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Myxer Advertising Solutions
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Myxer Advertising Solutions


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Myxer is the leading provider of ad-supported digital content/media for mobile devices. Content me for full-service mobile marketing camapaigns and advertising opportunities.

Myxer is the leading provider of ad-supported digital content/media for mobile devices. Content me for full-service mobile marketing camapaigns and advertising opportunities.

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  • 1. The Leader in Ad-Supported Mobile Entertainment Advertising Solutions By Myxer
  • 2. User Growth & Community  16+ million registered users  5+ million monthly unique visits  Over 2+ million content items including Ringtones, Wallpapers, Games, & Videos  Over 700+ million web/mobile web impressions per month  15+ minutes average time on site
  • 3. Top 10 Mobile Entertainment Websites Q2 2008
  • 4. Top SMS Traffic Q2 2008 Unique AT&T and Verizon Users (Thousands)
  • 5. User Demographics Myxer attracts and captures the highly coveted 13 – 24 year old market Gender Age 13-17 yrs old 41% 18-24 yrs old 57% 43% Male 22% 25-34 yrs old 19% Female 16% 35-54 yrs old 55+ yrs old 2%
  • 6. Who We Work With
  • 7. Advertising Solutions By Myxer Timely Targeted Two-Way
  • 8. Red Carpet Timely
  • 9. Red Carpet The BEST STAGE for HIGH IMPACT product launches leveraging an integrated WEB and MOBILE campaign Most Popular Red Carpet Categories The venue of choice for the launch of new movies, TV shows, albums,  DVDs, video games and more Give your product launch the red carpet treatment! Exposure to Myxer’s 16 million user community via custom  homepage takeovers & other creative advertising assets BrandTones – downloadable branded mobile content  Customized widgets for viral distribution on your website or any social  media property
  • 10. Homepage Takeover
  • 11. Homepage Takeover
  • 12. Homepage Takeover * This is a sample campaign
  • 13. Bullseye Targeted
  • 14. Bullseye Cross platform targeting spans web, mobile web, and SMS Hyper-Targeted Advertising Efficient, laser-focused ad placement for the highest ROI campaigns based on:  Mobile Preferences (Handsets, Carriers) Geography/DMA • • Music Preferences Gender • • Content Categories Age • • Hit the mark with Bullseye! The best place for your web and mobile banner needs delivering the most  requested industry standard sizes plus the flexibility to do custom placements
  • 15. Banner Ads Hyper-Target: Female, 13-18yr old in CA
  • 16. Transitional Ad Hyper-Target: 15 major cities
  • 17. Mobile Banner and SMS ads Hyper-Target: Male, 17-21 yrs old
  • 18. End to End User Engagement Myxer’s 5-Star Engagement process allows advertisers to engage users from web to mobile web for powerful exposure and repeated user interaction Interstitial (Preparing Content) Homepage Takeover Search (Select Content) SMS Delivery Mobile Web (Content to Device)
  • 19. SMS Connect Two-Way
  • 20. SMS Connect Engage your audience in conversation via SMS Brand Interactivity & Awareness Mobile marketing offers the most comprehensive way for users to interact with  your brand Why Myxer? Combine the best mobile marketing campaigns with the largest audience -  only Myxer can provide both Higher ROI 5X better response rate than email campaigns and other traditional media  Measurable Results Comprehensive real-time reporting ensures optimal campaign effectiveness 
  • 21. Mobile Coupons * This is a sample campaign
  • 22. Sweepstakes * This is a sample campaign
  • 23. Voting * This is a sample campaign
  • 24. Subscriptions and Alerts * This is a sample campaign
  • 25. Text To Win * This is a sample campaign
  • 26. Advertising Solutions Myxer provides the most comprehensive suite of advertising services in the industry for both web and mobile. We also provide access to an audience of over 15 million young and tech savvy individuals.
  • 27. Thank You For additional information please visit or: Harold Edwards Senior Director, Media Sales Phone: 678.642.0986