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Getting a job is tough unless you are prepared to Sell Yourself

Getting a job is tough unless you are prepared to Sell Yourself



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Selling Me Selling Me Presentation Transcript

  • SalesAnd What Does It Have To Do With My Job Search?
    Presented by:
    Jim Hedges
    Barbara Reiniger
  • What Differentiates You?
    Are you good at what you do?
    Do you bring value to your employer?
    Do you bring unique knowledge to the job?
    Do you bring unique skills to the position?
    Do you like what you do?
    Are you proud of your accomplishments?
    If you have an idea that can increase sales, decrease costsor improve efficiency would you share it with the appropriate person at the firm?
  • Sales Definition
    A sale is the culminating activity involved in selling products or services in return for money or other compensation. It is an act of completion of a commercial activity.
    In other words:
    Sales in the business world attempts to offer products or services to clients that meet their needs or desires, increase their sales, decrease their costs or improve their efficiency.
  • How Do You Differentiate You
    How do you convince others that you are the solution (Value Prop) to their desires, needs, challenges or requirements?
    How do you differentiate your abilities?
    How do you showcase your skills?
    How do you illuminate your knowledge?
    How do you quantify your Value Prop?
    How do you demonstrate your passion for your work?
    And how do you sell your services?
  • Did You Say You Sent Them Your Resume?
    Granted you may be responding to a job posting
    How many of you get letters of solicitation in the mail or email?
    You scan them to see if there is any match with your current needs, desires or curiosity
    If you don’t see that match, where does it go?
    FILED in a DB or the TRASH BIN
  • Who Is Your Salesperson?Guess what? YOU are!
    Where are the Companies that can benefit from you?
    Who can help differentiate your Value Prop?
    How can you get more brand visibility?
    What media can you use to put you front of mind?
    How can you find firms that don’t post jobs to the public?
    What employers will hire and pay for your experience while having the culture that allows you to be empowered, contribute, learn and grow?
  • Your Sales Process
    Determine and clarify your differentiating value
    Research -(Presentation by Ken & Ken)
    Target – Companies you want to work at even if there are no openings
    Contacts- Best introduction or senior management, board of directors
    Communication- Phone, letter, email
    Marketing Plan- How are you going to get them to take notice of you?
    Follow up, Follow up , and Follow up !
    Find other contacts at same company and Repeat the Process
  • Research The Industry & Company
    Use all available media, resources, contacts, references:
    Know the company’s products, services, and competitors
    Gather information from the Website and Internet regarding company statistics and industry information (to learn about key executives , managers, their titles, telephone #’s, email , street and mail addresses)
    Review annual reports, 10K report, news releases, trade magazines, and newspaper articles
    Determine 3-4 reasons why their company is attractive to you
  • Targeting Potential Employers
    Identifying firms where you believe you can bring value
    Companies in or moving into your geographic area
    Growing firms or businesses with problems to solve
    Consulting firms that sell your skills as a service
    Companies that advertise or use other media to brand
    Business leaders that sponsor, attend or speak at events
  • Contact and Communication
    Determine who the best decision makers are to contact.
    Avoid HR unless that is your area of interest.
    Does your network have a close reference?
    Create the best marketing plan: allowing for a number of different types of touch points.
    Share something of value or congratulations
    Illustrate your awareness of the business and industry challenges.
    Establish a relationship with your contact for a job or reference.
  • How Are Hiring Decisions Made
    Basic Tenets 
    People have to buy you before they buy from you. They hire prepared, confident people who demonstrate a positive attitude. It is the experience of search firms that 75% of the hiring decision is based on chemistry you develop with the hiring authority.
    People are more sold by your conviction, confidence, and passion than by your persuasion.
    Clients like confident, assertive and enthusiastic people that provide thorough answers.
  • How Are Hiring Decisions Made
    Employers typically hire candidates who are great listeners and ask good strategic questions
    Many times, the decision to hire is made in the first 15 minutes of the interview, with the remaining time spent justifying that decision. You only have one chance to make a great 1st impression!
    Focus on getting an offer- ask for the job!!!
  • Are You Involved In Customer Service?
    Do you work directly with customers?
    Do you have a customer-facing position?
    Do you provide services used at the company?
    Do you provide information used in the business?
    If you have an idea that can: increase sales, decrease costs or improve efficiency would you share it with a leader in the firm or your boss?
  • You are also in Customer Service
    Everything you do is needed, used by or impacts someone in your company They are your customer!
    Do you provide the services the way you would like if the roles were reversed?
    Do you treat them with the respect you would hope would be accorded you?
    Do you make their job easier and look for ways to improve your service & communicating with them?
    Do you solicit their ideas to improve your services?
  • Thank You
    James Hedges
    Barbara Reiniger