A2 media studies evaluation. pptx


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A2 media studies evaluation. pptx

  1. 1. Powerade- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eaD- 3b7gkHw&NR=1Same- feels/acts/behaves DifferentUsed none diegtic sound- music Activities was more strength andin the background speed focused ours was energy.Drank the drink- product being Locations were different- fieldused ,train and in a kitchenVoice over at the end Props such as animals.Teenager who isnt famous Effects in the tunnelRunning time- 1.01mins Small printMore than 1 location was used Not many propsHigh key lighting, bright colours Only focused on males- targetand sports wear was worn audience
  2. 2.  Staring: Tine Tempah, Travis Barker and Katie TaylorSame- feels/acts/behaves DifferentSex- male and female They used famous peopleNone diegtic music Target audience- they seemed so much older when using the productHow the drink gives the actors They focused on music and notpower and energy the sportInformal advert They used 1 location we used 5.Shows the after affects of drink Props- music ones only we had sport propsUrban clothing
  3. 3. Same- feels/acts/behaves DifferentActor numbers (one main one but Only used one sport and one actortwo actors)Affects of having the drink Celebrity appearanceEnergy and power of the drink Age and gender of actor- only twoleads to victory malesSlow motion Voice over sales pitchLocation for football Small printClothing- sportswear (professional 30 sec long- ours was 45 secondsand relatable) and the other was 1.03 secondsMusic- None diagtic sounds. Editing and effects used were different allowing the one actor to play a double role.
  4. 4.  The main adverts both link with each other as they show basically the same thing with athletes drinking the product and then excelling in their own sport. Our ancillary texts are clearly linked with each other as the sponsorship and radio advert are both based on the same sport. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xZzwcKoTPMM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9T_LiUAVl4g
  5. 5. -- Aaron Priya Emily Mark Radio I think the Was clear and a Even though you I really liked it, it commentators good idea but had both male and worked well and was a really good when you said that female as sounded advert idea, it worked really well, the you wanted your target audience to commentators I don’t think football professional it was well thought about background be teens of both was a good sport and you can tell sounds were a genders I think the choice for this that you had to good feature to football because being girl think lot to come up add and its clear commentator if I heard this on the with this, understandable, wasn’t really a radio I would really well done! balance. pay attention.• we should have been more aware that we did say the productis for both genders, I think we should have through of a way toput in females a bit more too.• it was generally a good idea to have a sport themed again• they all linked well•The background noises was a good effect•Out voices were clear and was understandable.
  6. 6. Aaron Priya Emily Mark Great clear I liked the way it Again I think the Its grown on me powerful idea, mise- showed the victory football idea well I really liked it, en-sence worked and the drink being seemed really I think it will attract really well, loved used so quickly, it focusing on the men more men then the locations made kept me intrigued more, maybe this women beingSponsorship it look professional! Good editing and and wanting to know hat drink is only for men, if it isnt I don’t think after football though, locationSequence good music choices happened next, it you have focused and choices of was goo showing on the women as shots were great the product at the much because editing worked out end too! being a sponsorship really well too! Well sequence this is done! what the viewers is going to remember the product by and this being football I think will only relate to males. • Again I think that we should have made it more for women too, and football wasn’t a good idea for something so short that the public remember our product by • Our editing worked well •The way we showed victory was good and noticed by all viewers and liked it.
  7. 7. -- Aaron Priya Emily Mark Advert I think it was a I looovvvedd The range f shots Well done! It worked good idea how you the heartbeat! I were great! The really well I think it linked the sports think It was heartbeat and could have been a one- adverts and the sponsorship really good to show the music was well chosen! It applied little shorter it kind of made me a bit boredBasketball together, the way the advert had one dramatic bit of the advert and for one gender and I think that after a bit because it was kind of (male) sport. The editing the editing was was a good predictable, music was done well I really good, move because if was a great choice loved the the way the it was two it and the heartbeat as heartbeat! actors were all would have been an great element! dressed it a lot to take in. looked like it well done. was well planned out. • Good how we chose one male sport • I think 3 sports would have been to much to fit in •Everyone loved the heartbeat music in the background •Editing was good •Mark said that the sequence was a bit predictable.
  8. 8. -- Aaron Priya Emily MarkAdvert I like again how you It think again it was I love d the I liked the filming a chose to link well filmed the extreme close up great use of shots in everything and range of shots were when you showed this advert betterTwo- even the adverts by keeping to one great! The editing and sound was the actors eyes of the drink working then the first one, I think the music wasrunning female sport, I like the lighting and done with great thought! Locations so fast, I think that really caught my great I liked how u kept it the same so(female) power shown in the were great I loved eye! Great acting we know the two sports and the skills, how you used a within the sport The adverts are for the I think it was good various selection mise-en-sence was same product the using people you and this kept me good, again I links were great and age for the adverts. entertained. loved the I think this one was Well edited and the heartbeat in the much better then mise-en-sence was background and the last! The great! Could have loved that you still extreme close up of used different stuck to one male the actors eyes music in the two and one female worked really well, adverts. The sport. the locations were locations were great it shows the great time and effort you put into this well done. •sound was great but could have used different songs in this one •Great how we linked them together • good range of shots.
  9. 9.  We used many new media technologies in our project including DV Cameras, Macs, iMovie and the Internet. This time we used effects while editing this was new to us and took a lot of time to learn and apply to our work.