Thank you letter after a job interview


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Thank you letter after a job interview

  1. 1. Reasons to send the Thank You letterafter a job interviewThe thank you letter or email is a very important piece of conversationthat is conducted by the interviewee with the interviewer.This „thank you email message after the interview‟ is an importantafter-effect that should be used to better enhance your interactionduring your job interview.
 A thank you letter works wonders inbroadcasting your professionalism, and more importantly, yournetworking skills, to the interviewer.In fact, a thank you letter is a way of maintaining interaction with theinterviewer even after your interview is over. Here are the mainreasons for the question “should you send a post interview thank youletter?” -1. Your professional attitude: The thank you letter not only addssome authenticity to your sincerity about being hired by the company,but it also serves as a mirror to your professional attitude. In fact, acarefully written thank you letter can actually act as a defining anddeciding factor when almost everyone is at the same level vis-à-visqualification and expertise required for the said job.2. A communication tool: The thank you letter is not only useful forinteracting with the interviewer; it is also a good tool to use forprofessional networking. Any piece of communication is a good wayof putting forth your aptitude, attitude and thoughts as a professional.If you make a mark with the thank you letter, there are chances thatthe interviewer will remember you, and who knows whether theinterviewer knows others who are looking out for the same
  2. 2. professional!3. Providing further information: It is the best piece of conversationwith which the interviewee can provide further information orelaborate on information already provided to theinterviewer. Therefore, the candidate can either use the thank youletter as a means of underlining his/her inclination towards the job, orgiving some more information about him/her, or even using thecommunication as damage control.4. Send to the important people: This letter should be sent to theimportant people whom you have met in the company, or at least theindividuals involved in the hiring process.5. Time to send: You should ensure that the thank you letter reachesthe people whom you have met during the course of the interviewwithin a minimum of twenty-four hours and a maximum of forty-eighthours from the time that they attended the interview.Therefore, make sure that your thank you email of letter note is acordial note that keeps a vista open for communication between thecompany and you.
 However, some thank you email messages orletters may even serve as damage control, when the originalinterview has gone sour or left much to be desired on both sides ofthe interviewing table.These are some of the aspects of a thank you letter. There areseveral other aspects depending on the company to which youapplied or even on the post for which you applied.
 The following is asample thank you letter and email after a job interview that you mayrewrite/edit according to your needs.
 (Click here to view two more
  3. 3. great examples.)Sample thank you letter after job interviewThere are several kinds of interview thank you letters that you canwrite.
 Here is a sample general interview letter:
 “Department name”,
 “Company name” Ltd.
 Dear Sirs,
 Iwould like to thank you for the Job interview and the time we spentspeaking about the job position in your organization yesterday.
 Ihope this small interaction may later translate into a fruitfulprofessional relationship.
 Please find enclosed a list of referencesthat you requested. I look forward to hearing from you regarding yourhiring decision.[2 suggested sentences to include – And please edit according toyour needs:1. I trust you recognized my interest in the “job title”.2. I look forward to being part of the R&D team and am confident thatI will be able to be a highly efficient team player for making a positivecontribution to the team‟s goals.(You may also consider including one of your resume objectives inthe thank you letter.In any case, boasting about your skills and experience in the thankyou email/letter is not recommended.)Again, thank you for your time, consideration and for all your efforts toarrange the interview.
 Yours sincerely,
 “Your name”Example of Thank You Email after a Job InterviewHello,
 This is in regards to the job interview yesterday. I haveapplied for the post of a „The Job Position‟ with your company.
 Takemy sincere appreciation for this job opportunity you gave me. I am
  4. 4. very interested in this opportunity.As you requested, I am enclosing “some more related documents”.I hope they are received by you in a positive light.
 “Your name”3rd Example of Thank You letter after an InterviewDear ..
 I would like to thank you for taking the time to meet with meregarding the [position].
 I want to express my interest in the job andbelieve that my work skills and the job requirements are a goodmatch.My references would be happy to tell you more about my experienceand skills as a worker.
 I look forward to hearing from yousoon.
 Yours sincerely,
 “Your name”Continue reading -• Two more Samples of thank you letters after an interview – the Second interview.• Sample Interview Thank You Letters: Samples Follow Up Letters after Interview• Thank You Email After Phone Interview as additional example.You may be interested in reading these articles:• Signs of a Good Interview• Signs of a Bad Interview• What to Do After an Interview• Follow Up Phone Call after an Interview