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  • Started in 19th century by a group of British army officers in indiaThe name of game came from a slang term of non experience personnel and they named it after Chamberlain Called a guys who failed to pot the ball “Sneeker”The game was not having any interests even after the first world championship and that was because of the black and white TV`s People comment was what is the point of watching the game and we done have a clue which ball is potted in. in 1978 the game become fully televised by a color tv`s and this made the game more interesting.
  • There is only one size for the snooker table and it is 3.7 meter long and 1.86 meter widthAnd the table has specification like the billiard table, for example the surface which is in contact with the ball should be covered with green or blue cloth which only called a baizeThe table also has 6 holes 4 in each corner and 2 holes which are called either side or middle holes
  • As for the equipment am gone start with the simplest 2 items one is the chalk which is used to cover the metal in the top of the cue and the triangle or the rack which is used to gather the red balls
  • The rest which is X shaped is used for normal out of reach cue ball shotThe spider rest has different types and its used to give an elevation to the stick in case of there is a ball in front of the cue ball


  • 1. Started in the second half of 19th century The first championship in 1927 Interest increased in the 20th century.
  • 2.  The table:  Size  Specifications