World) experience of several ethnic groups interacting and mixing with each other often in a contentious environment that gives way to new forms of identity and experience. • creolization: societies that arise from a mixture of ethnic and racial mixing to form a new material, psychological, and spiritual self-definition. View slide
  • Hybridity in linguistics The post colonial turn Hybridity Hybridity in Art The cultural effect of globalization View slide
  • Theorists of Hybridity Homi Bhabha Nester Garcia Gayatri Spivak Paul Gliroy Stuart Hall
  • Rethinking post colonialism and hybridity “How does one conceptualise impure, hybrid, incommensurable modes of thinking and being, without filtering them of their messiness? “ • Akil Gupta (1998: 6)
  • Mimicry, Ambivalence, and Hybridity
  • Example of mimicry Frantz Fanon in the phrase, “black skin/white masks,” or as “mimic men” by V.S.Naipaul.
  • Other • other: the social and/or psychological ways in which one group excludes or marginalizes another group. By declaring someone "Other," persons tend to stress what makes them dissimilar from or opposite of another, and this carries over into the way they represent others, especially through stereotypical images.
  • Other ‘O’pium ‘O’ il
  • Discourse • “ It is a systems of thoughts composed of idea,attitudes,courses of action ,beliefs and practices hat systemetically constructs the subjects and the worlds of which they speak Michel Foucault
  • Colonial Discourse Popularized by Edward Said
  • Anti- colonialism “ Anti- colonialism is an act of political struggle of colonized people against the specific ideology and practice of colonialism”
  • Submitted to S.B.Gardi Department of English M.K.Bhavanagar university Submission Date : 15/10/2013 Thank you